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(American Thinker) – On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson dedicated his entire program to an interview with Donald Trump. Despite six years of non-stop persecution, including two years of dealing with the fallout from a gamed election, and a recent arrest, Trump looked unchanged. He hadn’t aged a bit, and he was every bit as vibrant and on-the-ball as ever. His communication style hadn’t changed either: Discursive and repetitive, but also insightful and showing his intelligence, humanism, and ego. In addition, the interview contained some serious bombshells on everything from the mundane to the existential.

At the mundane, personal level was Trump’s observation that his arrest was, in its own way, a moving and uplifting experience, thanks to the warmth he received from the everyday New York citizens who dealt with him during the booking process.

At the existential level, Trump explained that the risk of nuclear war that we are facing thanks to Joe Biden’s fecklessness is unlike anything Americans can imagine. We still have in mind Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the current nuclear arsenal in American and Russian hands can destroy cities with something much smaller than a suitcase:

Trump also noted the terrible toll Biden’s Ukraine war has taken on America’s arsenal. He stated (accurately) that he replenished badly depleted military supplies during his term in office. However, thanks to Biden’s obsession with Ukraine, none of that is left. While Russia is busy making bullets, we have empty storehouses:

And speaking of the military, Trump was savage about Biden’s chaotic, dangerous, and wasteful withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump agreed with the necessity of withdrawal and said that he had a plan in place that would have been organized, efficient, and safe. It would have protected civilians, American citizens, and the military. He also said that Milley was willing to leave American equipment behind because it would be too expensive to remove a $100 million aircraft!

Another interesting point Trump made was that he had extremely good relationships with the world’s dictators. They liked and respected each other, but he always made it absolutely clear that, if they strayed so much as an inch beyond the lines he’d drawn, he would destroy them. He spoke especially well of Xi Jinping, a man he says is exceptionally talented and focused.

This article is reprinted with permission from American Thinker.