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January 23, 2019 (American Thinker) – Gender madness proliferates, gaining official standing in the upper house of the legislature of the Golden State. The party that purports to support “science” is in full-throated denial of chromosomal reality.

Amanda Prestigiacomo reports in The Daily Wire:

State Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) announced that only “gender neutral” pronouns will be permitted during committee hearings.

“Our first order of business is to approve the committee rules. I'd like to note – in respecting the fact that we are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender – he and she, we are now merging them so we are using what my grammar teacher would have had a heart attack over: we are using the phrase 'they' and replacing other designations so it's a gender neutral designation: 'they,'” announced the Democrat. “Basically, that's the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.”

“In the spirit of gender neutrality for the rules of this committee, we now designate the chair as 'they,'” Jackson corrected the record.

The stupidity of this move, abandoning the distinction between singular and plural, making language less precise and subject to confusion, was illustrated in the next words to pour from the Senator's mouth:

“The world is a different place. My grammar teacher is long gone and we won't be hearing from her,” the senator noted, before correcting herself: “– from them! From they!”

She was correct the second out of three tries. But by impoverishing the English language in the small domain she rules over – the Judiciary Committee – she is regressing in the ability to communicate with clarity. So who cares about grammar rules? Subject versus object? Too complicated. Eventually, just grunting at each other will do, given the level of intelligence on display here.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.