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April 9, 2018 (American Thinker) – The chief executive officer of Twitter, one of the big social media titans, has declared on his own Twitter account that a long, grotesque screed about driving Republicans from public life and turning the whole political configuration of the U.S. into California is a “great read.” One of his board members thought so, too, tweeting it first and calling it “interesting.”

This from the guy who claims that his social media site is non-partisan and wouldn't dream of censoring others.

It rather goes beyond the realm of one man's opinion in his case. What we are seeing here is a mask coming off, a social media titan vowing that his agenda is to eliminate an entire side of the political spectrum, and Twitter finally admitting that it's an operation all about actively promoting left-wingery, as the continuous bans and shadow-bans of conservatives show. All of this calls into question whether Twitter should be as unregulated as the Silicon Valley elite insists.

Twitchy has a full rundown of the CEO's outrageous endorsement tweet and the response that followed. Kurt Schlichter has the best response, knowing how the world works, and Democrats in particular:

Here's how bad the piece Dorsey endorsed was; and since it'll take you about an hour to read it, I picked out the choice morsels. I recommend immersion into this vast distorted bath of avant-garde leftism since it's probably what we will be hearing about as the left seeks to reclaim power:

At some point, one side or the other must win  –  and win big. The side resisting change, usually the one most rooted in the past systems and incumbent interests, must be thoroughly defeated  –  not just for a political cycle or two, but for a generation or two. That gives the winning party or movement the time and space needed to really build up the next system without always fighting rear-guard actions and getting drawn backwards. The losing party or movement will need that same time to go through a fundamental rethink, a long-term renewal that eventually will enable them to play a new game.

And make no mistake: the blueprint is to eradicate all conservatives and Republicans.

Trump is just making clear to all what was boiling under the surface for decades, and that's exactly what we need him to do. Why? Because America finally needs to take the Republican Party down for a generation or two. Not just the presidency. Not just clear out the U.S. House. Not just tip back the Senate. But fundamentally beat the Republicans on all levels at once, including clearing out governorships and statehouses across the land.

(The author misses that Trump was the turning point, and mistakes him for a rube like Schwarzenegger, something Trump has resolutely not been and Schwarzenegger, the failed California governor, of course hates Trump.) The writers then ask:

Could such as collapse of the Republican Party really happen? Won't it take decades of trench warfare to put the GOP on the run? Not at all. A political collapse could happen very fast, as it did in California.

That was Schwarzenegger's doing, given that he was weak and governed as a RINO. Trump is not that.

Meanwhile, as Democrats drive Republicans from all spheres of public life, the writers claim there won't be a monopoly problem, with all its natural stagnation and corruption. Competition could be among Democrats only, pitting unhinged Occupy-style leftists against hipsterly Obama types:

The city council of San Francisco is made up of all Democrats but is often trapped in fierce policy battles between supervisors who are more left of center than their colleagues who are more moderate and supportive of the tech industry. However, everyone on that city council is a Democrat and would be considered a progressive Democrat in the national context. They all embrace creating a diverse society, fighting climate change, etc.

What a grotesque political universe – quite redolent of the decadent Eurotrash and Latin American societies where no conservative parties exist at all. Lovely result that would be.

And get a load of this: they say the battle is over because they won 60% in one election, so the 40% are now and forever irrelevant and deserve no voice. The old Stalinist permanence theme recrudesces with these leftists:

In short, California has a supermajority of 60 percent of the population, and thus a supermajority of elected officials, who share a common vision of a general way forward. Their differences are worked out within the confines of that general vision.

They see California as the model for the country, every state to become a mini-California with all its illegals, crumbling infrastructure, high taxes, corruption, and left-wing social engineering. You can see where Hillary Clinton got her ideas about having support from the dynamic part of the country in her controversial India remarks right in this conclusion here:

California, as usual, resolved it early. The Democrats won; the Republicans lost. The conservative way forward lost; the progressive way forward began. As we've laid out in this series, California is the future, always about 15 years ahead of the rest of the country. That means that America, starting in 2018, is going to resolve it, too.

The Twitter CEO is endorsing this slop. Can regulation of the social media sham come soon enough?

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