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Fox News host Tucker Carlson, March 29, 2019 in Washington, D.C.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — When C.S. Lewis spoke of the dangers of raising young boys who will become “Men Without Chests,” he certainly was not speaking of Tucker Carlson.

When C.S. Lewis told of the dangers to a democratic republic and democracy itself if men (and women) have no courage, no backbone, and no inner fortitude; he was not speaking of Tucker Carlson. Fact is, second only to President Trump; Tucker Carlson is the leader, the voice, the embodiment of MAGA and the America First citizenry. They make up the clear majority of the GOP. With Tucker’s articulate intelligence, sharp wit, deep sense of history, common speak, and bold fearlessness; Tucker is a national leader espousing what has gone wrong in America and how America can be saved.

For many Americans who consider themselves MAGA/America First and for many Americans who consider themselves Conservative or Christian or Constitutionist; Tucker’s 20 minute monologue from Monday through Friday has become “must watch” TV.

When many Americans look around at Biden’s woke America, when they wonder to themselves if they are the only ones feeling a sense of fear and danger; Tucker Carlson (especially his monologue), puts into words what many of the American people are feeling. From our inner values to the words that come out of Tucker’s mouth; the words are the same. There is fear, angst, and desperation; but there is also hope, remedy, and repair. Second only to President Trump, Tucker Carlson has become whom many Americans turn to for solutions and answers.

Tucker has boldly taken on Biden’s woke culture, socialist politics, and suicidal national policies. Tucker fearlessly has taken on the “sacred cows” of the Socialists/Globalists/Deep State. Along with the leadership of President Trump, Tucker has become the voice of the opposition. As the GOP leadership has become muted and impotent, Tucker has filled the gap. As the GOP leadership appears to be either cowards or corrupt or compromised, Tucker with boldness calls out Biden, the Deep State, the military industrial complex, and the New World Order (aka: One World Government). Tucker was the first to call out Biden’s racist policies in his refusal to help, support, nor go to the white rural East Palestine, Ohio. Tucker points out that if the disaster would have been in Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Detroit; that Biden and FEMA would have been there immediately.

Tucker has been early to call out the “global warming” environmental extreme cult destroying America. Carlson points out that this has actually become a religion to the Leftist who are now willing to destroy America’s economy. Tucker has become the national leader today in saying that the Deep State and the CIA had a hand in JFK’s assassination, thus a coup against JFK by the CIA. Tucker has called out the military industrial complex in their hand at both the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Ukrainian intervention. Tucker was one of the first nationally to say that America’s involvement in Ukraine is not noble nor patriotic, but corrupt and suicidal in that it forces Russia and China to join forces. A war between America and China/Russia could turn out very badly for the USA. Tucker early on called out Zelensky of Ukraine as a dictating puppet of the New World Order. Zelensky has closed down Christian churches in the Ukraine. Tucker was one of the first to say that the FBI’s raid on President Trump at Mar-A Lago was the actions of a “Stasi” like government and not that of a democratic republic. Tucker was early in calling out the corruption and unconstitutionality of the leadership in the FBI.

Tucker has all but said the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump. He has tip toed up to the line and said everything but Biden is illegitimate. On this issue, and this issue only, Tucker uses his words very carefully and calculated. My guess is, in Tucker’s most recent contract with FOX, he is not allowed to specifically say the 2020 Election was stolen. But he has all but said it. We know the words he is using and what they mean. Tucker was first in calling out Hunter’s laptop, the FBI’s cover up of Hunter’s laptop, the Big Tech’s censorship of the N.Y. Post’s articles of the laptop; and how this definitely, without question, changed the 2020 Election results.

Tucker was one of the first, if not the first nationally to say that COVID came from China, that the U.S. had a hand in the development of COVID, that Fauci is chiefly responsible for COVID in America, that the vaccine does not work, that the vaccine allows for COVID transmission, and that a lot of Americans are dying prematurely because of the vaccine. Tucker early on called out Biden’s Ministry of Truth as “Orwellian” and a violation of the First Amendment. Without Tucker’s early criticism of the now defunct Ministry of Truth, the paint would have dried on the side of the barn (Animal Farm) and the First Amendment would have been neutered.

Tucker has called out loudly Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice for their harassment and intimidation of devout Catholics who support a babies right to be born. The pro-life movement is having their Freedom of Religion rights taken away from them and Tucker Carlson is making sure his viewers see it happening. Tucker early on, while the GOP leadership slept, called out Biden’s refusal to enforce our southern border as unconstitutional. Again, without much support from GOP leadership, Tucker said Biden’s refusal to protect American sovereignty at our southern border violates Biden’s oath of office and the U.S. Constitution. Tucker drew a great comparison and contrast between Biden’s refusal to protect America’s borders while Biden said protecting Ukraine’s border is worth a possible WWIII with Russia/China. Imagine protecting a corrupt government and its border in eastern Europe rather than protecting your own country’s sovereignty. Biden goes to Ukraine but not to East Palestine. Telling.

Another sacred cow of the Far Left is Watergate, Woodward, and Bernstein. Tucker recently has stated that during the Watergate era, Bob Woodward was actually working for the CIA. The CIA was worried that Nixon, after just getting reelected by a historical wide margin, was going to call out the CIA in the assassination of JFK. The CIA, along with a very willing left-leaning media, took down Nixon in the Watergate scandal. Thus according to Tucker, the CIA had a heavy hand in the coup against both JFK and Nixon. If Tucker is willing to take on the CIA, he must have a boldness and courage that comes from Above. Tucker recently has been captivated without apology by the revival taking place at Ashbury College in Kentucky. Tucker has rightfully pointed out that many of the problems facing America today are spiritual problems, not economic nor political, but spiritual problems. These are problems not between man and man, but problems between man and God. And Biden and the Far Left seem intent on destroying American’s freedom of religion rights within the Constitution. Carlson calls this out.

From a historical view, is Tucker Carlson more like Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin or the Sons of Liberty? Or from a more recent time period, is Tucker Carlson more of an Edward R. Murrow, Jack Anderson, or Mike Wallace? Maybe even today’s Eric Metaxas? Or is he just Tucker Carlson, during the Age of Trump, calling it unapologetically the way he sees it? Regardless, at this time period in American history and current events, Tucker is big, bold, and courageous. He is in some respect, the Robin to Trump’s Batman.

Tucker has made an awful lot of very powerful enemies. His enemies have killed people. His enemies have put American citizens (J6 freedom fighters) in jail for no constitutional reason. His enemies have overthrown democratically elected governments. His enemies are violators of the constitution and enforcers of the Deep State. One is quite surprised that Tucker has not “committed suicide” with 3 bullets to the back of the head nor been found with illegal content on his personal computer. Here’s praying that God puts extra angels around Tucker, and President Trump, during this unprecedented unconstitutional time period. Here’s praying that Tucker and Trump call for Devine guidance and protection. Everyone understands what is at stake during these perilous times and we call for God’s protection. There is a big bulls-eye on Tucker right now. From “Men Without Chests”… C. S. Lewis was definitely not talking about Tucker Carlson. Here’s to God’s protection over Tucker.