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Editor’s note: The following interview with Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò was conducted by Giuseppe Nardi for Katholisches.info. LifeSite has published this translation with permission.

November 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — 1. For years, you were the apostolic nuncio to the United States. You know this country — the leading world power, especially in the so-called free world — from very close experience. What is happening now in the USA?

In recent months the United States of America has been witnessing the realization of the globalist plan, which involves all nations of the world with rare execeptions. This plan cannot fail to also include the nation that is the most important Western democracy, both because of its economic power and because of the role it plays in international political balances. The globalist dictatorship cannot tolerate the existence of a voice of opposition, a voice of dissent against aligned mainstream thought, which the United States will be if Donald Trump is president and the Republicans hold the majority in Congress and in state governments. Let’s not forget that the ideology of the globalist left does not accept discordant voices that question it. We are witnessing a planned and highly organized attack, which avails itself of the collaboration of significant parts of institutions, almost the entire media, and the financing of multinational powers and international organizations. Furthermore, it is evident that there are also external interferences, both in economic terms and in endorsements of the Democratic candidate.

I would also like to emphasize the destabilizing role played by the movements close to the Democrats such as BLM and Antifa, all financed by [George] Soros. The gap of time between the insufficient announcement of Joe Biden’s victory and the confirmation of the real winner of the election could be used by the left to stir up riots and civil unrest, following the well known playbook of the Deep State.

2. At the end of October, you addressed an open letter to President Trump, in which you used apocalyptic tones. Were these tones justified? Do you feel the election confirmed these tones? Are the concerns and accusations about a systematic fraud justified?

The use of the term “apocalyptic” in this context appears absolutely correct to me, because the term refers to the final battle between God and Satan announced in Sacred Scripture. The events we are witnessing are perhaps not part of the final conflict, in which the Antichrist will seem to prevail and in which the Church and traditional society will be mercilessly persecuted. Certainly, however, this historical phase will have direct repercussions on the method and times in which the the kingdom of the Antichrist will establish itself. The presidency of Trump, in this sense, is able to represent a strong obstacle against the Deep State and against globalism, which is anti-human and anti-Christian in its ideological essence. If the fate of the world is at stake, it seems to me that the tones can only be apocalyptic.

As for the electoral fraud that is emerging in these days, I think it is essential that clarity be created by the bodies in charge, in such a way as to ensure the regularity of the counting of votes. Democracy cannot be invoked in alternating phases, delegitimizing it as populism as soon as the will of the people diverges from what the elite want to accept. The global left, in order to gain power and also to maintain it, has always and only used the violence of either weapons or fraud: we think of socialist totalitarianism, as well as its various incarnations as Nazism, fascism, and communism.

3. How is it possible that in the United States, the nation that is the model for all representative democracies, an election can be manipulated?

It seems to me that the possibility of the election being manipulated is demonstrated by the evidence of the facts. The dozens and dozens of videos posted on social media in which we see the counting staff manipulating the voting ballots, bags full of votes thrown in trash cans or abandoned on the roadside, and the fanatics who boast of having falsified votes because of their hatred of Trump, all leave no room for doubt. What needs to be verified is not the existence of these frauds, but their extent and gravity. And let’s not forget about the tampering discovered in the software for scanning votes done by the shareholders and owners of the companies in charge of their management.

Here we are not talking about small scams in some obscure county, but the system in its entirety, in which external interference is revealed to be systematic, coordinated always and only favoring Biden and damaging Trump. The result of this election, regardless of who is the final victor, cannot remain compromised by the doubt created by these serious irregularities. It is no coincidence that the courts are now taking action, after hundreds of denunciations, to verify what really happened.

I would like, however, to emphasize a very significant element: democracy is considered by the left as an instrument of power. If the citizens, skillfully persuaded by the media, allow themselves to be convinced to vote for them, the people triumph. But if they do not give in to pounding indoctrination and the utopian promises of politicians, if they vote for a party or a candidate who is not of the left, then the people become incapable of choosing whom to be governed by; and an elite, an aristocracy, decides in their place what is good and what is bad for the masses.

4. Can we consider the elections over, as Biden, the Democratic Party, and the majority of mass media are claiming?

The elections are regulated by very precise laws and regulations. Relying on the projections made by television networks passed off as definitive data risks turning against those who want to impose their own desires as incontestable reality. We have well understood what side world leaders have lined up on, along with the media, the multinational information corporations, world finance, humanitarian organizations, and the Bergoglian church itself, but this does not make the presence of irregularities any less true or the need for a careful recount that respects the law any less urgent — that is, if respect for the law still means anything for the Democrats.

5. You have also made an appeal to Catholics and all Americans of goodwill. Do you believe it will be listened to? How did Catholics vote in the election, who historically for a long time have been closer to the Democrats?

From what has so far been possible to understand from the election results, the majority of Catholics voted for Trump. Despite the smear campaign carried out by the U.S. Bishops’ Conference and self-styled Catholic progressive intellectuals along with the aberrant orchestration of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his “magic circle” at the Vatican, American Catholics have understood that a Protestant candidate who defends life and family is preferable to a self-styled Catholic who supports abortion even up to the ninth month of pregnancy, gender theory, LGBTQ ideology, and globalist demands.

What emerges, unquestionably, is the disorientation of the faithful in the face of the treacherous enslavement of the highest levels of the Catholic hierarchy to globalism, and the increasingly evident rift between the Christian people and their shepherds, who are too busy pleading for the indiscriminate welcome of illegal aliens and closing churches in compliance with the diktats of public health boards.

