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(LifeSiteNews) — The heroic British physician Dr. David Cartland has become one of many to be labelled as a “conspiracy theorist” for highlighting the dangers of the mRNA injections – citing a recent study which shows the growth of “turbo cancers” in mice receiving the shots intravenously. He is only the latest of many physicians and others noting an alarming explosion of cancers following Covid injections .

In a Belgian study published on May 1, 2023, 14 mice were injected with two Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. As Cartland reported on August 20:

2 days after 2nd Pfizer dose, 1/14 mice (7%) died suddenly, had turbo cancer with lymphoma infiltration of many organs: liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs & intestines.

The turbo cancer mouse had shown no clinical signs of illness before sudden death.

Dr. Cartland claims this is the second study which shows the “turbo cancer” effect following injection with the Pfizer mRNA jab.

“These were the types of studies that Pfizer & Moderna should have performed on mice but never did.”

Safety in effect

Cartland points out that this study – involving 14 mice – “was larger than the study done to approve COVID-19 Omicron mRNA booster shots which were given to [hundreds] of millions of people”

These “boosters” were tested only on eight mice, says Cartland. In fairness, Moderna did go on to test them on humans as well.

Dr. Cartland: NHS whistleblower 

Dr. Cartland describes himself unapologetically. He is a principled critic of the insanity of the COVID regime who has risked his reputation and livelihood in the open defense of the interests of humanity. 

A qualified physician with an additional degree in biomedical science, his website notes that his education included immunology and microbiology/virology training, statistical analysis, and research into the growth of blood vessels.

Dr. Cartland, who is married with four children, resigned from the government-run National Health Service in February 2022. Citing the UK government’s handling of COVID-19 as his reason, he noted the “bizarre” behavior of medical professionals who refused to acknowledge facts contradictory to the dangerous and terrifying official narrative.


Critics claim the study does not support the conclusion that the injections present the same danger to humans. Whilst  the mice received the treatment directly into their bloodstream, the mRNA shots are delivered into the shoulder muscle. As one “fact-checking” site has it, “any animal can spontaneously develop tumors.”

Yet the mRNA and DNA contained in the “vaccines” have been shown consistently to travel throughout the body, instead of remaining at the injection site as Pfizer and Moderna have repeatedly assured.

The injected material has been demonstrated in Pfizer’s own “biodistribution study” to travel beyond the shoulder muscle. It can produce dangerous spike proteins in every organ in the body, including the heart, brain and other vital organs – as in the case of this October 2022 study on “vaccine”-induced death.

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A network of ‘anti-vaxxers’

In addition to a range of medical services, Dr. Cartland’s website offers video interviews and content to his subscribers.

A recent offering included independent UK Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen, whose status as the only UK politician to question the “safe and effective” vaccines has seen him ostracized as a “conspiracy theorist,” and subjected to “silly things” such as having his parliamentary office of 11 years moved to “a lightless room at the other end of the estate” from the debating chamber.

“I have come to the conclusion that the last place that is going to admit what is going on in this country is going to be the chamber of the House of Commons” – the so-called mother of parliaments.

Bridgen became skeptical of the so-called vaccines after suffering side effects. He was suspended from the Conservative Party for “peddling misinformation” about the experimental injections. He was also smeared as an “anti-Semite” for speaking of the growing evidence of “vaccine” injury.

“As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust,” said Bridgen, seeing himself expelled from the ruling party shortly afterwards. He notes that he has been trying without success to secure a debate in Parliament on the issue of the astonishing unexplained 170,000 excess deaths in England and Wales alone from 2019 to December 2022.

According to Bridgen, opposition members from the Labour Party simply refuse to discuss the issue. The cross-party consensus is that the “vaccines” are “safe and effective,” and that thoughts to the contrary are met with silence. So are concerns of COVID related corruption – at the highest level of British politics.

The unelected Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives, Rishi Sunak, is historically partnered with a firm which has invested 500 million pounds in mRNA injection manufacturer Moderna. Sunak has consistently described the injections as “safe and effective” whilst refusing to answer questions on whether he has profited personally from this arrangement. 

Without services such as that of Dr. Cartland, British voters and patients would be denied medical advice and political insight which questions the sponsored narrative surrounding the so-called vaccines.

Dr. Cartland’s online output is a helpful summary of the mounting evidence surrounding the experimental injections, whose manufacturers are indemnified against any cost arising from injury associated with their use. 

His work is a prime example of a thriving network outside a discredited political and medical establishment, whose existence and success was prompted by the toxic institutions in which we were formerly expected to trust.

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