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No, Mr. Trump. The truth is that an organization that aborts over 300,000 American children every year does not do 'a lot of good.'

Note: This article first appeared at LiveActionNews

Dear Mr. Trump,

No matter how many times you repeat the phrase, Planned Parenthood is not “wonderful.” In fact, you are absolutely incorrect about Planned Parenthood. They are America’s largest abortion chain, responsible for the intentional killing of over 300,000 children every year. Handing out condoms, testing for STDs, and referring women to true health care clinics that actually perform mammograms does not make Planned Parenthood “wonderful” or necessary.

Let’s go over a few basic pointers on Planned Parenthood that may help you out.

1) Sending mixed messages on Planned Parenthood is a service to the abortion industry.

On one hand, Mr. Trump, you finally clarify that you would defund Planned Parenthood as president because of the abortions they do. On the other hand, you continue to state that this abortion giant does “very good work.” If you are pro-life, opposed to the act of abortion that intentionally takes the life of an innocent human being, how can you praise Planned Parenthood and hope to be trusted by pro-lifers who see behind PP’s veneer?

Why would you attempt to brainwash Americans into believing Planned Parenthood is good? Last week, you insisted that abortion chain “does a lot of good,” “does a really good job,” “does some very good work.”

No, Mr. Trump. The truth is that an organization that aborts over 300,000 American children every year does not do “a lot of good.” Nothing they do could ever outweigh the brutality they engage in every single day.

2) Planned Parenthood coerces women into abortion, fails to help women who choose life, and fails to report the abuse of minor girls.

Mr. Trump, you spoke of “women who understand Planned Parenthood, better than you and I will ever understand it.” There are indeed many women who understand the abortion giant better than you ever will.

  • Take my sister-in-law. She walked into a PP facility, planning to keep her son. When the worker found out, they informed her their ultrasound machine was broken, told her they couldn’t help her if she wanted to keep her baby, and gave her a “referral” – a disconnected number to an OBGYN.
  • Take 17-year-old Addison. She went into Planned Parenthood, also hoping for prenatal care. When Addison told the PP workers that she did not want an abortion, they tried to push it on her anyway, not once, but twice. She was informed that “they don’t have doctors for pregnant women.”
  • Take 13-year-old R.Z. She was repeatedly raped by her stepfather, who brought her to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado for an abortion. PP committed the abortion, no questions asked, and returned the girl to her stepfather for more abuse, failing to report the proper information under state law. When PP was later sued by R.Z.’s mother, they promptly and secretly settled the case when “the judge commented that PP’s conduct was so outrageous that punitive damages would be appropriate.”

Mr. Trump, take a few minutes to watch some of Live Action’s investigations into Planned Parenthood. You will see woman after woman, lied to about the scientific development of her preborn child, all with the agenda that she will choose abortion instead of life. You will see deals about to be made with sex traffickers or more sexual abuse covered up. You will see women lied to about the real medical risks of abortion – even at facilities that had just sent a woman to the hospital after a botched abortion. You will hear Planned Parenthood agree to take money to abort Black children, and agree to abort a baby based on gender alone.

3) Planned Parenthood’s “3% claim” is false.

Mr. Trump, you appear to be confused about the percentage of Planned Parenthood’s abortions. While stating you did not believe they were as high as 60%, you didn’t make the accurate argument that they are much higher than PP’s deceptive 3%.

Even mainstream media shies away from the 3% number, knowing it’s both false and extremely misleading. In “Planned Parenthood’s pathetic 3% lie,” Rick Lowry of the New York Post put it best:

The sponsors of the New York City Marathon could count each small cup of water they hand out (some 2 million cups, compared with 45,000 runners) and say they are mainly in the hydration business.…Major League Baseball teams could say that they sell about 20 million hot dogs and play 2,430 games in a season, so baseball is only .012 percent of what they do.

For a visual explanation of the ridiculousness of the 3% lie, go here. Plus, as Lowry said:

The 3 percent figure is an artifice and a dodge, but even taking it on its own terms, it’s not much of a defense. Only Planned Parenthood would think saying that they only kill babies 3 percent of the time is something to brag about.

Our analysis calculated that abortion amounts to 22.6% of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue.

4) Planned Parenthood sees an incredibly small percentage of American women every year.

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In addition to the fact that Planned Parenthood’s abortions have been increasing for years while its breast exams, Pap smears, and other health services decrease, we also know that the number of women who go to PP every year is actually very small.

Number of women served by Planned Parenthood annually, compared to total women of reproductive age in the United States.

In a previous Live Action investigative article, I wrote:

The Guttmacher Institute – Planned Parenthood’s research arm – reports that there are 61 million reproductive-age women in the U.S.

According to Planned Parenthood’s 2013-2014 Annual Reportthe organization performs:

487,029 Breast exams/Breast care (Note that this is not mammograms.)

378,692 Pap tests

For 61 million women.

This means that, in one year, Planned Parenthood provides breast exams to just under 0.8% of the reproductive-age women in the United States.

You can find out more details, facts, and statistics here.

The basic point is this: Women do not need Planned Parenthood. (Here are three things PP refuses to tell women.)

Over 13,000 community health care centers and federally qualified health centers stand ready to serve low-income women and their families nationwide, without taking the lives of their youngest members. Any woman can find the center closest to her by going here.

Mr. Trump, if you were truly pro-life, these are the facts you would be talking about. These are the injustices you would be exposing. Reject the lies and fancy talking points of Planned Parenthood. Stop spouting them. Stand up boldly for the lives of children and the women who are lied to.

Exposing the corruption and abuse of America’s biggest abortion chain would truly “make America great again.”

Reprinted with permission from Live Action News.

The percentage of the nation’s abortions committed by Planned Parenthood, compared to the percentage of reproductive-aged women PP gives breast exams or Pap smears to.