October 20, 2011 (UnmaskingChoice.ca) – I have seen and heard a lot of crazy things doing pro-life work. A male protestor who held a sign that read “my uterus is my private property.” A student who told me that she believed there was no moral difference between Auschwitz and a chicken farm. A philosophy student who preferred to admit that he could not prove his own existence rather than become pro-life. And a young man who freely admitted to me that in his worldview, I had the right to shoot him in the head if he got in my way.

But by far the most bizarre form of “counter-protest” I and my fellow pro-lifers have had to face is abortion advocates dressed as genitalia. Both in downtown Calgary and in Vancouver, we have encountered abortion advocates dressed up in penis and vagina costumes.

Now, considering the fact that the abortion movement as a whole has become increasingly strident and illogical, as is evidenced by their desertion of science for pure polemics — one of their new favourite signs simply shows a picture of a scissors with the slogan “If you can cut off my reproductive choice, can I cut off yours?” — I shouldn’t be surprised.

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What did surprise me was a summary of their new “protest” on a website run by a group of self-proclaimed “unapologetic reproductive-justice activists” called “The Abortion Gang.”

In an article entitled “Fear, Loathing, and Dancing Genitalia,” one of the abortion gangsters, referring to herself as “Just Jane,” describes this new counter-protest as a way of combating the strategies espoused and practiced by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. In her words, “The alleged dismembered foetuses plastered on trucks and held up by street protestors assault unsuspecting drivers and passersby like a perverted flasher in a school playground.” She described one woman as claiming that she “felt like she had been mugged.”

While I’m sure the images disturbed her, I can also assure her that feelings of shock and anger feel substantially less horrific than having your arms and legs sucked from your body and your skull crushed. But I get the point – the abortion gangsters feel that the exposure of the status quo is offensive and disturbing. Furthermore, they feel it is equivalent to emotional terrorism, if not physical violence.

“Just Jane” continued that due to the behaviour of the “contemptuous, loathsome morons” who should be prosecuted for “hate crimes” (read—pro-life activists), she and one of her friends decided to act out in a decisively drastic manner.

“Don’t ask me how or why,” she relates gleefully, “but I happen to have access to giant genitalia costumes — a penis made of wonderful foamy material with testicles that bounce on my feet as I walk topped off with faux sperm made of bent white pipe cleaners.” She also describes an extremely intricate vagina costume.

Aside from the irony of parading the streets dressed up as genitalia to protest the “offensive” activities of pro-life activists, Just Jane’s description of her arrival at a pro-life street display beautifully highlights the schizophrenia of her worldview.

“One woman drove around the block several times to scream,” she relates, “and say ‘life isn’t just about penis and vagina!’ On her fourth time around, I calmly told her, ‘No, but it does all start there, ma’am’” (italics mine).

I’m not sure if she even realized it, but Just Jane cut straight to the heart of the abortion debate in her reply to this woman. Even while she denies that the pre-born have any value, she is forced to admit in an unguarded moment that life begins at fertilization — that in her words, “it does all start there.”

No matter how irrational and deranged abortion advocates seem as they increasingly cling to ever more tenuous justifications of a procedure that North Americans are realizing in increasing numbers is unethical, if not murder, they cannot deny the biological facts.

And aside from dressing up as genitalia and recycling increasingly trite bumper sticker slogans that ring ever hollow in a society that possesses the tools to look within the womb, it has become apparent that they really have no arguments left to present.

Reprinted with permission from UnmaskingChoice.ca