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Fr. Brian Dulli of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Cottage Grove, WisconsinFr. Brian Dulli

COTTAGE GROVE, Wisconsin (LifeSiteNews) — As Wisconsin gears-up for what is likely the most consequential election in the state’s history, a priest is being accosted in the media for asserting that a vote for a particular pro-abortion candidate is a mortal sin, but according to my theological training, and judgment, he is correct.

Father Brian Dulli of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Cottage Grove issued a March 26 bulletin notice addressing Tuesday’s contest between the George Soros-backed Janet Protasiewicz and Rule of Law candidate Justice Daniel Kelly. The two are squaring off for the presumed swing vote on the state’s Supreme Court between liberals and conservatives.

Campaign advertising from Protasiewicz and her supporters has one saturating theme: that she supports the direct legal killing of preborn girls and boys, and “will be a critical vote to overturn Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban.”

Daniel Kelly has a long record of defending the Rule of Law and recognizing that policy advocacy — such as that advanced by Protasiewicz in this race — belongs in the legislature and not on the bench. Justice Kelly is also endorsed by Pro-Life Wisconsin and other pro-life organizations in the state.

In his bulletin announcement, Dulli stated, “It’s a mortal sin to render aid to the cause of abortion. That aid includes voting.”

Some are saying he is correct for this particular race, in this unique circumstance:

This election is unlike any other in the last several decades in Wisconsin because for the first time in 50 years, in the wake of Roe v. Wade being struck down, preborn child killing is now illegal and once again criminalized in the state of Wisconsin as it was from 1849 to 1973.

With Protasiewicz running on overturning this law, and having not only the motive to do so, but should she win, the means and opportunity with the other liberal justices making up the majority, one must fully expect the Court to overturn statute 940.04 which currently protects preborn children from bloodshed in Wisconsin.

Thus, the object of casting such a vote cannot be dissociated from willing the actual legalization of preborn child killing, especially since, with a state supreme court race, there appears to be no possible calculus in which a vote for such a pro-abortion candidate, with its expected proximate outcome of legalizing abortion, could be excused on the grounds of remote material cooperation and proportionality, such as an intent to help immigrants, or the environment, or other causes.

Therefore, it is said a sound moral analysis indicates that to vote for the openly pro-abortion candidate, in this election, under these circumstances, with sufficient knowledge and freedom, would be gravely immoral and thus objectively sinful, and not just for Catholics, but for anyone since this involves a fundamental precept of the natural moral law: the right of every human being to life.

Of course, individual culpability relates to the knowledge of the voter and their freedom as a result of sufficient access to such information, or their failure to adequately inform themselves. In other words, if a voter has an insufficient understanding of what is at stake with the election, moral culpability may be mitigated.

The primary accusation levied against Dulli was that he violated the law with regards to the 501(c)(3) status of Catholic churches in the United States. Such entities are prohibited from participating in political campaigns on behalf of, or in opposition to, particular candidates.

In his bulletin announcement, Dulli wrote, “As a Catholic, I urge you, for the salvation of your soul; do not vote for her in the Supreme Court race on April 4,” while Protasiewicz is the only female in the race.

In a statement provided to the local CBS affiliate, Channel 3000, Dulli addressed the media controversy simply stating, “My heart is filled with love for you and for our nation. My comments are coming from a place of love. I don’t want anyone of any faith to suffer eternal fire in hell for supporting the killing of the unborn. You are in my prayers.”

Given the importance of this race, pro-lifers are being encouraged to pray for the positive outcome of Wisconsin’s Tuesday election.

Patrick Delaney is a Wisconsin based journalist for LifeSiteNews. He holds two master’s degrees in sacred theology, one with an emphasis in moral theology. Prior to joining LifeSite, Patrick served for over 17 years in Catholic education as an instructor of Catholic doctrine and a Director of Evangelization and Catechesis at the diocesan level.


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