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(LifeSiteNews) — For several generations, the academic intelligentsia, Hollywood glitterati, and corporate nomenklatura of the West have yoked themselves to a political ideology that is distinctly Socialist and therefore inherently, un-American. Socialism is the politics of envy, an ideology founded on an essential contempt for humanity, therefore by nature it is hostile to the Judeo-Christianity identity of the West.

In trying to understand why contemporary Western Democracies are sliding toward Socialism, it must be acknowledged, sadly, that many modernists embrace Marxist ideas in full cognizance of the nature of the Marxist world view – for to them, self-described communists and revolutionaries are rock stars and demi-gods.

And for the others, there is this appeal: that governments can increasingly be the solution to our problems – not knowing that oftentimes, governments are the cause of our problems. This paternalism appeals to a kind of herd instinct – in diametric contrast to the rugged individualism that made the West, and America in particular, great!

Those who espouse Socialism in America can be categorized into three distinct types.

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First are those individuals who ardently champion the cause of the poor, the disenfranchised – believing in an ideal, a utopian society free of poverty, of inequality, in fact of distinctions of any kind – racial, class, gender, religion, etc…

This of course is chimera as has been proven repeatedly by historical example, at the cost of immense human misery, in which the masses are inevitably subjugated to an elite class, the oligarchy. Young reformers invariably fall into this category – idealists who naively rally behind banners embracing slogans of noble sentimentality, but who are ignorant of history.

Which leads us to the second category: consisting, quite plainly, of megalomaniacs. These are the self-anointed Wer ware Gott – those who would be God – knowing in fact that belief in God is fatal to their totalitarian ambitions, which is the ultimate aim of all Socialist enterprises, and therefore a major thrust of their efforts is always the ridicule, assault, and ultimate abolition of religion leading ultimately to the dissolution of organized practice of Faith as anti-progressive, in fact, counter-revolutionary.

These demagogues, and would-be dictators, relentlessly promote materialism and relativism – with the result that the public is reduced to the hedonistic, malcontent masses driven by an insatiable appetite – with the aim to debase the people, and ultimately subjugate them to the power of the elite. But they are nothing more than apparatchiks of a morally bankrupt ideology – the petit fonctionnaires of despots.

Which brings us to the nomenklatura of the Socialist movement – evil individuals who knowingly will to ruin a society. Marx himself, the author of the movement, the idol of the Left, is among this class. Marx’s ideology begins with atheism and a world view of hatred – weltanschauung des hasses: class strife, negation of human free will, and enslavement of the masses to a privileged ruling class.

It is not surprising that Marx was a vicious racist and anti-semitic who was obsessed with Satan and the occult.

The nature of the disorder 

Let us try to understand, more generally, this slide, throughout the West, toward Socialism. For there long has been a trend, abroad – in Europe and in South America, particularly – toward popularity of political parties that espouse openly Marxist views of class struggle, of the masses, and of government pre-eminence over the individual and the abnegation of personal rights, liberties and responsibilities.

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Pope Leo XIII warned: “We speak of that sect of men who, under various and almost barbarous names, are called socialists, communists, or nihilists… openly and boldly marching forth in the light of day, strive to bring what they have long been planning — the overthrow of all civil society.”

They leave nothing untouched.  Not only do they attack the right of property, but they debase the natural union of man and woman, held sacred even among barbarous peoples; and its bond, by which the family is chiefly held together. . . . Doctrines of socialism strive almost completely to dissolve this union.

Indeed, the principle dangers of this insidious and pernicious ideology are:

  • Elimination of private property – move toward distribution of wealth and communal property, and the universalization of poverty;
  • End of self-determination – especially with respect to right-to-life, medical autonomy, and personal freedom;
  • Abolition of religion – the prohibition of the exercise and expression of faith, the suppression of organized church communities, and eventual criminalization of religion;
  • Eradication of individualism – distinctions erased between races, sexes, creeds, abilities, with emphasis on homogeneity and enforced “equality,”’ man remade into the ideal of the State;
  • Destruction of the family, and the disfigurement of natural union of man and woman: not only the coerced acceptance but forced celebration of promiscuity, homosexuality, and pedophilia.
  • End of public policy based on Natural Law. Pope Pius IX condemned Socialism as “absolutely contrary to the Natural Law itself.”

