May 9, 2014 (LifeSiteNews.com) – As a child, one of my favorite radio shows was Paul Harvey's “The Rest of the Story.” Today, two simultaneous national news stories connected in a way that illustrates the overlapping nature of the culture of death. Let's bring these two threads together.

The home improvement cable channel HGTV canceled an upcoming reality show because of the stars' pro-life, pro-family values. The website Right-Wing Watch branded the stars, David and Jason Benham, “anti-gay, anti-choice extremists.” They and their father – Rev. Flip Benham, the founder of Operation Save America – put their evangelical Christian faith in action by campaigning against abortion, marriage redefinition, and sexual immorality.


That is hardly extreme outside the Castro district. Their fight against gay “marriage” was endorsed by 61 percent of North Carolina voters in 2012. A 2013 Pew Research Center study found that more Americans believe homosexuality is immoral than morally acceptable, as does a hefty majority of people around the world. But HGTV and the Hollywood-New York-Washington elite insist on remaining outside the global mainstream and trying to force their “morality” on the rest of us.

So, the Axis of Amorality launched a pre-emptive strike. Upon learning that the Benhams actually believe the message of the Bible, HGTV canceled the debut of the show – which is already in production – at noon Wednesday.

On the same day, a 49-year-old woman told police that an abortionist, Ashutosh “Ron” Virmani, raped her. Virmani had previously been caught on film telling pro-life advocates that he aborts “ugly black babies,” who would only grow up to feed off his tax dollars and kill people – the kind of high-octane hatred the media regularly misattribute to people like Rush Limbaugh.

Virmani challenged the pro-lifers to “adopt one of those ugly black babies.” One of the men pleaded, “We'll adopt them…Give us a chance to adopt them.”

As it turned out, Virmani's un-PC racial views melded with his decades-long record of ethical, professional, and legal offenses. He surrendered his medical license after having improper sexual relations with a patient, punctured a woman's artery during a botched abortion, and worked at an abortion facility that was closed as an “imminent danger” to women's health. (His staff gave women Methotrexate orally instead of by injection. Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart once told The New Yorker that abortionists use Methotrexate, because “the profit margin is huge.”) His employer reopened after Virmani presented the state with an altered legal document. This week's arrest caps off a career any responsible human being should have wanted to see ended much earlier.


The group that caught Virmani on film, tried to stop his shoddy practices, and offered to adopt black children so they would not be murdered in utero was Operation Save America.

Do you see this page from Right-Wing Watch showing how “extreme” David Benham is? See the video far down the page that shows him protesting in front of an abortion facility?

That's Virmani's abortion facility; it's the same building.

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One of the ministries that regularly tries to keep women out of Virmani's clutches says, “the Benham family [members are] the founders of Cities4Life and significant donors to this ministry. Without them, we could not do what we do.”

Given the choice about which group was out of the mainstream, HGTV threw the Christians under the bus.

David and Jason Benham, evangelical Christians, and the pro-life movement want to stop people like Ron Virmani from killing the unborn, injuring female patients, gleefully perpetrating racial genocide, and (allegedly) raping women.

The corporate elite, Planned Parenthood, and the homosexual lobby want to stop people like David and Jason Benham.

Butchers like Virmani and bullies like Right-Wing Watch are part of a unified movement. Their complementary “progressive” ideologies intersect to create a seamlessly interwoven garment, the funeral shroud of any healthy culture.

These groups stand as one. Planned Parenthood affiliates offer “LGBT services,” and the abortion industry has endorsed the transgender movement, because it allows them to claim that men are having abortions; thus, abortion is the universal human right of both sexes. Gays say the “right to choose” is important to their struggle, as well.

Having agreed on their common political creed, they demonize everyone who does not accept its tenets as untouchable. Through character assassination and outright lies, they attempt to deprive their enemies of opportunities, platforms for speech, and, if possible, the means of making a living.

They stand as one. We should, too. As today's stories remind us, there is a very real price to pay for “evolving” in the culture wars.

This article originally appeared on TheRightsWriter.com and is reprinted with permission.