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(Crisis Magazine) — Call it a vaccine passport, call it medical apartheid, call it injection segregation, call it whatever you want; it is evil.

Injection segregation measures have been implemented in jurisdictions across the world, and we are now witnessing many of those regions scrap those measures, although some are still in play. Currently, here in Canada, various provinces are scrapping the apartheid-esque measures, but the damage has already been done, and I fear it may be permanent.

I have personally had various immediate family members “excommunicate” me and others from family life because we refused to participate in the discriminatory ritual. One family member—who had decided against visiting due to my unclean nature—recently out of nowhere asked to have a visit.

I explained that it was not that easy; you can’t simply deem someone to be an unsafe viral vector unworthy of rights and companionship and then expect things to go back to normal. I pressed this man on whether he did not visit because he was scared—which I find silly, but I can at least sympathize with the pitiable nature of someone so afraid of death—or whether he supported the actual segregation measures that had been put in place.

Of course, he supported the measures, even though his own kin had his rights taken away—and still has no rights, as Ontario is still Covidstan.

I was told to not “put up a wall”—like the wall that was put up barring me from participating in society?—because “everyone has different opinions about who is right and wrong.”

Apparently, it is acceptable to hold the opinion that innocent citizens should have their rights taken from them and be made an underclass.

At any rate, I am sure I am not the only one dealing with this, and I imagine my story is sadly not unique.

I think it is a worthy endeavor to try and understand the psychology behind vaccine segregation in order to best comprehend the level of evil and immoral thinking that has enwrapped the previously sane psyches of our loved ones.

Segregation itself, as a concept and political activity, is easy enough to understand, as we have seen it throughout history. This is not to say it is excusable, only that it has been common and therefore the reasons behind it are simple enough.

When you spend time around little children, you witness them point out differences in others: “He has a funny nose, Daddy;” “His leg is weird;” “Why are her eyes so small?” and so forth. We are preprogrammed to see things that stand out; it is a way of categorizing things we experience in order to best make sense of our surroundings.

Now, we tell our children that those little differences don’t matter and that we shouldn’t cast judgments on people because they are different than us, and children understand that without issue.

However, there are differences that are not just individual but that instead apply to groups. Skin color is the easiest example for us to understand in our age of ethnically diverse societies. But in ages of traditional monocultures, something as seemingly insignificant as the visible difference between a Swede and Finn could have been enough to start a war.

The reason why external characteristics have been so significant historically is because, in monocultures and traditional societies, how people “look” is often associated with different beliefs, languages, customs, and the like.

If a certain visibly different tribe believed in gods that your gods were at war with, then seeing a member of that group would remind you of devilish things and you would associate them with devils. In a pre-Christian or non-Christian environment, it is easy to see why this happens, as pagans have a wrong metaphysics and have no concept of a true human family joined by Baptism.

Christian society righted many of these wrongs, even though after losing political and societal influence, post-Reformation societies fell back into forms of segregation, usually buttressed by bad theology.

At any rate, older forms of ethnic and racial discrimination are easily understandable because they are inherited cultural norms. In addition, the various groups that were segregated from other groups were not infrequently all too willing to segregate in the opposite direction.

In the modern age, segregation and discrimination of people based on race became very violent and even genocidal. We might think of chattel slavery, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Holocaust, all evil in their own ways.

But, why were these realities so violent? What was it about them that was so evil?

The reason why these paradigms were so awful is because they were increasingly “unnatural.” What I mean to say is that although societal segregation and discrimination is an easily visible historical thing, it is also a very passive thing; you basically grow up in a society that acts a certain way to a certain people and it “has always been that way.” You don’t really need to think about it, and in reality most people don’t.

However, with the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust in particular, and to a lesser degree the Jim Crow South, segregation of a race or class of people took on a medical and eugenical mindset. Black and white water fountains were not just a petty punishment but a manifestation of superstition about fictitious germs that were attached to a different race.

The Rwandan Genocide was not natural either. Yes, the two ethnic groups had always been distinct, but it was actually by way of European settlers in the region that the pseudoscience of eugenics was put in play, thereby adding a “scientific” dimension to ethnic divide. Rwandans were taught by European influence to look at cranium size, for example, as a sign of whether someone was “evolved” enough to be considered superior.

We all know the story about what happened in Germany. But in case you were unaware, the vast majority of medical doctors were on the side of Hitler in viewing the Jews as some sort of vermin class, and they provided a host of “expert” opinions to back that up.

In Rwanda and Germany, things became so violent because in reality one group saw another group as something like “unhuman,” or at least void of “enough” humanity, and therefore they were a threat to civilization. In addition, people were terrified that the “lesser group” could make the other group sick.

Sound familiar?

The mentality behind vaccine apartheid is more like Rwanda and Germany than it is American Slavery. Although, it is more pernicious and devious than all of them, in my opinion.

I am not saying that things have been as genocidal, far from it. But I am saying that the devilish psychology is at root, and it is strong.

It is important to understand this in the same way it is important to understand if a young man is starting to think like a terrorist. Just because he thinks like a terrorist does not mean he will become a terrorist, but he might.

People who support vaccine segregation are qualitatively no different in their mindset than those who supported the Holocaust or the Rwandan Genocide. Those are harsh words, I know, but it is true.

Think for a moment. An entire mass of people were easily convinced that their own children or relatives were somehow a “danger” to their health because they did not take a novel vaccine.

Again, it is not about whether or not someone had the right to be scared of a virus. Instead, it is about the fact that because of their fear of a disease that they believed would be transmitted by a class of people, they subsequently supported the stripping of rights of that class of people for the “good of society.”

Before the vaccines were available, people thought one way. Then the media told them that they should all get vaccinated, and they thought another way. Then the media told them to not be around unvaccinated people, and they changed their minds again. Evidence was irrelevant, common sense was seen as “anti-vax” conspiracy, and family ties became secondary to the whims of Faucian morons.

Do you really think that people who have fallen for this would have not become Nazi supporters? Do you really think they would not call the Brownshirts on you, even if related to you, because you were a “danger” to their health? You are kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

What is worse is the fact that this new form of segregation is also completely novel, and therefore completely unnatural.

There is no visible difference between me and a vaccinate person. There are visible differences between different races, and even between Jews and Gentiles, if just slight.

This form of segregation is completely psychological although it is masquerading as physical. People had to make a choice about your worth as a citizen, they had to choose to support the stripping of your freedom, and they chose evil.

It wasn’t as if there were some acrimonious cultural histories between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed — like with Jews in Europe — that could be inflated to whip up hysteria. No, vaccine segregation is wholly new, it was made out of thin air, and it proved just how easily your family and fellow citizens would view you as unclean vermin—all it took was a little prodding from the TV.

There is talk of healing as mandates are being dropped, and I hope that happens. I have no ill will toward anyone who just played along to get along but made no ideological decision to imbibe the ideology. However, those who made the choice to excommunicate family members or colleagues based on invisible realities that only exist because the TV told them so — those people are closer to Nazis than Canadians are to Americans, and if there is way forward, it is going to take some work.