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(American Thinker) — When United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby talks, people should listen. This isn’t because he’s a man of wisdom, insight, or integrity. It’s because he’s in charge of one of America’s largest commercial airlines, so the changes he proposes could have disastrous outcomes for all of us.

According to Wikipedia, which has information through the end of 2022, United Airlines transported 144,300,000 passengers over the year. According to another source, in just the first quarter of 2023, it transported 36.8 million people and offered 65.7 Available Seat Miles, making it the fastest-growing commercial airline in America over that time period. No matter how you rate it, United is a big deal, and it transports lots of people across America and around the globe.

That’s why we should be paying attention to its CEO, Scott Kirby. On paper, he’s everything you’d expect from the chairman of a major American airline. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1989 and then got a Masters of Science from George Washington in operations research. He also worked at the Pentagon in the 1990s as a Budget Analyst for the Defense Secretary. Once he entered the private sector, he continued to be a planner, working on scheduling, marketing, sales, etc. He became the United CEO in 2016. Personally, he’s white, married, has seven children, donates to both Republican and Democrat politicians, and supported the long-forgotten Steve Bullock, who briefly threw his hat in the Democrat party ring during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Looked at this way, you couldn’t find a more generic CEO than Kirby. And yet there’s so much more to the man, and that more is that he is truly Mr. DEI.

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In 2021, Kirby mandated COVID vaccines for all U.S.-based employees (almost 67,000 of them). He claimed it was because he saw so many unvaccinated people die. Apparently, it didn’t occur to him that he should let individuals make the choice. If you work for United, you did it Scott Kirby’s way or found yourself unemployed.

Kirby is also all-in on so-called transgenderism. For example, in 2020, United was all-in on the “Transgender Day of Visibility,” during which it “celebrated” a man named “Kayleigh” Scott, who asserted that he was, in fact, a woman. Sadly for Scott, accommodating his mental illness rather than addressing it didn’t change the reality of living an artificial life, for he killed himself just three years later.

The solicitude Kirby’s airline has for so-called transgender people may be tied to the fact that Kirby himself seems to have a predilection for dressing up in women’s clothes and parading around in public:

As the above tweet from Libs of TikTok shows by including the Axios video clip, Kirby is generally all-in on white loathing as well as drag queen stuff. (UPDATE: Here’s more footage of Scott the Drag Queen.) He thinks it’s awful that United has so many white males working for it.

Now, you might think that Kirby’s comfort with women’s clothes and make-up, along with his disdain for whites, means that Kirby is a victim of self-loathing and low self-esteem. But there’s really more going on than that because, as you’ve noticed, Kirby hasn’t retired himself from United. If he really believed in DEI, he’d give his job up to a deserving black, handicapped, gender-binary person… but he hasn’t. He’s special. It’s only the rest of the straight white people who need to go.

And of course, the first place from which they were ushered out was United’s own DEI department where, as this tweet says, diversity means what we always thought it meant: “No white people.”

There’s an old saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” That saying is a dead letter on the left. Having decried the evils of anti-black racism, misogyny, and transphobia for decades, they’ve now comfortably settled into a new normal of anti-white racism, misandry, and heterophobia, with Scott Kirby, the ultimate hypocrite, leading the pack. This would be merely amusing were it not for the fact that his values mean that, when it comes to putting people in the cockpit or in any other job at United Airlines, the last thing that matters is merit. Instead, the only things that matter are skin color, gender identity/orientation, and (if one assumes biological sex has any meaning anymore on the left), sex.

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