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Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland under scrutiny at a March 8 Senate hearingTwitter screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) — War is not an instrument of civilization. It is shocking to be confronted by the facts these days, as our reality is shaped by people whose purposes, if spoken out loud in simple words, would have them declared dangerously insane.

It is a sign of the barbarism into which our culture has fallen that the simple revision of terminology can make a virtue of the ruin of nations.

The replacement of reality with words is a method of shaping the perception of events, so that the very sense of reality of entire populations becomes a narrative to be shaped.

The very words used to describe these narratives, which are deliberate substitutes for reality, are transmitted through the same mechanism of mass media whose spectacle these redefinitions serve to justify.

This is the reason that a policy of permanent atrocity is described as a grand ideal. “Liberal interventionism” is how permanent war is rebranded. The destruction of sovereign nations is called “regime change.” To support these concepts is to follow the “rules based order.” It is a world of moral inversion, in which the worst deeds go by the noblest names.

I remember when the political left was anti-war. Today they denounce you as a traitor if you do not cheer on the latest project of plunder and destruction. That war is also a business model has long been argued. In his 1935 book War Is A Racket Major General Smedley Butler, USMC, wrote:

War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

There is no one at present who is willing to stop “the few” who have captured U.S. foreign policy and whose deranged ideology has led to perpetual war.

Robert Kagan, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland are currently the foremost champions of what was called “neconservatism,” until the actions of this sect destroyed the brand. Kagan now prefers the media-friendly “Liberal Interventionist.” which gives a fine veneer of freedom and democracy to the lucrative business of nation-wrecking.

These people ignore the devastation wrought by their death cult. No price is too high for humanity to pay for the satisfaction of their plans. Their dedication to ideology over reality includes an indifference to human suffering, a complete disregard for wise counsel, and a contempt for reality itself. They rely on their dominance of the mass media machine to manufacture a substitute reality which flatters their aims and ignores the catastrophic consequences of their actions.

This war is different from the ruin of Libya, Iraq, Yemen or even the 2.3 trillion dollar humiliation in Afghanistan. This is not because it is less profitable. Statista shows that 167 billion U.S. dollars have been sent to Ukraine in one year. This amounts to around 457 million dollars a day, which is more than the 300 million dollars a day the U.S. spent in Afghanistan for two decades.

The fact this war is generating more wealth transfer is notable only for the fact that no mechanism exists to prevent this scandalous pillaging. This is business as usual, where no one ever asks what else could have been bought with 300 million dollars a day for twenty years?

This war is different because the stakes are higher. This war is not merely a slush fund for a corrupt elite, but is undertaken to destroy Russia. This is dangerous, because the Russians have the largest nuclear arsenal on earth and have pledged only to use it when faced with an existential threat. That point is so obvious it is painful to state it plainly. Yet it is seldom mentioned in the flag waving war fever that passes for news.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has made repeated calls for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The war faction which has captured the U.S. government, and therefore those of its satellites, is dedicated to the goal of “regime change” in Russia. This includes the destruction of their field army, the ruin of their economy through sanctions and the overthrow of the state in a coup similar to that carried out in Ukraine in 2014. These are obviously “existential threats” to Russia. They know what they are doing, which is trying to provoke all out war.

Victoria Nuland, who was heavily involved in the overthrow of the Ukrainian state, has expressed concern over the potential outbreak of sanity in United States politics.

In a video conference with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on February 27, the Under-Secretary of State remarked: “on the fringes of both parties, folks are starting to question…” the financing of the march to Armageddon.

Happily, however, Nuland concludes: “…but fundamentally, when you look at how this issue is polling around the country, Americans hate a bully.”

This woman is pushing a policy which includes nuclear escalation in its plans. No one voted for this. No one is willing to stop her. No one even questions how she has the temerity to denounce “a bully,” when she and her faction have wrecked nations on a whim and without any sign of remorse. She is terrorizing her own population with the threat of dying in a nuclear firestorm, whilst wrapping herself in the better sentiments of people who still care about the lives of others.

No one is willing even to denounce these weasel words, disgracefully leaning on the good faith of the American people to excuse her own actions. She exemplifies a fundamental principle of propaganda, which is to shamelessly condemn your enemy for what you have done yourself.

It is time this tiny faction was made to answer for their actions. Our insane media culture will ruin the lives of ordinary people for uttering words, but warmly showcase the sales team of mass murder time and time again. There are no consequences for actions which destroy millions of lives and reduce swathes of the globe to hopeless ruins.

With the mounting protests in Germany and elsewhere comes the opportunity to build a genuine anti war movement. The alternative is to remain silent as the likes of Nuland tell you that the people of this or that nation must die for their own good. This may well apply to yours too, soon.

This insane ideology is the most serious threat to world peace imaginable, as it is dedicated to stoking endless war. It may succeed in provoking one which no one can survive. These people have no feeling for humanity. They care only for themselves, and for their cherished public image. This is the only thing they cherish beyond their own ambition. It is their lifeblood.

It is of vital importance that you take whatever steps you can to attach their names to evidence of their crimes. Do not let these people continue with a gleaming, polished public image. It should and must be tarnished by facts. Call these murderers what they are – traitors. They traduce the noblest ideals in service of their wicked plans, and have subverted the American republic to do so. Theirs is a treason beyond nation. They are the enemies of everyone. This is not about politics. It is a question of who is for and who is against humanity.