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(Dr. Paul Alexander) – “Children’s Hospitals Overflowing With Respiratory Illness Patients,” says this headline.  Why do you think that is? Could it be the COVID gene injection vaccine? After all, my colleagues and I have warned that this COVID vaccine will damage innate immunity.

The COVID-19 vaccination of children must stop immediately. The authorities at CDC are, as usual, 365 days too late to accept the evidence and are walking around in circles. As with everything else to do with this pandemic, they have no clue what they are doing.

What are we saying here?

First, the COVID vaccine was not safety tested and must not be given to children. It must not be given to a single healthy child.

Children have statistically zero risk of severe illness and death from the COVID virus, and there is no clinical data to support the use of these vaccines in children. None.

The mRNA gene vaccine is ineffective and non-neutralizing and driving variants (infectious and likely lethal ones) with Darwinian natural selection pressure, and it also causes grave harm, e.g. myocarditis.

We have been arguing that the COVID gene injection in children will subvert the innate immune system of children. The training of innate antibody and natural killer cells for this training and education is critical in the young child, and the training must happen before any vaccines are given, if they are given.

Interfering with their immune systems will leave children defenseless to a range of glycosylated pathogens (that share similar sugars and glycans and patterns on their surfaces, especially virus infected cells) and to auto-immune disease (which has the inability to distinguish ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components in the child or recognize self-mimicking cells, self-like, and variations in between).

COVID-19 vaccination of children must stop immediately.

Not only will the COVID-19 vaccines fully prevent innate antibodies from neutralizing the virus they’re confronted with now, e.g. Omicron, but they will also irreversibly prevent the innate antibodies (in association with the virus) from educating the cell-based innate immune system (e.g. NK cells that are part of the innate immune system).

Instead, the vaccinal antibodies will bind to the spike antigen (vaccine antibodies are highly specific and with greater affinity for the virus’s spike antigen) and facilitate and enhance viral infectiousness.

This will enable the virus to breach innate immune defense, thereby causing severe COVID-19 disease. We know this as antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and of disease (ADED).

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This binding by vaccinal antibodies and out-competing of the innate antibodies will also prevent the child’s body from training its innate immune system to recognize several other (glycosylated) pathogens (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, rotavirus, RSV, etc.) while discriminating against those from self-antigens (discriminating self from non-self, self-like, self-mimicking, etc).

This could lead to severe disease caused by several other (glycosylated) pathogens for which the child has not been vaccinated against as well as from severe immune pathology, e.g. auto-immune disease.

In addition, it will also no longer be possible to vaccinate children with other live attenuated childhood vaccines once they have received the COVID-19 shot, for these vaccines could now cause severe disease. So, in effect, the COVID-19 vaccine could become a death sentence for a young child!

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche advises that the only way to bypass the malevolent COVID-19 priming is to properly educate the vaccinee’s innate immune effector cells in the absence of replicating virus. It will be critical to treat them from the early onset of symptoms.

Treatment with antivirals shortly after infection could possibly train their innate immune system without boosting their infection-enhancing antibodies.

What are we saying about the mass vaccination with COVID injections for children?

A rapid mass vaccination campaign that utilizes a sub-optimal, antigen-specific, non-neutralizing vaccine (such as the COVID injections), administering it across all age groups and into the pandemic (of a highly mutable and highly infectious respiratory virus with high infectious pressure), can only generate a continued series of dominating new variants that are increasingly infectious, increasingly vaccine-resistant (due to “immune escape”), and inevitably more virulent (which means potentially lethal).

In short, the mass vaccination campaign that has been implemented during the COVID pandemic can potentially keep the pandemic going for many years with a potentially more virulent sub-variant emerging.

Once again, children bring statistical zero risk of severe illness or death from this COVID virus, and this was the case for almost three years. The data is stable. In the US, as in Sweden, Germany, and other countries, no healthy child died from COVID infection. Not one! This is the data the mainstream media will not tell you.

The immune system of children needs to be educated and trained for life-long optimal functionality. The vaccine implementation will damage and subvert the initiation of education and instruction of the innate immune system in children, the first line of immunological defense.

It is critical that you as parents understand this.

Parents must understand that when the COVID injection is given to young children, the vaccinal antibodies prevent the infants’ innate antibodies from eliminating the virus they are now confronted with, and prevents the active training and teaching of the innate immune effector cells on how to recognize (glycosylated) viruses and distinguish them from “self” antigens (i.e., distinguish between “self” and “non-self.”).

The critical window of training for any immune system is at an early stage of life, once passive maternal immune protection is no longer available, at about 4 to 6 months after the child is born. This training provides for a healthy and appropriate, immediate and life-long immune response.

The interference with the initiating foundational education of a child’s developing innate immune system can cause a COVID-vaccinated child to be less capable of handling glycosylated viruses (and glycosylated pathogens in general, as well as a range of pathogen). This predisposes such children to immune pathology, e.g. autoimmune disease.

The original version of this article can be found at Dr. Paul Alexander’s Substack page. Edited and republished with permission.