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(LifeSiteNews) — Whenever something disturbing happens it is customary for the media to present it as an isolated event.

The policy of war refers only to the current one, and not to its perpetuity. Grave moral outrages are not committed deliberately by communities organized around the fulfillment of sexual desires, but by individuals. Group characteristics are taboo to mention, especially where they are most obvious, such as in matters of urban crime and in the hatred of Christianity. 

The words used to describe our reality do not correspond to the facts. This is intentional, because the world created by the ideology of our managers is chaotic. It would be embarrassed by a fair description. This is also intentional, as what is bad for you is good for them. This is the reason some crises are talked up, and a sense of helpless doom encouraged, whilst grave defects in our collapsing societies pass without mention. The idea is to make freedom identical with anarchy, so that tyranny becomes attractive. 

Noticing patterns based on direct experience of reality is dangerous. It is a danger to you, personally, as you risk your ability to work and have a bank account for so doing. It is a criminal offense in the U.K. to express disagreement with and cause offense to, say, a group of depraved female impersonators. This group revels in the humiliation of its victims, which are usually normal people making basic observations about reality. The power to humiliate, to insist that what is real is what is not, is a feature of this particular fetish. It is one shared by many social revolutionaries, who frame the attachment to norms and to normal life as some outmoded defense mechanism of the ridiculous. 

Noticing patterns in deeds, not only in words, is also a danger to society. To remark upon the banalization of chaos and moral turpitude injures the cohesion of our successfully progressive and diverse former nations. The new normlessness cannot be questioned, because it cannot be reconciled with common sense. Therefore, common sense is ignorance, and questions are hate. It is a feature of the creeping normophobia in our culture that to be a normal person is to be something of a bigot. 

The obvious connection here is the retreat from — some might say a deliberate destruction of — the Christian foundations of our civilization. Whilst it is difficult to argue reverence for the Christian faith when so few of its clergy take it seriously, it is clear that our culture is detaching itself deliberately from its heritage. There is a concerted attempt to replace religion — but not all of them — with an idea of progress which deifies science and fetishizes technology. 

One actual cult exists — in Scientology — which makes much of “tech.” This is what they call the jargon of their cult. Scientology was invented by a former occultist, who learned the trick of starting your own religion from “The Great Beast” Aleister Crowley. 

The ideology which rules us has resulted in a far wider cult. This might be termed the international religion. It is a development which signals the end of late stage-liberalism. 

Liberalism was an attempt to continue Christianity without Christ. In defense of the sanctity of human life and liberty it inherited, it replaced the divine with Reason. 

This stage was surpassed by the influence of technological progress, which has revived the dream of godlike powers for the would be masters of our future. 

The creation of an ideological cult which celebrates the goal of a future global society permanently dominated by technologies of remote-control is helpful to the project.  

Every attempt at cultural and traditional vandalism is defended by the urgent demands of progress. 

This project of destruction, which includes the removal of basic liberties of belief, expression and property forever, is undertaken in the service of a technologically fetishized idea of universal human uplift. 

In fact, it is a program of degradation, whose object is the erasure of every aspect of meaningful human life with a mass media spectacle. We are to be perpetual spectators in this future of no freedom from control. China is often cited as the model, but what is not widely known is that Ukraine is being used to trial the rollout of digital governance. Their Ministry of Digital Transformation promotes an app through which citizens access government services. It has been highly praised by the aptly named Samantha Power, of the regime change agency USAID. She recently visited Hungary in order to destabilize and overthrow their sensible and pro-family government. 

Incidentally, the Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto joins Germany in demanding a UN investigation into the NordStream pipeline attacks, which were obviously carried out by the USA. This is a deed which is seldom described at all in the media. In a report which has not been carried by Western media at all, Szijjarto notes that the overwhelming majority of media is liberal in Europe, whilst that of his country is condemned for having a genuine spectrum of opinion.

We are often criticized of not [sic] ensuring media freedom in Hungary. Yet for those who criticize us for not allowing media freedom to be putting journalists on a sanctions list – this is confusing

What could be the reason these matters are not reported honestly? They are examples of attempts to make words match acts, to return from exile the descriptions we are given of the world. It is a reconciliation that is prohibited by an ideology that cannot survive an argument. 

The bulwark of defense against this inhuman scheme is the belief in the one true God. His majesty is undermined, His sacraments profaned, His laws despised as the outmoded beliefs of superstitious fools and of inflexible bigots. 

One means by which this is achieved is the opprobrium attached to the public noticing of acts. People who remark upon patterns of social, cultural and international chaos are derided and deplatformed. There are considerable costs advertised as the consequences of noticing patterns out loud. 

The plague of drug abuse, of loneliness and of depression and mental illness. The proliferation of satanic imagery and messaging in the media. The abolition of basic liberty under lockdown, and the insane march to nuclear war are all examples of patterns which are routinely framed as instances. Whether necessary or exceptional, they are always described as particular and never as general examples of disorder. 

The restoration of the vocabulary of experience is foundational to the renewal of our Christian nations. It has been estranged from reality by those who believe there is nothing more real than their own words. To them, all morality is a pleasure-seeking choice and the highest virtue is the avoidance of judgment – which the guilty fear as harm. 

As St. Thomas Aquinas said:

Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do.

This attempt to supplant reality is offered in the manner of an invitation you have no permission to refuse. It is to a permanent delusion to which you are summoned. To accept it is to turn your back on every aspect of reality, including the Ultimate, which is God.