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(LifeSiteNews) — The Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart deal a mighty blow to the demon of death. Our monumental pro-life victory, the consequence of half a century of prayers and active determination on the part of so many pro-life heroes, is a source of immense joy and hope! It is also, so many of us believe, the fruit of the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart this past March 25. Closing our eyes, we can picture Our Lady, her Heart all aglow, offering this Consecration to her Son as a gift on the feast day of his Sacred Heart, so that the two Hearts as one might deal a mighty blow to the Demon of Death.

What a beautiful way to end the month of June dedicated to the Sacred Heart! Glory to God in the highest, peace to all souls dedicated to the culture of life, and mercy to all those wounded by the culture of death!

However, amidst all the rejoicing came the Vatican’s deplorable response to the reversal of Roe v. Wade, which illustrates the hideous falseness of the ‘seamless garment’ argument.

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’

The Pope’s initial response to the reversal of the so-called Constitutional right to abortion aptly illustrates the well-known saying: ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ His resounding silence for several days following the marvelous news spoke volumes. But in reality he did speak almost immediately, only not through words. He was pedagogical, knowing full well the value of preaching with pictures. So, as soon as our avid advocate of the butchery of the unborn child, the infamous Nancy Pelosi, had landed in Rome, he gave her the opportunity to publicize worldwide a beautiful photo where he is seen embracing her with big smiles and joy.  I doubt he was congratulating her on the wonderful victory for the culture of life.

‘Actions speak louder than words’

The Pope’s response also illustrates another well-known saying: ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ His actions spoke more eloquently than any of his habitually muddled, though troubling discourse. He chose to set a good example and to preach through his action. As if to say: Do as I do, not as I will (eventually and ambiguously) say.

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Though Pope Francis’s initial silence was certainly nothing less than scandalous, even more scandalous was his presiding over a Mass where Nancy Pelosi ostentatiously received Holy Communion, committing a sacrilege brazenly and shamelessly in the presence of the Pope. This sacrilegious Communion, as our beloved Bishop Schneider has said, calls for acts of reparation for this grave offense against the Eucharistic Heart of Our Lord.

The ‘Pontifical Academy for Death’ attempts to spread a pall over rejoicing hearts

The newfangled Academy’s response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade is so revolting that it is hard to read or even quote here. It has really outdone itself this time. Their response was literally Godless, joyless, and lifeless. No immense relief that the slaughter of so many little ones will now come to an end. No gratitude to the pro-lifers who worked and prayed long and hard for this victory. No thanks to almighty God for the mercies poured forth from the Sacred Heart on this feast day. What, then, did their dreary words express? In brief, they saw no reason to rejoice in the ending of the assassination of so many unborn babes, but warned that the true problem remains yet to be resolved

It is a question of developing political choices that promote conditions of existence in favor of life without falling into a priori ideological positions. This also means ensuring adequate sexual education, guaranteeing health care accessible to all and preparing legislative measures to protect the family and motherhood, overcoming existing inequalities. We need solid assistance to mothers, couples and the unborn child that involves the whole community, encouraging the possibility for mothers in difficulty to carry on with the pregnancy and to entrust the child to those who can guarantee the child’s growth.

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What is the meaning behind the total absence of joy and thanksgiving for the defeat dealt to the constitutionally-sanctioned massacre of the innocents in the womb, and the exclusive insistence on the need to assist poor, expectant mothers? True pro-lifers first and foremost rejoice in the saving of babies’ lives, and then also encourage acts of mercy and charity towards the poor. The Pontifical Academy does no such thing.

What really counts for them? The restauration of the natural law, the obedience to God’s Commandments? Apparently not. The practice of the corporal works of mercy through the welfare state? Most certainly. But what does the silence about the moral law combined with the insistence on acts of mercy imply, if we really pause to ponder on this anomaly?

What twisted principle underlies the ‘seamless garment’ argument?

I would suggest that it is the following: The meritorious works of mercy have suddenly become absolute commandments, while the Divine Commandments have become mere recommendations. If this is true, we are dealing with nothing other than a complete reversal of the natural, moral law. God’s commands are no longer commands, binding laws forbidding the committing of extrinsically evil actions, such as murder, but are mere recommendations at best.

I believe that such a reversal of the moral order is precisely what is behind the claim of those who espouse the seamless garment theory, according to which you cannot be truly pro-life if you are not, in addition to opposing abortion, enthusiastically in favor of actively promoting the welfare state to alleviate the suffering of the poor.

So the recommended acts of charity by which we alleviate the suffering of the poor and the downtrodden, are put on an equal footing with the divine commandments, in this case the 5th commandment which forbids the murder of the innocent, and most especially of the most vulnerable, the child in the womb.

Add to this the aggravating circumstance that it is the doctor, essentially a healer, who betrays his calling and acts as a murderer, and that it is the mother, acting against her maternal instinct, whose heart is so deviated as to allow her to kill her own child. Whatever alleviating circumstances there may possibly be in some cases, abortion remains an intrinsic evil, as Pope Saint John Paul II reminded us in Veritatis Splendor and Evangelium Vitae.

