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John Rustad, leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia and MLA for Nechako-Lakes, with supportersJohn Rustad / X (formerly Twitter)

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights

(Campaign Life Coalition) — I have some encouraging pro-family news to share with you from one of the unlikeliest places in Canada.

British Columbia (aka, the “Left Coast”) is a hot bed of progressive, socialist policies, led by a radical NDP government. However, there are good people in the province who’ve emerged to fight the good fight. Let me tell you about two of them.

It all started the week before Thanksgiving as MLAs returned to work for the start of the Fall Session in the legislature.

The first courageous politician I want to tell you about, is B.C. Conservative Party Leader, MLA John Rustad.

During his first-ever Question Period opportunity since taking over as Conservative leader, and with all eyes on him to see what he might ask the NDP Premier, MLA John Rustad, stunned the government and media, by using the moment to speak out against the evils of gender ideology being taught in the province’s classrooms.

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Here’s the question that John Rustad posed to Premier David Eby on October 3, from the floor of the B.C. legislature:

Thousands of British Columbians, many of them from minority communities, have been protesting against SOGI 123 which was originally introduced by the B.C. United Liberals.

Parents are concerned about the sexualization of their children in this NDP government’s education system.

Will the minister admit that SOGI 123 has been divisive, an assault on parent’s rights and a distraction on student education?

It’s clear that Mr. Rustad knows where parents stand on this issue, and it was heartening to hear him be so upfront about this in the legislature! (Unfortunately, we’re not accustomed to Canadian elected officials speaking so boldly on moral issues, whether at the provincial or federal level.)

However, B.C.’s NDP Premier, David Eby, didn’t like this challenge to his LGBT education policies, not one bit.

In fact, he fired back saying Mr. Rustad shouldn’t even be asking these kinds of questions because they “feed the fires of division” in British Columbia. Eby’s retort was outrageous when you think about it.

Forcing LGBT indoctrination and gender ideology onto children while they’re in school is the problem, not the fact that a member of the provincial legislature is standing up for vulnerable children and their concerned parents.

If you want to watch the full exchange, which was posted by a Rebel News reporter, click on the image below.

Mr. Rustad wasn’t the lone defender of parental rights in B.C.’s legislature.

The second brave politician I’m going to tell you about is Mr. Rustad’s colleague, B.C. Conservative Party MLA Bruce Banman. The latter, who serves the provincial riding of Abbotsford South, followed up on the issue, reading a section from one of those sexually explicit books that radical sex activists have managed to force into the schools.

The excerpt from the book, which is said to have been intended for sixth graders, was so gross, so graphic, and so offensive, the speaker of the legislature told Mr. Banman to stop using “that kind of language”…

Which made Banman’s point perfectly.

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If a book aimed at children contains such foul and explicit terms that aren’t acceptable for elected officials even to utter in their legislative building…

How can material like this be even remotely appropriate for children?

The short answer is – it’s not and never will be.

As you can imagine, the governing NDP downplayed Mr. Banman’s concerns in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion.”

To watch MLA Banman’s Question Period address, click on the image below.

It’s so exciting to see elected provincial reps in B.C. taking up the cause of parental rights from the floor of the legislature, isn’t it?

Don’t you wish your own elected representative to your provincial government was asking questions, and making speeches like Mr. Rustad and Mr. Banman?

Well, maybe they will… if enough of their constituents call upon them to begin following the lead of these awesome provincial legislators!

That’s why I’m writing. We’ve made it super easy for you to ask them to do precisely that!

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Take action!

We’re calling on all our supporters throughout Canada to contact their elected provincial officials, and ask them to follow the courageous examples of Mr. Rustad and Mr. Banman.

Please contact your provincial representative using our Action Alert Email tool, and encourage them to speak out from the floors of their respective legislatures against the spread of LGBT indoctrination in the classrooms, and the quasi-pornographic, sexually-explicit books available in school libraries.

Our Action Alert Email tool allows you to select your local provincial representative and to send them a professionally scripted email message, within minutes!

You can choose from several pre-scripted email message options. It also provides you with an easy way to place a phone call or voice message with your elected rep, by following an on-screen script we provide. Finally, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, our software allows you to send a pre-written tweet to your elected rep.

Thank you for your support in this initiative, and God bless.

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights