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July 2, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The following letter to a Traditional Catholic Priest was written by Karen Darantière, an American living in France.

Dearly beloved Father,

It is thanks to you that we little ones can receive day after day and year after year the Blessed Sacrament in a manner worthy of our Eucharistic Lord. It is thanks to you that we can attend the Mass of the Ages, of the holy saints and martyrs of all centuries. For this, we could never adequately express our gratitude to you. However, or perhaps precisely for this very reason, I was pained to learn that you, beloved Father, along with most of your brother priests who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, have deemed it licit to acquiesce to abortion-tainted vaccines, but I am grieved even more that your voice remains nonetheless silent, rather than calling for acts of reparation for the unspeakable abuse of aborted babies’ bodies through their utilization in the process of producing these medicines. Although I personally am blessed to receive Holy Communion from good traditional priests who are in accord with my own deep conviction on this grave matter, I feel nonetheless the heartfelt need to write you this letter, in order to exhort you:

In the Name of Jesus Christ crucified and of sweet Mary: Most holy and sweet father, your poor unworthy daughter Catherine in Christ sweet Jesus, commends herself to you in His precious Blood with desire to see you a manly man, free from any fear or fleshly love toward yourself, or toward any creature related to you in the flesh … Alas, alas, sweetest father mine, pardon my presumption in what I have said to you and am saying; I am constrained by the Sweet Primal Truth to say it. His will, father, is this, and thus demands of you. It demands that you execute justice on the abundance of many iniquities committed by those who are fed and pastured in the garden of Holy Church … (Letter of Saint Catherine to Pope Gregory XI)

As you well know, many members of the hierarchy of the Church, by their actions or inaction, ambiguous words or resounding silence, seem at times to suggest approval of one of the most abominable crimes of our day, if not the most abominable crime in the whole history of humanity. Many an example of their apparently tacit complicity could be given, among others the Pontifical Academy for Life which seems now, to a certain extent, to have become more worthy of being rechristened the Pontifical Academy for Death. The crime of which I speak, beloved Father, is, of course, the massacre of the holy innocents in the wombs of their mothers, the heinous murder of our own children, created in the image and likeness of God, whose name, unknown to us, is known to their Father in heaven, whose brutal assassination on a worldwide genocidal scale, unprecedented in the history of our fallen humanity, cries out to heaven for vengeance, louder and louder by the day in an ever-growing chorus. As a true spiritual Father, you deplore this evil, knowing full well that we are now engaged in the battle to which our blessed Sister Lucia referred when she wrote, in a letter to Cardinal Caffarra, that “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be over marriage and the family.”

My beloved and devoted Father, whose priesthood is wholly consecrated to upholding the Tradition of our Holy Mother Church and to faithfully feeding the flock entrusted to you, you have been confronted with the great moral dilemma of discerning whether or not you and your flock may have recourse to abortion-tainted vaccines, and, after grave reflection, you consider that yes, indeed, the shepherd and his sheep may do so. Your opinion concurs with that of the Holy See which has, though not infallibly, said that in grave necessity, such as our current great plague, we may have recourse to such vaccines, in the name of a remote, passive, material cooperation with evil,” if I have well understood your reasoning. You have earnestly weighed the gravity of our present-day plague, against the evil of the genocide of the unborn and the callous and cruel abuse of aborted babies’ bodies, deprived not only of life in a brutal, and often excruciatingly painful manner, but also of the respect and reverence due to all human persons who have died in any manner whatsoever; and you have determined that we may, so to speak, bear within our body this mark, as we do not formally approve of this monstrous sacrifice to Moloch, and that we may, as it were, be a link in this “chain of death”, as our cooperation is remote and distant from this crime. Or, to speak in a less abstract and more tangible way, we stand a safe distance from this baby boy whose blood, spurting out when his heart is being ripped out, does not stain us, our being far enough away. So you say.

I, “your poor unworthy daughter Catherine,” am no theologian to argue with you on this or any other matter, but forgive me if I cannot help but say that my feminine soul resonates more deeply with and responds more naturally to the lone voice crying in the desert of our beloved Shepherd Athanasius, who, while tending his flock in a faraway land, has raised his voice in protest so that it rings loud and clear across vast distances, and with him I would prefer to “stand up and proclaim to the whole world, We will never acquiesce to this injustice, even if it is already so widespread in medicine! It is not allowed to treat unborn children, the lives of the weakest and most defenseless people in the whole world, in such a degrading way, so that the stronger, those already born, may receive a temporal health benefit from their use.’” And likewise when he asks us: ‘If you traveled back in time and witnessed the gruesome murder of an unborn child, the dismemberment of his body, the harvesting of his tissue, and his cells then processed in the lab, even if there were hundreds of chemical processes involved with that particular vaccine or medicine, could you with a clear conscience receive such a vaccine or medicine into your body?”, my response is: “No, I cannot.” Indeed, my maternal heart, along with many others, bleeds when I see before my mind’s eye the massacre and the dismembering of our very own holy innocents, and mourns with “Rachel weeping for her children, and refusing to be comforted for them, because they are not.” (Jeremiah 31:15).

However, the real reason I am addressing this letter to you today, beloved Father, is this: We are in agreement with the Holy See that, as Catholics, it is our “duty to make known [our] disagreement and to ask that [our] healthcare system make other types of vaccines available.” (Dignitas Personae, on certain bioethical questions”, 2008). Indeed, although we may profoundly disagree on the morality of acquiescing to abortion-tainted vaccines, we most certainly do agree that they must be protested against. Therefore, forgive me, dearest Father, if I have missed hearing your voice, but, I ask you: Have I not on the contrary mostly heard a resounding silence on your part? You have assuaged the fears of your flock as to the possible recourse to abortion-tainted vaccines, but where is your loud, vigorous and virile protest against the grave immorality of their fabrication? Do you wish our souls to slumber in indifference as soon as you have reassured us that we commit no crime by receiving this vaccine? Why this deafening silence? Why do I not hear your manly, fatherly, priestly voice crying out all the more loudly that you have accepted recourse to an immoral vaccine, as no moral vaccine has yet been produced? Does your own acquiescence not incite you to cry out all the more vigorously? “In the Name of Jesus Christ sweet Jesus,” why does your shepherd’s heart not make your voice cry out in the arid desert of our wayward world against this unspeakable abuse of the remains of these aborted children?

Please believe, dearest Father, that it is none other than the reverential respect I feel within the depth of my heart for you, which has prevented me from remaining silent and has pushed me to write to you this letter. As I have said, your acceptance of abortion-tainted vaccines has greatly pained my heart, but your incomprehensible lack of protestation even more so. I beg of you, in the name of “Mary, Redemptrix of the human race” (Oratio XI), through whose Maternal Mediation John the Baptist and Saint Elizabeth were filled with the Holy Spirit, do not remain silent on this July 2, feast day of the Visitation according to the Vetus Ordo, but may your vocal chords resound and may your heart unite with the little ones entrusted to your care and with mine, as well as with those of all the saints and angels in heaven, through the recitation of the prayer of reparation, which I have put in the post scriptum, and which a holy brother priest wrote for May 31, for this same feast, celebrated on that day in the Novus Ordo, in reparation for the murder and abuse of the unborn children. For, as our beloved Bishop Athanasius cries out, “the blood of the murdered unborn children cries to God from abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines! May the Lord have mercy on us! Kyrie, eleison!”

I beg you most gently on behalf of Christ crucified to be obedient to the will of God, for I know that you want and desire no other thing than to do His will, that this sharp rebuke fall not upon you: “Cursed be thou, for the time and the strength entrusted to thee thou hast not used.” I believe, father, by the goodness of God, and also taking hope from your holiness, that you will so act that this will not fall upon you. I say no more. Pardon me, pardon me; for the great love which I bear to your salvation, and my great grief when I see the contrary, makes me speak so …

Remain in the sweet and holy grace of God. I ask you humbly for your blessing. Pardon my presumption, that I presume to write to you. Sweet Jesus, Jesus Love. (Letter of Saint Catherine to Pope Gregory XI)

Catherine of Siena

P.S. Here, beloved Father, is the prayer to be recited on the feast of the Visitation (Prayer of Reparation for the Murder and Abuse of Unborn Children):

Holy God, Holy Might One, Holy Immortal One, Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are the unique and indivisible principle of the creation of human life. From the first moment, each human soul bears Your image. In the eyes of Your Divine Majesty, humanity today is burdened with the unspeakable guilt of the genocide of the unborn, instigated by Satan. “A murderer from the beginning,” the evil one is not satisfied alone with destroying nascent human life but inflicts additional indignities by exploiting and commercializing the cells and body parts of murdered unborn children, expanding the culture of death by unimaginable proportions.

Compassionate God, whom we have so grievously offended, help us amend our ways through acts of penance and reparation for the manifold crimes against life. Help us change hearts, minds, and laws to respect, love, defend, and serve human dignity. Help us end the industrial murder of unborn children whose bodies are abused, treated as commodities, scavenged, and denied the respect due to any person. Help us courageously witness to the incomparable worth and sanctity of each unborn child.

Through the hands of Mary, Mother of God, and the intercession of St. Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist, in union with the inexhaustible expiating power of Christ’s redemptive sacrifice, I offer to Your Majesty this act of reparation. With a contrite heart and humble spirit, I come before You, O God, and offer You acts of penance and reparation for these sins that cry out to heaven. Humbly hear my supplication and have mercy.

Recite: The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary Prayer, and Glory Be Prayer.

Mary Mediatrix, Mother of God, St. Elizabeth, and St. John the Baptist, pray for us


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