What to do when a pro-abortion politician shows up at your parish picnic to drum up support

They like to come to church events to 'endear' themselves to the parishioners, to be seen as a 'good guy' or gal.
Tue Mar 5, 2019 - 12:46 pm EST
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March 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Have you ever been at a parish fish fry or parish picnic where a local politician shows up and begins to make the rounds, smiling, shaking hands, conversing about the weather or some other superficiality?  

Some of the politicians who show up are strong supporters of abortion, but, of course, they don't talk about that. 

They like to come to church events to "endear" themselves to the parishioners, to be seen as a "good guy" or gal. They want you to think of them favorably, especially when you go to vote. Without saying it, they are drumming up support for their next election. Too often, people are naive. They don't understand the dynamic of what the politician is trying to do. 

As the famous, now-deceased, Jesuit Fr. Virgil Blum used to say, "Catholics are political pygmies!"

These pro-abortion politicians need to be confronted then and there.  They need to be told by the pastor and concerned parishioners that they cannot do glad-hand politicking at the parish. 

They need to be told that any candidate who supports the legal massacre of a million children every year is automatically disqualified from getting our vote.

So, prepare yourself for the next time a pro-abortion politician shows up at a parish to "work the crowd.' Don't be intimidated! Tell him (loudly enough to be heard by others?) that his support for "legal" abortion translates to wounded women and dead babies. Tell him women deserve better than abortion. (And pray that he have a change of heart.)

Stand up for Life! Stand up for women and children!  Stand up for your Faith!

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