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(LifeSiteNews) — Unelected bureaucrats in the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and other global organizations have spent decades promoting radical feminism worldwide to the detriment of traditional social and religious societies and the family itself, retired English professor Janice Fiamengo explained in a comprehensive report. 

The global inculcation of feminism has laid the groundwork for the current agenda to promote LGBT ideology worldwide.

In a narrated video posted to YouTube on June 8, Fiamengo, a retired professor of English at the University of Ottawa, said that “at the heart of the United Nations and its affiliated international organizations is the determination to export radical feminism to all corners of the globe.”

According to Fiamengo, current moves to introduce developing countries to western sexual radicalism, including abortion and LGBT ideology, have emerged from the women’s empowerment push that picked up speed internationally in the middle of the last century.

Fiamengo said feminism gained a foothold worldwide by “affixing itself to global governance bodies, most significantly the League of Nations,” and, later, “the European Union, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and many others.”

Global organizations ostensibly interested in vaguely defined concepts like “justice” and “equality” have subsequently promoted the so-called “rights of girls and women” (often including birth control and abortion) while excluding or sidelining men and boys. 

In practice, feminist advocacy has helped to break up families, and its outgrowths have included attacks on traditional morality through advocacy for the cultural acceptance of aberrant sexual behavior under the LGBT umbrella.

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Fiamengo isn’t alone in noticing that the LGBT agenda has been pushed worldwide in a virulent kind of cultural imperialism overseen by unaccountable bureaucratic organizations.

In a 2022 op-ed for The Daily Wire, Brett Craig argued that “[i]t’s not hyperbole to point out that the Pride flag is perhaps the only flag that truly knows no border.”

“It’s suddenly everywhere all at once — in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, indeed, the entire Western World,” he said, adding that “the main purpose of the Pride flag today seems to be both to confuse and destroy our thousands-years-old understanding of the sex binary.”

But the imperialism of the “pride” agenda and its role in dismantling thousands of years of understanding isn’t isolated to the “Western World” but extends to the “developing world” as well, as Fiamengo points out.

The radical ideas and behaviors that proliferate in the west are also being exported to developing nations via global organizations, Fiamengo notes, despite the fact that such ideologies are often alien to the countries targeted by the global NGOs.

“Many of ‘UN Women’s’ statements run notably counter to the socially conservative nature of many developing countries,” Fiamengo said. “Under the guise of women’s rights, ‘UN Women’ wants to convince girls in Burundi and Pakistan that they may be trans or bisexual.”

“Elite” proponents of woke ideology apparently consider the obliteration of traditional norms and moral views of other cultures a necessary part of the establishment of a universal new morality to which all societies should ascribe. 

So much for “diversity.”

One bit of positive news, Fiamengo suggests, is that not all developing countries accept the feminist and pro-LGBT ideologies being pushed upon them.

As LifeSiteNews previously reported, Malawi Archbishop Desmond Tambala late last year explicitly urged Catholic women to “resist bad ideologies coming into the country in the name of human rights.” 

Tambala also said women should “be good examples and uphold the values of a Christian family in your families and teach children the importance of a family.”

Uganda similarly made headlines for resisting woke ideology and passing a strong anti-sodomy law, with the African nation’s president specifically telling western nations to stay out of Ugandan politics.

“The western countries should stop wasting the time of humanity by imposing their social practices on us,” President Yoweri Museveni said bluntly.

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Fiamengo’s report (the entire thing is worth at least one watch) highlights the reality that the sort of “philanthropy” or “charity” performed by NGOs and leftist billionaires is frequently the complete opposite of the sort of charitable endeavors undertaken by Christian missionaries. 

While Christian missionaries aim to uplift and sanctify, modern globalist organizations seek to destroy traditional moral standards — and they do it first and foremost by targeting women and thereby obliterating the family.

In his 1958 bestseller The Naked Communist, former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen wrote that Karl Marx desired “the total annihilation of all opposition, the downfall of all existing governments, all economies and all societies,” after which he could “stride through the wreckage a creator.”

Fiamengo’s recent report lends credence to the idea that the maddening topsy-turvydom of modern leftism — which suggests that right is wrong, up is down, and ugly is beautiful — is a feature, not a bug, of the entire globalist, Marxist enterprise; and its ultimate goal is destruction.

But as recent pushback to woke ideology both at home and abroad suggests (American middle-schoolers are ripping down ‘pride’ displays and Uganda is telling the woke west to take a hike), tradition and normalcy aren’t dead yet. 

All it takes is a dedicated group of people committed to faith, virtue, and old-fashioned common sense to rise up and reject leftism in all its pernicious forms, from radical feminism to transgenderism, in order to take the woke behemoth to its knees. 

And that counter-revolution is already well underway.