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September 27, 2019 (American Thinker) — Up until now, the public relations build-up for the big United Nations climate summit has been humongous.

After all, who better than the United Nations to get carbon emissions choking the Earth down? The world's at stake! Twelve years to oblivion. Submerged islands! Funerals for glaciers. Polar bears! A very big march of some manipulated kids, led by Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg — and all of this hoopla getting lots of press.

Well, President Trump has a response for it, according to ABC News:

President Donald Trump is not scheduled to attend.

The climate summit is part of the United Nations General Assembly and was planned to “discuss a leap in collective national ambition,” not unlike the Paris Climate Agreement, the 2016 agreement from which Trump vowed to withdraw the U.S. in 2017.

On Friday, young people protested around the world, including in the U.S., to pressure leaders to take significant action toward preventing climate change.

It makes sense. The Paris climate accord was a pathetic failure, same as the Kyoto accords, because the bigfoot polluters, China and India, certainly weren't going to stick their necks out on this. What's more, greenie European countries such as Germany never bothered to get their emissions down, either, largely due to their rejection of fracking and nuclear power. The U.S., by contrast, because of its fracking revolution, has indeed gotten its climate figures down without any stinking signature on the dotted line.

That's right: the loudest proponents of greenhouse gas agreements are the biggest slackers on following their requirements. This points to the reality that these international agreements, all failures, are really just about leftist dreams of seizing power over free and productive economies and dictating their terms.

Throwing the U.N. into this pathetic record of failure — it can't even run a credible peacekeeping operation without a new pedophile scandal — is pretty much piling failure upon failure. Would China and India bother to cut their greenhouse gas emissions if the U.N. told them to? Something says no.

This points to the wisdom of Trump's refusal to even bother with this United Nations clown show. It's a new takeover bid from unelected leftist bureaucrats to rule the U.S., which has the most pristine record on climate emissions anyway. It stinks; President Trump knows it stinks; and, mercifully for us, he has the steely resolve to ignore the pressure campaigns and just let these compulsive meddlers play among themselves, except not on his time.

It's called “winning.” 

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