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(LifeSiteNews) — If you haven’t seen it by now, and if you can stomach it, take a look at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest new stunt, which is a new social media video showing him getting a COVID booster and flu shot while wearing a t-shirt with “Vaccines Cause Adults” written on it.

Yesterday, Trudeau took to social media to post a video, writing, “Got my COVID-19 booster and flu shot this morning. You should get yours, too. To find out why, how, and where you can get your shots.”

The video shows him sitting in a chair while a person cleans jab injection sites on each of his upper arms but does not show any needle going into his arms. Trudeau can be heard saying, “Here we go, doubled up.”

Apparently, this is how Liberals think they should pitch the COVID shots to Canadians. Maybe Trudeau did not get the memo that most Canadians do not even want a COVID booster, as LifeSiteNews recently reported on here.

Reaction to Trudeau’s video came swiftly, with many pointing out his ridiculous t-shirt and the fact the video appears to show not one needle going into Trudeau’s arms.

“Imagine still putting out such videos in late 2023 after all the evidence of harms from these COVID injections. How embarrassing and disgraceful,” Alberta political commentator and past People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate Paul Mitchell wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in reply to Trudeau’s video.

Well-known political commentator Via Frei pointed out how the video did not show any needles.

“Interesting that you didn’t actually show us you getting the shot. Is that because you recognize the potential side effects of the COVID jab are too much even for you?” Frei replied on X (formerly Twitter) in reply to Trudeau’s video.

Frei, however, did not stop there in bashing Trudeau’s promotion of the mRNA-based COVID shots, which LifeSiteNews has reported carry extreme risks, including for children.

He posted a picture of Trudeau sitting in the chair getting his jabs but modified his t-shirt to read “Covid Jabs Cause Myocarditis.”

The Rational Post, in reply to Trudeau’s post, wrote, “’Vaccine Cause Adults’… What’s that?… to develop turbo cancers and myocarditis?”

Another social media user, Mike replied, “You wouldn’t know the first thing about being an adult. with that poison.”

Yet another user questioned if Trudeau even got a shot by replying to his video, “I’d love to see the actual bottle of ‘vaccine’ they pulled that from. Otherwise, it was probably saline solution.”

What kind of leader wears a childish t-shirt while getting a vaccine?

When it comes to vaccines, at least the non-COVID ones that have been around for decades, is it not kids who usually get them before they become an adult? What kind of leader wears a t-shirt that appears to mock those who oppose getting an experimental jab? I’m afraid it’s a leader who does not think those with opposing views are people who should even be tolerated.

Remember when in 2021, Trudeau said Canadians “vehemently opposed to vaccination” do “not believe in science,” are “often misogynists, often racists,” and even questioned whether Canada should continue to “tolerate these people.” Sounds to me like Trudeau was pretty clear about his thoughts toward those who did not want the COVID shots.

Also, recall in April, Trudeau came under fire after claiming he did not “force” anyone to take the COVID-19 shots.

Leader of the People’s Party of Canada and former conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier said bluntly in reply to Trudeau’s COVID/Flu jab video, “This reminded me that you’re a fascist psychopath.”

While it is true no one came door to door to force COVID jabs on Canadians, many were coerced beyond reason to choose between having a job or getting a shot. Those who opposed the jabs were shunned, shamed, and ridiculed, and for a time could not even travel.

Trudeau’s mocking comes despite a recent study done by researchers at the Canada-based Correlation Research in the Public Interest found that 17 countries have a “definite causal link” between peaks in all-cause mortality and the fast rollouts of the COVID shots and boosters.

But, as reported by LifeSiteNews, there is evidence that Trudeau knew COVID shots could cause serious injuries, and instead of warning Canadians, decided instead to combat negative views of the vaccines by formulating “winning communication strategies” to convince the public to take the jabs.

To make matters worse, all politicians at the time went along with the COVID mandate madness. Only one Canadian Premier to date, Danielle Smith of Alberta, has had the guts to say COVID mandates imposed by government were wrong.

She had been critical of how the previous leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, under Jason Kenney, enacted strict COVID rules. So, she decided to run for leadership of the party after Kenney was forced to step down due to being just as bad as Trudeau.

She won the leadership, and then a general election earlier this year. Then, on her first day as premier last October, after winning the leadership, she made headlines after apologizing to those who were discriminated against for not getting the COVID shots.

“I can apologize right now. I am deeply sorry for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccine status,” Smith said.

She also noted that the vaccine-free were “the most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.”

Asked by a reporter if she would take the new COVID booster, Smith took issue with the question, telling a legacy media reporter she has a great “immune system” but that it’s a matter to discuss only with her doctor and not the press.

“Look, I’m a healthy person, I tend to take care of my immune system,” Smith said.

“And I believe this is something I should talk about with my doctor, not media.”

While Smith is no saint and has many faults that LifeSiteNews has reported on, compared with Trudeau, and Kenney for that matter, she is a godsend for not only Alberta but Canada.

The reality is that Canadians who opposed Trudeau’s oppressive COVID jab mandates and chose not to get the experimental shots irked and continue to vex Trudeau like no tomorrow. He knows this and is openly mocking them with his childish t-shirt stunt.

This is the sad state that is Canada today, but don’t let that get you down. The pendulum always swings back to the center to go right again. Canada is long overdue for this to happen, but it will happen, and I think sooner than we all think.