October 5, 2011 (40DaysforLife.com) – There is such incredible darkness at the places where abortions are done.

In thinking about that darkness, I am reminded of something Abby Johnson said. Abby was the director of the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Bryan/College Station, Texas who quit her job two years ago and is now sharing the pro-life message.

Abby recently wrote about some of the things she saw while working in the abortion industry. She mentioned how cold the staff was … and said they even joked about sending a welcome gift when the Coalition for Life, the local pro-life group I worked with, moved next door to Planned Parenthood.

They wanted to send us cookies shaped like babies.

And that was one of the milder examples of what passed for humor behind the walls of an abortion facility.

I’m hearing from 40 Days for Life coordinators, who are telling of the darkness they encounter at the abortion centers. Here are some of their reports.


As the abortion center closed for the day, one of the employees came out and threw eight small plastic babies on the ground.

“I don’t know how long you people plan to be here,” said the worker, “but this is how many we did today.”

“Our group remained silent,” said Ryan in Tuscaloosa. “We watched the staff member leave, and prayed for the eight babies and the staff.”


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The local team decided it would be best to distribute the plastic babies to vigil participants to carry as a reminder to pray for all the unborn, especially the eight from this particular day.

“We all deal with trials at our vigils,” Ryan said. “We have faith that God is using us to do His work. This trial and others are proof that God is at work in these clinics.”


The 40 Days for Life campaign in Flagstaff started with a rally in front of City Hall. For the most part, the local coordinators reported a positive response from the community — “cars honking, people waving and smiling, giving our efforts thumbs-up.”

There was one guy, however, who was taken aback by all of this. He drove by angrily — then went away and came back with his own sign: “Honk if you hate ignorant people.”

It also had an arrow on it. He stood right next to the 40 Days for Life group, with the arrow pointing in their direction.

A few of the participants tried to talk to him, “but he was oblivious to any of our arguments.” So the group simply continued to pray.


A sign in the window of the abortion center in Beaumont announces the staff’s reaction to the 40 Days for Life vigil outside: “Pray against sidewalk bullies.”

There are interesting sights on the sidewalk, said Eileen in Beaumont; but certainly no bullies. “A pastor praying with his flock, with hushed murmurs of prayers; a huge banner draped from chair to chair reading 40 Days for Life; heads bowed in reverent contemplation.”


There’s a cure for the darkness; and it’s the light of Christ.

There were no abortions on Thursday, Friday or Saturday afternoons. “Praise Jesus!” Eileen said. “We prayed for the abortion facility to close down. It hasn’t closed down yet, but no abortions being done is still a hopeful note for all of us to know.”

Reprinted with permission from 40DaysforLife.com