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The simplest way to keep track of LifeSite reports every day

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The top portion of one of our daily news emails

September 25, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Several months ago LifeSite dramatically improved the look and usability of its free daily news emails. The trouble is, we forgot to tell our readers about it.

If you repeatedly go to our website during the day and find it difficult, especially on a mobile device, to locate newly published stories or stories that most interest you, we have a very simple way for you to keep track of LifeSite reports.

The free, ridiculously easy to subscribe to LifeSiteNews daily email is a winner for those who just don’t have the time to keep going to the website to find the reports for a particular day. The email, which contains all the published stories for each day, is sent out each weekday evening and sometimes on a weekend day as well. 

It is graphically pleasing and easy to scan for stories that you may wish to read. There were problems with our previous version that contained duplicates of some stories and did not have a graphic for many of the listed reports. All the negatives have been well overcome. 

This is a professionally crafted email designed to be totally user friendly.

We also permit you to choose from one of four editions of the daily news email. There are three regional versions that especially highlight the region-specific stories for each region and there is also now a Catholic edition. 

The Catholic edition includes certain specifically Catholic stories that are not included in the regional versions. It is also the only version that includes every single story that LifeSite publishes each day. 

To subscribe to the LifeSiteNews daily email click here

It will take you 10 seconds to do this. See below the top portion of one of our daily news emails:


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