Certainly, the financial and sexual scandals of a large part of the progressive episcopate, its moral laxity and its doctrinal deviations are perfectly coherent with the political support given by the hierarchy to the Democrats in the U.S. and in general to the left throughout the world — a support that is widely reciprcoated and that should make us reflect.

6. Trump has been vilified and ridiculed for four years, but he obtained (acccording to the latest numbers) 8 million votes more than he did in 2016, which is more votes than Barack Obama, who was a sort of secular “Messiah” for the political left. Can we say Trump is really the most popular U.S. president since Ronald Reagan?

While it is only right to wait for the final outcome of the vote to measure Trump’s popularity, we can take note of his ability to combine those values and that sense of sound patriotism that, conversely, the Democrats want to deny and cancel in the name of an unconditional adhesion to the globalist plan. Trump has known how to give expression to the voice of the majority of the American electorate, and his popularity derives from this. It is regrettable that in other contexts, such as for example in Italy, the opposition seems to want to confine itself to a gatekeeping role that in the past was played by other movements that today hold governing power. It seems to me that this is the prelude to an incomprehensible political suicide, unless there are unforeseen changes at the last minute.

7. It is said by some that in the four years of his presidency, Trump was unable to obtain full control of the federal apparatus. Does what is called the Deep State exist? If it exists, has it also been at work in the elections?

Anyone who becomes president of the United States after years of Democratic power cannot imagine that he will reform an articulated institutional system in a short time. What Trump has done so far demonstrates his laudable commitment, but at the same time, it reveals the widespread infiltration of the Deep State into the halls of power. The left’s control of the institutions, the judiciary, and the media — as we see also in Italy — is the result of decades of subversive activity, of appointments, blackmail, and conflicts of interest. We cannot expect that in four years it is possible to heal such a generalized situation, especially when one acts in due respect for the law and not, as others do, in systematic violation of the law and justice.

8. How can it be that the Holy See and Pope Francis have supported this marginalization of Trump in their own way? We are confused: is there a link between Democrats and the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church has nothing to do with the Democrats, whose ideas are irreconcilable with the teaching of Christ. Instead, what is obvious is the not disinterested support of the Deep Church for the Deep State. It is an alliance that sees political progressivism united to religious progressivism, for the purpose of establishing an antichristic society with its own Universal Religion.

The ties of the progressive intelligentsia with the Democratic Party are well established and date back to 1968, to the student movement, to the calls for renewal made by Vatican II in a key no less subversive than what the left did in the political sphere. On the other hand, after decades of ideological indoctrination even in Catholic universities and associations, it was impossible not to see disastrous results in society.

What is certain is that today, Bergoglio has been chosen on a worldwide level as the spiritual guarantor of globalism, on the basis of the desiderata that John Podesta expressed in his famous email about the “springtime of the Church.” It seems to me that the work carried out thus far by the Argentine pope rightly deserves the applause of the Democrats and, more generally, of those who want to establish the New World Order.

9. A few days before the election, Nigel Farage [leader of the Brexit Party] said that the “momentum” was propitious for Trump. The opposite seems to have emerged from the count of the votes. In your opinion, what should Trump do now?

Trump remains officially in office until January 20, 2021. We are waiting for the results of the recount of the votes and the outcome of the denunciations of fraud, as required by law and as all parties to the matter should hope for. At that point, we will be able to say if Farage was right. In the meantime, as confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Trump has full right to demand clarity and to use all the tools that the law offers him to protect the will of the voters expressed at the ballot box.

10. Are we also witnessing psychological warfare?

This war is essentially psychological: it is based on blatant manipulation of the masses, mainly by the work of the mainstream media. It has come to the point of censoring the statements of the president of the United States on social media and even on direct television, in the name of a supposed right of the media to block news that is arbitrarily judged to be false. But this censorious attitude began with “fact-checking” by ideologically aligned entities and in the attempt to call any news not conforming to the official narrative “fake news.”

The same thing happens, at the global level, in information about the pandemic. The official data inexorably refute the media version telling us that it is a catastrophe, but despite this, the masses are still terrorized, because COVID, prescinding from its mortality rate, must be used as an instrument to impose limitations on fundamental rights that would otherwise be unacceptable. So don’t be surprised to hear Biden announce the next lockdown and his desire to make the mask obligatory everywhere; he is responding to the same powers that are behind the pandemic emergency.

I note that even the announcement of the vaccine produced by Pfizer — of which the “philanthropist” Bill Gates who is so committed to reducing the world population is a shareholder — was postponed until after the announcement of Biden’s supposed victory, blatantly revealing the political agenda that the pharmaceutical companies pursue by means of their scientific research. I read on the internet that Sandra Zampa, former vice president of the P.D. [Italian Democratic Party] and now an undersecretary in the Conte government, has thanked Pfizer for this operation.

11. In your opinion, what can or should Catholics in America and throughout the world do?

American Catholics can and must pray, because faced with such a massive deployment of adverse forces, only the intervention of God can bring the truth to light. Obviously, this does not exclude renewing the coherent witness of Catholics in the social order. But this human action, always inspired by the common good, must not lose sight of the supernatural dimension. Jesus Christ is the Lord of history and the King of nations: He will not abandon his children in the moment of trial, if they faithfully have recourse to Him and to his Most Holy Mother.