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April 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews)—Do you tell your sons that they’re not girls, and your daughters that they’re not boys? 

If so, you must not be very enlightened.

A video of actor Chris Hemsworth explaining how he addressed the subject of “gender fluidity” with his four-year-old daughter shows the progressive view on teaching children about their sexual identity.

Hemsworth told his daughter, “You can be whatever you want to be,” when she told him she wanted the same genitals as her twin brothers.

Except, she can’t be.  Hemsworth’s daughter is biologically female, and no amount of surgery or hormone treatments could change that reality.

No longer is it normal to tell children, “you’re a boy; you have male body parts” or “you’re a girl; you have female body parts.”  Instead the norm has become to respond to children’s questions about gender with powerful hormone blockers and insistence that they embrace transgender identities.

I wish Hemsworth could read the heartbreaking stories of people who experience sex change regret.  I wish Hemsworth could meet people like Walt Heyer, who speaks out about his experience as a transgender woman and his “de-transition” back to a man.

Telling children untruths about sexuality, like the lie that they can change something so fundamental to who they are as human beings, is a grave disservice to them.

I pray that Hemsworth will eventually teach his children the truth about their sexuality: that their bodies’ designs speak to their beautiful purpose. 



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