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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates 

(LifeSiteNews) — Dr. David Cartland is a British medical doctor whose advocacy for the vaccine-injured has resulted in a “28-month” process to remove his license to practice medicine.

Inspired to this day by the Hippocratic Oath – “first, do no harm” – Cartland first responded to the news of the pandemic with dutiful dedication. He took two injections of the so-called “vaccine” himself, saying in an interview last summer that, having personally witnessed so many “vaccine injuries,” he felt like a “ticking time bomb.”

His health is not the only area of his life under threat from the fallout from the COVID regime.

He now faces the ruin of his reputation, as well as that of his career. A tribunal of the General Medical Council is to decide in October whether he is fit to practice medicine.

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“Why am I being punished for trying to warn and help patients about the dangers of these vaccines?” he asked, in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews last week.

“By the end of this investigation it will have been going on for three years. I am now being accused of harassment, having been harassed constantly since speaking out about the vaccines.”

Vaccine injuries ‘every day’

In a recent video on Twitter (February 5), he describes how he has watched colleagues “disciplined and harassed” after having “spoken out” about the dangers of the vaccines – which he sees “every day” in his patients.

“I have seen people in their 30s having strokes, people who have had strokes 24 hours after the jab. One lady with metastatic cancer after the jab,” Cartland says.

He notes “coercion” – relating how one child was given a COVID “jab” without parental consent, and another patient refused an influenza jab without taking the mRNA injection as well.

“It is just tragic, hearing the stories – and the gaslighting – the dismissing of the vaccine as having any sort of role in this,” he says.

He claims that no one will debate him on the evidence he has seen, which includes “intractable chest infections” in the “vaccinated.” Instead, he is accused of “spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation.” Cartland has also offered to inject a sitting UK member of Parliament with the “vaccine” – but none have accepted the challenge.

Cartland has made repeated appeals to his fellow medical professionals to speak out. He says he has received a large volume of “tip-offs from midwives, nurses and doctors” who privately support his stance – but who fear they will be subjected to the same treatment if they go public.

“We’ve seen what they have done to you, Dr. Cartland,” he says, referring to some of the correspondence he has received. Cartland has noted that many GP surgeries continue to offer the mRNA injections to their patients, with the staff themselves declining to do so.

This is a pattern he claims reflects growing reluctance across NHS staff to take any further mRNA injections themselves. A campaign called NHS100k documents the refusal of 100,000 NHS staff to comply with “vaccine mandates.” The UK government dropped its mandate for NHS workers to be “vaccinated” in February 2022.

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A future prion pandemic

Cartland, a practicing Christian with four children, wrote to the General Medical Council on April 25, 2022. His letter, reproduced here, evidences his concerns about the action of the spike protein contained in the so-called “vaccines.”

His letter mentions a range of adverse side effects, including those from the lipid nanoparticles used to deliver the mRNA instruction to the host’s body – to manufacture the spike protein.

The combined dangers include infertility, organ damage, dementia, “turbo cancers,” and the interaction of the mRNA with host DNA which is persistent. He concludes:

I know exactly how it feels to realize that you’ve been injected with an irreversible gene therapy that could potentially cause you acute and long-term adverse health problems that you would never have consented to had you been properly informed.

Disciplined for medical ethics

Dr. Cartland is facing a disciplinary action known as a Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal, which is to take place over 15 days in October 2024. As he recounted on February 7:

I am being charged and sent to an MPT by the GMC [General Medical Council] for ME being the bully, harasser and inciter of hatred for calling out demonstrable lies.

The GMC continue to ignore prima facie evidence of this being the opposite way and that I am the victim of this coordinated attack on my license to practice medicine.

He is also accused of “transphobia” for speaking out against the sexualization of children. On February 13 he cited another example of a parade displaying children in a sexual context, remarking that “my calling out of sexualizing children under the banner of LGBTQ is being labelled as ‘showing hostility to the movement.’”

Cartland has now been attacked by some former supporters for mentioning that he has a mortgage to pay for and a family to support, following his decision to leave the NHS. He is practicing privately whilst he awaits his disciplinary hearing.

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His most recent interview was with the UK’s TNT Radio on February 19. In it he says how his punishment for seeking to “defend medical ethics” deters other doctors from noticing out loud the vaccine damage they see every day in their own clinics – and in themselves.

His campaign to mobilize fellow medical practitioners has yet to result in public support – but, he says, “even top brass doctors from the NHS have now contacted me – about their own vaccine injuries.

“Will they speak out? No. They see me and my colleagues being struck off,” he says. 

Cartland cites the lengthy process leading to his hearing, during which time he has struggled to find work, and has seen himself banned from many social media platforms.

“It has been 28 months for me – to investigate [my] heinous crime of defending medical ethics – along with the heresy of helping the vaccine-injured,” he says.

Journalist Sonia Poulton mentioned one case where Cartland was refused a post as a doctor for being an “anti-vaxxer” – despite him having taken two such injections himself.

Now he has taken the step of leaving the NHS voluntarily. Why did he do so?

“I was working with people who are willing to administer these vaccinations to people whilst refusing to do so themselves,” he says.

Cartland’s outspoken criticism of the so-called vaccines extends beyond injuries he has already witnessed, as he also warns of a future pandemic of “prion disease.”

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“I call it spike-proteinopathy”, he explains, advising readers to look up “variant CJD and the COVID vaccine.”

CJD is a condition arising from the buildup of prions – on medical sites such as PubMed, “you will come up with hundreds of people who have Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. The vaccines are depositing inert substances into the brain,” and they are “building up in plaques.”

He claims many behavioral changes witnessed in patients in “a matter of days” after vaccination correlate with a “prion-like disease” which is “neurodegenerative.”

“I am seeing… people’s cognitive functions are being impaired. Their memories are being impaired. I am seeing aggression, and people unable to stick to tasks,” he relates.

The incidence of variant CJD was formerly very low. Cartland has retweeted a report of a “prion-like disease” detailing 26 cases resembling the condition. Each of these patients developed symptoms “within a week of being vaccinated.”

In his emotional appeal of February 5, he offered some advice to those in medicine yet to find the courage to speak out: “Stick to facts, and you cannot go wrong. Please, join those who have spoken out across the world. The momentum is building.”

Cartland said that public awareness of vaccine injuries is growing: “There has been a massive shift in recent weeks amongst the vaccinated who now realize that it is the vaccine which has caused all these problems.”

In a renewed appeal to his fellow medical practitioners, he says, “I pray that you realize it is the right thing to do. Please stand with us: the few people that have risked it all.”

Dr. Cartland’s private practice can be found here. He provides remote consultations to patients in the U.K. and overseas.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates