Top pro-abort publication: self-induced abortions are ‘empowering’

This is what we define as empowering: poor South American immigrants learning how to kill their own children with pills in somebody’s living room?
Thu Apr 23, 2015 - 3:33 pm EST
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(LiveActionNews) - Andrea Grimes is an aborto* from Texas, so I consider her my enemy. I don’t mean “enemy” in the sense that I want to slash her tires or anything. I just enthusiastically root against her in her quest to expand, fund, and promote abortion.

Andrea Grimes digs on abortion, y’all. Like, big time. In fact, she recently joined the self-induced abortion fan club with her pals at RH Reality Check.

A few years ago I wrote about RH for the first time, having been stunned by their defense of the dangerous (and super duper illegal) practice of self-induced abortion.

Grimes writes about attending a training session on a drug called misoprostol the way I imagine I would write about visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time. To wit:

It was f*****g incredible. When I walked out of that first training seminar on miso, I was literally shaking. I talked a mile a minute to my husband, words tumbling out of my mouth with confused excitement, trying to parse this new, unfamiliar feeling: empowerment.

She goes on to describe how information on self-administering misoprostol to induce abortion is being spread by word of mouth among poor Latinas in the Rio Grande Valley. To her, this is a good thing. It is empowering.

“Feminists use that word a lot,” says Grimes. In fact, she uses it several times in the article to describe self-aborting.

We talk about empowering ourselves to make our own decisions about when and whether to have a family. We talk about empowering ourselves in the workplace. We talk about empowering ourselves to speak out against harassment and rape culture. But I’m not sure I really knew what that word meant until I realized I had knowledge that no ALEC-fueled lawmaker could take away from me—or from the dozens of other Texans who are now spreading the word about the WHO protocols for miso.

I had to stop reading right then and go find a thing to make me happy (strawberries!) because this made me so deeply sad.

This is what “feminism” has become. This is what we define as empowering: poor South American immigrants learning how to kill their own children with pills in somebody’s living room. How is that empowering? How is this rising above any kind of oppression, perceived or actual? How is this anything more than simply passing oppression along to someone even weaker?

The fauxminist response is that fetuses don’t have rights. And my reply is: neither did we once.

The idea that encouraging women to endanger their bodies and destroy their children is thought of as “empowering” makes me enraged at, sad for, and terrified of what has become of feminism in this country.

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Instead of encouraging women to abort their children, how about supporting women as they seek and attain the financial independence that will allow them to provide for their children?

How about connecting them with charities that will help them care for their babies, find jobs, get an education, work toward citizenship, leave an abusive relationship, or find suitable housing for themselves and their families? (Pregnancy resource centers, churches, and other private charities and government agencies can help women with all of these things.)

There is nothing empowering about ending an innocent human life – especially the life of your own child – because you feel like you don’t have another choice. The fact that we equate this with power is proof of the abject of failure of radical feminism to secure true empowerment for women. A truly empowered woman doesn’t need to take a life to prove she has power.

Having your baby no matter what; moving forward with hope and purpose in desperate situations; finding a way to live and thrive and meet your goals without sacrificing your child’s right to live: that is empowerment.

As women we need to open our eyes to the fact that there is no patriarchy trying to prevent our abortions. The opposite is true. Abortion is the best friend of the d-bag. It is the ultimate Get Out of Jail Free card for every rapist, pedophile, and run-of-the-mill low-life who wants all the fun of sex with none of the responsibility.

The “patriarchy” loves abortion. Get this through your heads, ladies, or we’re all doomed.

But back to misoprostol. Susan Yanow, one of the authors of the RH Reality Check post I referenced a few years ago that encouraged self-induced abortion, wrote a previous article going into more detail about misoprostol-induced abortion. In this article, she admits:

Although proponents of this method deem it to be safer than those using insertion of objects or chemicals into the uterus, they also note that failure to effect an abortion by this method can lead to the child being born with serious birth defects. Furthermore, the drug causes a drastic drop in blood pressure, and women may hemorrhage as a result of misusing the drug for the purpose of abortion.

But that’s okay with Andrea Grimes. She considers it a “moral imperative” to spread the good news of the blood-pressure-lowering, hemorrhage-inducing drug misoprostol, although she’s very careful to protect herself from legal responsibility by reminding us over and over that she’s not actually encouraging anyone to take it. She just wants everyone to know about it. You know, for information. Research purposes. For your book report or whatever. Ahem.

Until Grimes gets her aborto utopia (“I believe in a single-payer health system that funds the contraception, prenatal care, maternity care, post-natal care, and abortion care of a pregnant person’s choosing.” – Andrea Grimes), miso (not to be confused with the soup) is the magical pill that’s going to let the poor victims of Texas’s “viciously anti-choice” lawmakers do an end-run around legality and safety in order to have abortions at home.

I wish I could teleport myself into some of those Rio Grande Valley living rooms and tell the women present that inducing abortion is an unnatural and traumatic event for your body, which is why almost every state (but shout-out to California!) requires a medical doctor be involved. Having experienced a miscarriage, I know that even early in the first trimester, the termination of a pregnancy can be an extremely painful, bloody, and terrifying experience.

Oh, wait, did I say “extremely painful, bloody, and terrifying?” I meant empowering.

*From now on I’m going to call abortion advocates “abortos,” because it’s snappier and more fun to say than “pro-abort.”

Reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews

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