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Screenshot of a pro-LGBT presentation given at the Toronto Catholic District School Board in support of so-called 'Pride Month'Equity TCDSB / YouTube

(Everyday For Life Canada) — Have you noticed that the DIE (diversity, inclusion and equity) policy, which proselytizes more like a cult, is just in Western nations? Nobody as far as we know is pushing the “inclusive” ideology in places such as India, China and Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic state.

In America, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union states, the DIE cult has colonized every level of government, institutions, public schools and most corporations.

Take, as an example, the largest bank in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada. Here’s how it describes the DIE policy: “Bringing LGBTQ+ employees and allies together from across our global businesses, Pride raises awareness and understanding of the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ communities, driving inclusion at all levels of our organization. Through Pride, you can develop personally and professionally with access to peer support, recruitment opportunities, mentoring, coaching and community engagement.” The capitalized sexual acronym in the message make the point clear: we promote and our employees must accept all sexual and gender identities.

We wonder how a bank employee pushing this ideology would be received by protesters at University Campuses across Canada and elsewhere as they try to explain to them to be “inclusive” and “tolerant” of Israelis. What would happen if we sent that same employee to African nations or the Middle East to push “diversity” and “inclusiveness”? Why do western leaders believe they have the moral high ground in pushing DIE when we know that many nations around the globe will have nothing to do with it. The woke sexual agenda is a western phenomenon.

The DIE roots in America go back to the 1960s with efforts to bring greater fairness to everyone with employment opportunities. There was an attempt to address racial injustice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion was about jobs and the workplace. From the 1980s to the present, the goalposts have moved beyond job equality of the sexes and racial diversity to include a wider spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, religious groups and the lgbtq+ community. The social justice and civil rights issues of bringing equality in the workplace has morphed into legislation and policies to accept numerous forms of gender identities and gender expressions. And even racial equality is now intertwined with gender acceptance.

What has become clear over the decades is that the DIE cult while claiming to promote “inclusion” and “diversity” has in effect rejected Christian identity. The Christian view of the person, human sexuality and marriage contradict the politically correct creed. There is no need for God because the ideology is its own god. Only time will tell how this conflict will work itself out. However, if the DIE policy were truly “inclusive” there would be tolerance of other views, in particular not the targeting of the Christian view.

We end with an example of how DIE is being aggressively promoted to students today. We consider a recent event from the Toronto Catholic District School Board. To open pride activities at the board for the month of June, a speaker was invited to talk to students from one high school, along with some teachers and superintendents. The presenter was Dr. Andrew Campbell who also identifies as Dr. ABC. He’s an instructor at the University of Toronto and has a PhD in Educational leadership, policy and diversity.

Campbell is a smooth and entertaining talker. He has learned how to peddle the DIE creed. He told the students that pride is all about love, care, kindness and acceptance. How can anyone disagree? God is never mentioned. Campbell said, “I don’t like to listen to biology and surgery. I listen to love and care.” We assume he was referring to anyone who has or decided to transgender. He said to the students he was going to be “extra honest” for his talk.

At the end, he stressed to students that they must “flourish” and had a slide to explain what each letter in the word meant: fabulous is what you are, love yourself, open to learn and grow, understand others, respect others, include others, and stomp out hate. In short, never question the acceptance of every sexuality. Everything is good and everyone is beautiful. The main point to students: tolerate, accept and celebrate every sexual and gender identity. All with the blessing of a Catholic priest and senior board staff.

The TCDSB has about 86,000 attending their schools. The board has about 6,000 teachers, 2,800 other employees and close to 600 principals and vice-principal. Dr. Campbell’s address was given seven days ago and so far it has less than 500 views. So, who are those in charge at the board trying to reach with the presentation? Themselves and some 100 students taken by their teachers to watch the event? Is it all done to justify the existence and generous salaries of the board’s Indigenous education, equity and community relations department? A lot of tax payer money is spent to fund these activities but few are watching. And only in western classrooms.

Here’s the video recording of the board “inclusive” event. We encourage parents to watch it and come to their own conclusion.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday For Life Canada