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October 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Are you not looking for true love?

Every man, woman, and child who has ever lived has longed for true, faithful, permanent, unconditional love. That is the deepest desire of every human heart.

For most men, this longing includes a longing for the exclusive love of one woman. For most women, this longing includes a longing for the exclusive love of one man. But today, throughout the world, there is widespread confusion, as many men and women doubt that it is possible, or even normal, to be happily united to one man or one woman for life. This, in turn, has led to endless misery — since people who do not believe that a thing is possible rarely invest enough time and effort to do that thing, even when it is perfectly feasible. The purpose of this series of articles is to show that the ideal of “one man for one woman united in love for life” is feasible and that the first step to attaining that ideal is to believe in it.

Origins of the Marriage Ideal

In examining any subject, it is good to start at the beginning. Where did the idea of one man being united to one woman for life originate? Was it a man’s idea? A woman’s idea? Or something else?

In most schools all over the world, children are taught that human beings and apes evolved from a common ancestor somewhere in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago. According to this view, the union of man and woman is not very different from the union of a male and female monkey or chimpanzee. It is something that developed as part of the struggle for survival. And people who hold this view are quick to point out that there are many places in the world where it was normal for one woman to have many men or for one man to have many women, providing evidence, so they say, that “one man for one woman” is one of many arrangements that have been tried in the struggle for survival, and not necessarily better or worse than any of the other arrangements. People who hold this view often determine what is normal or natural for human beings by studying what is normal or natural for animals in the world today. If baboons practice homosexual play, then that must be normal for humans. If a male seahorse takes care of the baby seahorse, then that must be a normal role for a male human being — and so on.

In the future, people will look back at these ideas in amazement that intelligent human beings could have placed such faith in them. Yes, it is a matter of faith — because, in reality, there is no proof whatsoever that man has evolved from a common ancestor with apes. All of the evidence that has been touted for human evolution has failed to prove any link between human beings and sub-human ancestors. Since this is an article about true love and not about evolution, I will not be able to present all of the evidence against the hypothesis of human evolution here.[1] Instead, for the time being, I have included a link to an article that exposes the fatal flaws in the hypothesis of human evolution so you can examine the evidence and judge for yourself. But what can be stated unequivocally here is that according to virtually all of the cultural traditions in the entire world, the idea of one man for one woman for life was not a human invention. It was God’s idea.

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PETITION UPDATE (9/26/2020):

With President Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we are closer than we have been in decades to seeing Roe vs. Wade overturned.

We now encourage the Senate to confirm Barrett as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Judge Barrett has a fantastic track recond on sanctity of life issues, has seven children, and is a devout believer. She is the perfect remedy for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's radical pro-abortionism.

Please READ the full story here: 'BREAKING: Trump nominates Catholic mom of 7 Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court'

And then, please SIGN this petition telling the High Court that it's now time to end the activist Roe vs. Wade judgment. Thank you!


PETITION UPDATE (6/29/2020):

In a decision which has imperiled more abortion-minded women, sentenced more preborn to death, and upset pro-lifers across the nation,the United States Supreme Court decided 5-4 to strike down a Louisiana law requiring basic medical precautions in the event of abortion complications, with Chief Justice John Roberts reversing his own past decision to uphold a similar Texas law.

Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer wrote the majority opinion, which held that the Louisiana law was unconstitutional for the simple fact that it was “almost word-for-word identical” to the Texas one the court already struck down in 2016.

In his concurring opinion, Chief Justice Roberts acknowledged that he had “joined the dissent in Whole Woman’s Health and continue to believe that the case was wrongly decided. The question today however is not whether Whole Woman’s Health was right or wrong, but whether to adhere to it in deciding the present case.”

We call on the Supreme Court to stop supporting the culture of death and overturn Roe vs Wade, now.

PETITION UPDATE (1/20/2020):

Hundreds of thousands of people will gather in Washington, D.C., this coming Friday, January 24th, for the March for Life. They will be praying for an end to Roe vs Wade, as the Supreme Court will hear a crucial, abortion-related case later this year in March. United our voices can change the course of history. Sign this petition TODAY! (LEARN MORE BELOW)


In advance of the Supreme Court's hearing arguments in an important abortion case later this year in March, 207 U.S. Senators and Representatives have signed amicus briefs supporting a Louisiana law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital nearby an abortion center.

Some of these supporting briefs also suggest that now is the time to reconsider Roe vs Wade as sound law.

Please SIGN this petition, calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Roe vs Wade.


More than 60 million Americans have been slaughtered in their mother's wombs as a result of Roe v. Wade. This activist, unconstitutional ruling in 1973 has left countless women emotionally and psychologically scarred. 

It was believed by many that Roe would be overturned in 1992 with Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Despite having eight Republican-appointed judges at the time, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold it. 

Since then, major gains have been made in the fight for life, and many lives have been saved. 

However, Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land, leaving millions of defenseless pre-born children vulnerable to murder.

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of aborted babies are African American, despite black women only making up six percent of the U.S. population. 19% of aborted babies are Hispanic.

We thus again call on the court to do everything they can to end Roe vs Wade.

Now is the time for pro-lifers to join together and ensure that all of God's children have a right to life.

Roe v. Wade must come to an end!





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Male and Female He Created Them

The most accurate account of the creation of the first man and woman can be found in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Holy Scriptures of Christians and Jews. But the idea that the first marriage was made in heaven is not unique to Christians and Jews. All over the world, countless cultures have handed down accounts of the creation of the first human beings. Although they differ in details, most of these agree in recounting the creation of one man and one woman who became the ancestors of all of mankind. Under normal circumstances, the integrity of a packet of information will deteriorate during transmission. In the light of this truth, it is all the more remarkable that many accounts of the origins of man and the universe that agree substantially with the Genesis account have been preserved until recent times without Jewish or Christian influence. For example, one of the first Christian missionaries to modern-day Myanmar (formerly Burma) was a Baptist named Adoniram Judson. According to one account:

Judson canoed down the Salween River back into the jungle to a tribe called the Karen, whose pagan traditions were strangely amenable to the gospel — they had a Creator of man, and woman from his rib; an ancient temptation and fall; expectation of a white man’s appearance with a sacred parchment[.] … When Adoniram Judson died, there were 8,000 believers and 100 churches in Burma, which today, known as Myanmar, has the third-largest population of Baptists in the world, mostly the Karen and Kachin tribe. (Andree’ Seu, “Gospel Cyclone,” World (May 31/June 7, 2008).

The idea of one man and one woman united in love forever is God’s idea, not man’s (or woman’s) idea. And, because it is God’s idea, and He created us, we reject it at our peril.

[1] J.C. SANFORD and ROBERT CARTER, “God, Family, and Genetics” in the proceedings of “The Two Shall Become One,” a Symposium on the Special Creation of Adam and Eve as the Foundation of the Church’s Teaching on Holy Marriage (Rome: Human Life International, 2015) https://kolbecenter.org/god-family-genetics-bible-perspective/