Though seamless garment advocates may claim that they are merely putting an emphasis on mercy, the fact that the substance is entirely lacking from this style is a clear condemnation of its inherent falseness: the moral fabric is missing. The notion of natural law, of divine command, of intrinsic evil, has vanished into thin air, quite simply. Underlying this ‘merciful style’ is a satanic substance.

What does it mean to equate God’s Commandments with the recommended acts of charity?

Let’s contemplate the following scenario in order to see just where this perverse principle leads us: Imagine a man walking down the street on a Sunday morning, on his way to church, who passes by a poor beggar in the street. He doesn’t give him any money so he can buy himself some bread to eat. A policeman happens to be walking by at the same moment. Should he stop the man and arrest him for not following the evangelical counsel prompting him to feed the poor?

Naturally, the policeman does not do this, as there is no law on the books designating this as a punishable crime, and so the man continues on his way to church. Should he go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion? Has he committed a mortal sin by not giving a penny to the poor beggar? Which of the Ten Commandments has he transgressed?

Now imagine another scenario: Imagine the same man walking down the street on a Sunday morning, on his way to church, and this time he passes by a baby in a stroller whose mother’s back is momentarily turned, as she’s chatting with the baker. Some satanic inspiration overcomes him and incites him to behave like an abortionist doctor: he seizes the baby girl and tear her limbs off, leaving her dying in a pool of blood. A policeman happens to be in the vicinity. Should he arrest the man? Naturally, he does, and the public outcry is great, for this was not just any murder, always a heinous crime, but the assassination of the most innocent and vulnerable of us all, a newborn baby.

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But supposing he had managed to escape and made his way to church: should he go ahead and receive Communion before, hopefully, turning himself over to the police? Or should he seek out the sacrament of Confession beforehand? This horrid little imaginary scenario is simply to illustrate the grotesque fallacy in the seamless garment position. Their claim is that not coming to the assistance of the poor is the moral equivalent of the torture and murder of the most innocent among us. How twisted can you get?

Just where does this false principle naturally lead us? 

Now, just what are the evil consequences that naturally flow from this reversal? Those who espouse this upside-down way of thinking are always eager to show (false) mercy, while simultaneously positively preventing the eradication of the evil, and therefore of ending the suffering caused by this evil, suffering which incites them to behave mercifully. A diabolically vicious cycle, indeed.

In this way, they are perpetuating the need to pour out endlessly this vain mercy, as the source of the suffering is obstinately maintained. Whether knowingly or not, this means allowing the evil to fester and grow, keeping maimed souls maimed, feeble wills feeble, darkened minds in the dark, all the while enveloping this in a mist of mercy which is nothing other than a diabolical counterfeit of true charity.

Charity without the moral law leads, in fact, to its exact contrary. Pouring forth mercy without truth is like sitting by the bedside of an ailing person, consoling them with sweet-sounding words and caressing them with one gentle hand, while with the other hand, subtly injecting more poison into their ailing heart, rendering the need for this ‘mercy’ eternal… True mercy will console the ailing loved one, but aims at healing them and ultimately gets them off their sickbed and standing tall on their own two feet, healthy and whole once again. True mercy is uplifting. It raises all hearts heavenward.

The Seamless Garment stance is rarely trotted out except to oppose the Pro-Life stance

The seamless garment argument is rarely, if ever, wielded to fight against abortion, but rather to fight against the pro-life cause. In reality, they don’t oppose abortion, they promote it. The people who espouse this view vote for the party of death which actively promotes the slaughter of unborn babes. Were they to be successful in perverting pro-lifers, the only possible consequence would be the weakening of the struggle to end abortion. (Alas, this is already the case in Europe, especially in France where I live, where pro-life discourse is largely of the seamless garment type.) Can we not sense here the death-loving demon who lurks in the shadows, preferring to deviate minds of well-meaning people rather than to fight openly against the culture of life?

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However, rejecting the seamless garment fallacy does not mean that we should not be merciful, or ignore the Gospel teaching prompting us to do our best to alleviate the suffering in the world. On the contrary, we should double down on our efforts to show mercy to all those souls plunged in the darkness of the culture of death. But we cannot begin to show any true mercy, if we do not start with sound principles. Love without truth leads to heartless cruelty.

Let heaven and earth rejoice!

It is, unfortunately, necessary to warn souls against the insidious danger of this false mercy inherent to the ‘seamless garment’ stance so prevalent in the Church hierarchy today, and which reared its hideous head after the reversal of Roe v. Wade. However, it is in vain that the wayward souls of pastors, be they the bishops, a Pontifical Academy, or the Pope himself, attempt to dampen our spirits. Nothing will diminish our determination to pursue our fervent prayers and our active determination to fight the good fight until the culture of death is definitively defeated in the whole world.

We know, ultimately, where the true victory for the culture of life will come from: Life itself. So we unite our hearts with the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart, who alone will defeat the culture of death worldwide and bring about the final, glorious victory of the culture of life. For now, let our hearts continue to rejoice in this marvelous victory and be filled with thanksgiving for the infinite mercies of the Sacred Heart.