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(Campaign Life Coalition) — We’ve just released a new video about a growing cause of abortion, and it could be one of our most contentious productions yet.


Because the gaslighting around this one topic has been so pervasive, it has crept into every aspect of our culture. Every day, Canadians are bombarded by mainstream media, Hollywood movies  and even children’s cartoons – about an impending, catastrophic environmental collapse caused by carbon dioxide.

In Canadians schools, a generation of children have now been taught about this apocalyptic problem allegedly facing planet earth. Many believe it with religious fervor.

The “fight against global warming” is so prevalent in the Trudeau government’s policies today that it might even top his other signature priorities: abortion and LGBT ideology!

But did you know that climate alarmism is increasing the abortion rate in Canada and around the world, and fueling a human depopulation agenda?

It’s crucial that pro-life Canadians learn the truth about the climate change-abortion nexus which not only threatens babies in the womb, but even the pro-life movement.

CLC has produced a video to expose this truth.

One year ago, in front of a live audience at our CLC Ottawa office, I conducted an interview with Tom Harris, a Canadian expert in climate science. We explored the human depopulation agenda embedded in the “green” movement’s goal of banning human-caused CO2. We also examined many of the scientific claims being made by climate activists.

I’m excited to announce that we recorded and packaged that interview to share now with a national audience! Please watch this fascinating presentation, and then share it with your networks.

May I ask another favour?

We’re in a tough financial situation right now. CLC’s donations have dropped significantly. Would you help us recover the costs involved in having put on this live presentation and repackaging it as a video?

Donate by clicking here to help us recover the costs for me and a videographer to travel to Ottawa, and the significant production work to cut down the almost two-hour live presentation into a more digestible video.

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition.

Tell your MP and Senators to drop the carbon tax Send a message TODAY