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(LifeSiteNews) — In a segment on his Fox News show last night, Tucker Carlson challenged a policy of both U.S. parties which “may lead to the destruction of the West.” It is the only policy on which both parties completely agree, and is one dedicated to fighting a war that cannot be won. It is of course the policy of prolonging – and escalating  – the war in Ukraine into a direct conflict with Russia. 

As Americans at home suffer a devastating chemical disaster with no response from FEMA or the president, Joe Biden appeared in Kiev alongside President Volodymyr Zelensky to the sound of air raid sirens. 

With Americans in need of support at home, why would the U.S. president prefer the company of an “autocrat in a tracksuit” who has attacked the Christian faith, shut down the free media and whose publicity attempts reduce to an aggressive marketing pitch for World War Three? Until the outbreak of the war, Ukraine was becoming the number one destination for the sale of babies. It is notoriously corrupt, but this is a fact which commends it to a faction having no moral dimension to its actions whatsoever.  

It is clear, as Carlson argues, that the interests of the Biden administration and the faction which favors “forever war” lie with the promotion of more, and not less, strife for the citizens they presume to serve and to safeguard. 

How could this crisis have come about? Remarkably, the global situation facing the United States and its allies is not limited to deliberate nuclear brinkmanship. The long period of global hegemony enjoyed by the U.S. is coming to an abrupt end as a direct result of policies undertaken since the 2020 election.  

The previous incumbent, whose tenure in the White House was ended by Joe Biden’s extraordinary receipt of 80 million votes, was ridiculed, vilified and then impeached for his sustained attempts to defend the interests of the American people and those of their allies. 

German ministers openly laughed when Donald Trump warned of the dangers of their dependency on Russian oil and gas. With the outbreak of a war which the neoconservative permanent bureaucracy all but demanded of Russia, and for which it had prepared for eight years, came the vindication of Trump’s prescient advice.  

No one present could have imagined that an even greater threat would emerge from the United States itself. Yet the Biden administration has clearly been shown to have ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines which formerly supplied so much of German – and European – energy needs. 

It would have been excusable to laugh at Donald Trump had he suggested such an insane policy as to bomb his own allies. His sanity would have been questioned and he would have been hounded out of office for the mere suggestion. Yet his successor has actually carried this out, sabotaging the industrial heart of Europe in a failed attempt to spite the Russians. 

Trump’s views on matters of security and defense were one obvious reason for the sustained attempt to isolate and undermine him whilst in office. He questioned the purpose of NATO, a “defensive alliance” for whom no nation outside of the U.S. pays a minimum subscription, and whose “defensive” posture has seen it expand right up to the borders of Russia.  

Trump also warned that to pick a fight with Russia will simply drive the Russians into an alliance with China. This has been the result of U.S. foreign policy of the last two years, which has caused the most dramatic reduction in U.S. power and prestige in the modern age. It is dedicated to a policy of war which is indifferent to the human costs it exacts from friend and foe alike, making this distinction as meaningless as that which is purported to divide the two U.S. political parties whose only competition is in how enthusiastically they can embrace this orgy of destruction. Their policies are insane, and they will lead to further insanity if they are not stopped. 

Zelensky claimed on Monday that Chinese alignment with Russia would signal the outbreak of World War Three. The de facto alliance, predicted by Trump, is here in all but name. It is a realignment which is attracting new partnerships, as the participation of South Africa in Sino-Russian naval exercises show 

Trump was right, and his reward was to be ridiculed and called a traitor. The nation he sought to remake has become the plaything of a tiny group of ideologues, whose every action diminishes its standing.

The West is talking increasingly to itself when it heralds its values and demands sanctions. It has little moral authority remaining, and its image beyond its borders has been recently summarized in an address by President Vladimir Putin himself. 

‘See what they do with their own peoples,’ he remarked in his annual address to the nation, ‘the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, mockery of children, and pedophilia are declared the norm. The norm of their life. And priests are forced to bless same sex marriage.’

It is Russian propaganda to state the obvious. This statement, coming from Putin, can and will be dismissed by the media. It is true, as accurate as the predictions made by Trump, who was accused of being a Russian asset for pointing them out. 

The suggestion NATO may absorb Ukraine is one made deliberately to provoke the Russians, who have always viewed this outcome as an existential threat to their nation. 

Why is this not widely accepted? Why is this observation seen now, as it was then, as evidence of collusion with the Russians instead of a statement of the obvious? Noticing reality is an act of treason to a faction whose policies mean destruction for their own people. 

The German foreign minister has said “We are fighting a war with Russia.” The United States president says that the U.S. will arm and fund Ukraine “for as long as it takes” to secure a Ukrainian victory. The president in his address mentioned the thousands of armored vehicles and tanks the U.S. has sent to Ukraine with which to fight Russia. Where has it all gone? Are we to believe the reason Zelensky is constantly demanding more tanks and armor is because he is winning?  

The United States national security adviser has been reduced to asking Russian permission for the president to make his visit, coyly remarking he had contacted the Russians prior to the visit for  “deconfliction purposes.”

This is an admission that not only has Russia destroyed the armor previously sent to Ukraine, but that it also controls Ukrainian airspace. Despite the assurance that no attack would take place, Biden’s team decided to sound the air raid sirens as he emerged to greet the cameras with Zelensky. 

Deconfliction is not a word often mentioned by the U.S. in regard to Russia. Repeated mentions of the need for regime change in Russia are made through Western political channels. The desired outcome of the war was laid out in a RAND proposal in 2019 – to destroy the Russian economy, bleed its army on the battlefield and create civil unrest in Russia.  

The U.S. is clearly fighting a proxy war against Russia which is not aimed at the quixotic hopes of the return of Crimea, but at the destruction of the Russian state itself. This is the definition of an existential battle.  

To threaten the Russians with the extinction of their nation and the ritual humiliation of their leaders is to make ridiculous any attempt at negotiation. There is clearly no possibility of negotiations whilst the Biden administration remains in power, and those such as Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan and the rest of the permanent war faction retain control of U.S. foreign policy. 

Carlson’s point is valid. We are witnessing the destruction of the West by design. The attack on Germany shows that this administration has no regard for diplomatic norms and will stop at nothing to preserve themselves from humiliation. It is allied with a neoconservative death cult which seems no longer to be interested in the distinction between friend and enemy, and which has waged a sustained information war upon its own populations for years. 

The United States government is not merely indifferent to the suffering of its own people at home, and that of its allies abroad. It is embarking on a policy which will amount to declaring war upon us all.