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(American Thinker) — Love him or hate him, Tucker Carlson has become the most important political analyst of our era.

The release to him of suppressed January 6 Capitol footage that contradicted the Democrat/media narrative dominated political news until Carlson’s questionnaire on Ukraine policy to the potential GOP presidential field knocked it out of the headlines. Not since Woodward and Bernstein dominated the news with Watergate has a media source produced results that focused the national spotlight so completely as Carlson. Unsurprisingly, many are the progressives who want to see him knocked off the air.

On March 15, he began his top-rated hour-long program with the following startling statement: “You’re going to get a hot war with Russia – and China – whether you want one or not.”

He followed with analysis of the Black Sea drone incident and the calls for retaliation and escalation from Sen. Lindsey Graham and “his friends in the war party” that would likely lead to outright war. And wartime, he noted at the end of the segment, leads to extraordinary suppression of political dissent.

[T]he second we actually go to war with Russia, they will use that as a pretext to crush all dissent. Dissent is not allowed in wartime. And that’s what this is really about (in addition to their personal enrichment). It’s about changing the domestic politics of the United States. The second we can all say that we are at war with Russia, not ‘in effect’ but in reality in a hot war which is what they want, that’s the moment you are no longer allowed to express your opinion. And the penalty is jail during war.

He linked the timing of the incident to the war skepticism over Ukraine voiced by many of the GOP respondents to his presidential field questionnaire. He also claimed that a majority of both Republicans and the general public do not support war against Russia, yet expression of skepticism is characterized in the media as supporting Russia. The video clip examples he provided were startling, as was his analysis of the worried look on the face of General Milley discussing the incident.

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Tucker noted that the U.S. has sent Ukraine more money than the typical entire Russian military budget, yet Ukraine complains that it is running out of ammunition and demands more. So what has happened to the $100 billion-plus sent to the most corrupt country in Europe? Don’t ask, or you will be demonized in the media, just as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is currently undergoing for refusing to pay a visit to Ukraine to kiss Zelensky’s ring.

The fifteen minutes of this opening were the most important thing on television that day. If you missed it, be sure to watch the entire segment via YouTube.

Republished with permission from American Thinker.

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