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September 1, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Our elections are taking on sinister overtones. Each one is billed as the most important of our lifetime. And each one is the most important—until the next election. The unraveling political processes bring our Armageddon each time closer. 

Thus, we live in times of apocalypse elections, in which the victory of one side represents an apocalypse for the other. The only way to avoid total breakdown is an exhausting seesaw of stalemates in which one party prevails over the other, which keeps the winner of the White House in check by holding on to the House or the Senate. 

However, the general direction of the country is toward disintegration. The nation is polarized and coming apart. A real apocalypse is in the making.

 Political Drama Without Fire and Brimstone 

This scenario is a recent phenomenon since elections in time past were never this dramatic or consequential. The political parties had significant differences, but the nation had a common direction inside the liberal order. There was political drama but not an apocalypse’s fire and brimstone.

A political system reflects the society it governs. Thus, when society had some order, people found ways of resolving problems civilly.  Courtesy and modesty governed human relationships and prevented the explosions of the unbridled passions. Virtue played an essential role in regulating society and keeping things balanced. 

Although the American order has long contained the seeds of a later explosion, gravitas and respect in politics informed most of its history. They kept the Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen at bay.

The Rise of Clashing Narratives

Everything changed when social structures deteriorated in the sixties and seventies. The safety nets and guardrails that kept society civil and moral fell by the wayside. A cultural revolution shook America like an earthquake, challenging all institutions, fashions, morals and orthodoxies. This revolution set in motion gradual political processes, which sought to mainstream the radical cultural changes showcased at Berkeley and Woodstock.  

Revolutionaries hoped that society would accept the changes without much resistance. They did not expect the profound reactions against procured abortion, same-sex “marriage,” socialism, transgenderism, and, most recently, satanism. They were not prepared for the grueling Culture War of the last fifty years, which continues unabated in vast sectors of the American public.

Instead of the smooth transition of parallel narratives, American society has polarized and clashed. Everything is now weaponized, politicized and radicalized from sports to bathrooms, pronouns to personal preferences.  

Hence, the rise of intense apocalypse elections. 

The Problem of Apocalypse Elections

Like the Biblical narrative, apocalypse elections happen when a decadent society is faced with an anti-Christian agenda so forceful that it sparks serious reaction. 

Not all react to the anti-Christian offensive equally. However, in America, the Christian element did mobilize and engage the overwhelming attack upon its values. The struggle forced each side to seek an ever more intense application of its bedrock principles. Each faction strove to express itself more authentically and clearly. 

Thus, each successive apocalypse election builds toward an apotheosis with ever more dramatic consequences. 

Not Only a Matter of Partisan Politics

However, apocalypse elections are far more than partisan affairs. A final victory of one party over the other will not resolve the problem. In the present climate, political parties are shallow surface representations of unseen tectonic movements deep within American society. Political conventions and campaigns must often adapt their messages to the fickle sentiments of voters and are thus limited in their ability to represent the profound issues.   

However, the elections are apocalyptical because they reflect an existential struggle to define America’s soul. They are apocalyptical because they represent a fight between good and evil, truth and error, faith and disbelief. Thus, the herculean back and forth of struggle will bring the deeper issues to the surface.   

The Real Battle

The real battle in today’s society is between two contrary visions of life. 

One side groups together Ten Commandments Americans—those who still value the remnants of Christian civilization centered on the God-given institutions of family, community and faith. They defend the philosophical framework of Western thought and recognize God’s sovereignty over His creation. 

The other side’s flag represents an aggressive anti-Christian civilization based upon postmodern thought and extreme individualism that questions all certainties, values and narratives. It recognizes no masters save the unbridled passions burning like demons within each soul. 

In the ever-shrinking center is a decadent society that is being forced to choose which way it will go. The liberal establishment and media favor the anti-Christian side. The battle is playing out in the streets of Portland or other cities where rioters now roll out guillotines, burn flags and Bibles, and unabashedly attack the forces of law and order. They shout, “Death to America!” These disrupters follow the script of countless other revolutionaries of the past, attempting to terrorize complacent and decadent societies into submitting to totalitarian agendas. 

A mostly silent majority of Americans attached to God, order and country opposes these rioters. This majority of Ten Commandment Americans must speak out. It must not be intimidated by the dark message of hatred and class struggle. On the contrary, it must soundly reject it.

The present apocalypse election is a dangerous step toward revolution. All must choose what America is going to be.  

John Horvat II is a scholar, researcher, educator, international speaker, and author of the book Return to Order, as well as the author of hundreds of published articles. He lives in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania where he is the vice president of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property