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March 12, 2015 (RobertColquhoun.com) — Smoking today has largely gone out of fashion. The vested financial interests and flawed research of the smoking lobby has been exposed for decades, not to mention the public health problems associated with smoking. Smoking is even being banned from public places now, and mandatory laws showing the health problems of smoking parade smoking packets. Smokers are occasionally reminded about what their lungs will look like in 10 years if they continue their habit.

Even in 2015, flaws in the British provision of abortion have not properly been exposed. The smokescreen is still up, and the general public has been lied to for decades about the long term emotional, psychological and spiritual consequences of abortion. Major health providers and institutions are in denial over the enormity of pain, death and hurt that has happened as a result of abortion.

Vested financial interests

The euphemistically named British Pregnancy Advisory Service claims to be able to provide impartial advice about abortion. Established as a charity, the service will take a small fee of £75 for a consultation. However, if an abortion is provided, a fee of £470 to £1620 is charged. So, the charity provides impartial advice on whether you should go ahead with a procedure or not which will make them 3 or 4 figures richer.

Can you imagine a newsagent providing impartial advice on whether to purchase cigarettes for £500-£1500, even if it was a ‘charity’? BPAS interprets the law according to its own vehement ideological support for abortion, even if an abortion is wanted on grounds of sex selection abortion. In theory, abortionists would be happy to provide the service, to the detriment of Parliament. BPAS as a charity, are happy to go on political campaigning rampages, telling Parliament what the abortion laws should be, and how freedom of expression should be curtailed in the public square. Abortion campaigners and advocates have devised clear strategies to ensure that there is a continual flow of traffic to their doors, through the provision of ‘sexual health’ advice.

Over 90% of abortions are paid for on the public purse (via the NHS). Where is the sense of choice for taxpayers who do not want to pay for abortions? No wonder NHS workers complain about receiving obscene bills from abortionists, which have no justification or detail.

Medical problems

Some women in the United Kingdom are forced or coerced into abortions by their family or partners. Other women are injured during the procedure or die as a result of problems. I have witnessed fights break out between partners, and boyfriends forcing their girlfriends into abortion centres. Abortion providers are seemingly happy to play a blind eye to such activity, under the veneer of choice. Medical problems associated with abortion might not be the primary concern of Patricia Lohr, Medical director at BPAS, who described performing abortions as “Extremely gratifying.” While women die, Marie Stopes are happy to accuse some of their staff of deriving sexual pleasure from providing abortions.

The second medical issue associated with abortion is the issue of informed consent. Many abortionists knowingly will not show the picture of the baby on an ultrasound to the woman, knowing that 90% will not go ahead with the abortion after seeing the picture. Many women are not warned of the emotional, psychological and medical effects of abortion. They are told abortion is a gentle procedure that removes the pregnancy, rather than an act of violence that kills an unborn human child. Neither are women shown a picture of what their baby will look like after an abortion procedure, as the child will be dumped into the medical waste after the procedure and treated as a product of conception. Woman are certainly not told about the humanity of the unborn child: when its heart starts beating, organs develop and brain waves start operating. Nor are women told about fetal pain. A quick visit to doctorsonfetalpain.com would tell that there is substantial medical and scientific evidence that unborn children can feel pain by 20 weeks after fertilization. The financial profits to be made from abortion have helped to create a litany of flawed medical research papers, failing to mention the medical problems associated with abortion. How tragic that the link between mental health problems and abortions has been so deliberately fudged for financial interest.

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Doctors and nurses all over Europe are being denied the right to conscientious objection, in order to protect the sacred cow of abortion provision. The denial of conscience to medical professions makes a total parody of medicine.

How sad that in 2015, in a country such as Britain, women are routinely lied to about abortion, coerced into procedures, and are injured and die in the process. One only has to look at the erratic or extreme past of the founders and leaders of abortion groups: Ann Furedi was a Marxist, Marie Stopes was a eugenicist and philanderer who offered marital advice, while Margaret Sanger was a cheerleader for the Klu Klux Clan.

Political bias

Britain continues to pay for an export abortion around the world, even in other countries where abortion is illegal. The sheer arrogance of paying for an abortion procedure, flouting the laws of other countries is akin to terrorism. We only have to look at what is most sacred in this world, to realise what is most profaned. The torturing to death of an innocent unborn child is seen as a sacred rite and passage by the most extreme abortion advocates.

Emily’s list helps to support and provide funding for pro-abortion candidates. In one sense it is a total parody of democracy – politicising the abortion issue and attempting to fill parliament with abortion advocates. Few journalists have pointed out that many of the leaders of RCOG are too closely involved in abortion provision to be able to give impartial guidance and advice on the issue.

As a result of the flawed provision of abortion, millions of children are dead, millions of women have been wounded, some even experiencing a lifetime of regrets. The public purse has been ripped off to the tune of millions of pounds. Doctors have been manipulated or forced to act against their conscience, sex selection abortions have been provided, democracy has been undermined. But the sacred cow of abortion lives on.

When all this mess has been truly exposed, Grandchildren will ask you what you did to save lives and help the unborn when they were being chopped into pieces by their ancestors. The only proper response is, “We did everything we could.”

Reprinted with permission from Robert Colquhoun.