Based on a materialist world view in which the human is a material being only, this is an ideology in which moral decisions are exclusively pragmatic and pleasure acquires chief importance in the hierarchal good, and law is positivist rather than founded on Divine Law and eternal truths. As Karl Marx stated “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.”

Invariably, such perfidious ideology is insinuated into a prosperous, healthy and comfortable society through the elite communities – the cultural and academic elite. In America, this insidious influence infiltrates among the Hollywood glitterati (who don’t know better), and Ivy League intelligentsia (who should know better).

But it is always among the privileged – those who have most benefited from a society – that decadent forces emanate, forces that ultimately erode the society.

An anti-Christian ideology disguised as social justice and cloaked in the humanitarian ideals of equality and the fair distribution of resources, Socialism creeps like a thief in the night to invade our institutions and distort our rhetoric. Like a Trojan horse, let us beware these ideologues, bearing gifts, for their intentions are not benevolent as they would appear. We need only look to history for an indictment of the failed ideology that is Socialism, a materialist world view, founded on moral relativism – the means being class conflict and revolution, the ends being a totalitarian state and the subjugation of the masses. It has always, in every example in history, left a legacy of human tragedy and the misery of the masses in its wake.

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In Marx’s own words: “We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”

This is because ultimately, Socialism is atheistic and totalitarian, negating personal  rights and freedoms – in short, dehumanizing the human person, and annihilating the individual, and a denunciation of free will.

This makes Christianity and Socialism incompatible. Intrinsically and fundamentally at odds.

And the great crisis of the West is this conflict being waged between these two ideologies.

We, America, must choose: which world view will we espouse? Which offers hope for our nation?

The traditions on which our great nation was founded: God, personal rights and liberty, the sanctity of human life, the infinite worth of the individual human person, family values, and recognition of absolute truths?

Or, materialism, atheism, relativism, totalitarian state control, communal property, and government-defined morality… in exchange for false assurances of comfort or “safety,” like livestock or barnyard animals or domesticated pets?

Persuasion and coercion 

Whether holding the totalitarian banner of Marxism, socialism, fascism, or communism, the demagogues of the radical Left exploit our eagerness to appear “enlightened,” and in this way control our thoughts and attitudes. It becomes heretical to question the foundational dogma – Darwin’s theory of Evolution, for example – lest we appear scientifically ignorant, backward, or religiously fanatical. Indeed, from the cradle, we are force-fed dogma of the Left, for example we are indoctrinated to accept Evolution as scientific fact – but in reality, it is nothing more than a religious doctrine itself, of the most perverse,  insidious, and malevolent kind.

In modern times, in particular, the tenets of Darwinian evolution – natural selection, survival of the fittest – shape our social institutions and frame public policy, laws, and the role of government. What results is a society where, except for the few dominant individuals who are genetically engineered for superiority, people are destined to spend their lives as one of the multitude of the faceless masses of the human herd.

Society is changed, having been inculcated into the individual to seek – at all costs – avoidance of pain, insensible to the ideals of humility, self-sacrifice, altruism, and virtue.  These things run contrary  to natural inclinations dictating survival and pursuit of creature comforts: and we are ingrained to surrender, rather than rise above, our animal natures.

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In the same way, these demagogues of the Left exploit our cultural abhorrence of racism and discrimination of any stripe, to demand an absurd cult of egalitarianism at any cost: manufactured “civil rights” for select groups – at the expense of the God-given human rights of all.

Concerning property or conscience or freedoms of all kinds, and even health and life itself. For example, to protect the contrived “right of privacy” of a woman (essentially to commit child murder, qua abortion), we must strip her unborn child of his God-given right to life.

And yet it is precisely the tenets of Christianity which constitute the essential principles of that very same humanism which permits for the rationalization – if not the legitimization – of Socialism. There is a perverse irony to this.

Introduction of Christian faith into human society introduced for the first time the radical ideas on which now “the Revolution” itself is based.

But these ideas are like spores, which if not attendant by governing laws – laws of faith, religious doctrine, Divine commandments, spiritual guidance, the conscience – are corrupted into the deranged monstrosity which is diametrically opposed to that same Christianity which breathed life into it, a disfigurement of those very radical ideas that are Christianity.

Like cancer cells, that rampant, destroy the very organs which gave them life, when liberated from the mechanisms that govern healthy growth of normal cells of that same organ.

Help Mike del Grande defeat pro-LGBT school board: LifeFunder