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(Everyday For Life Canada) — “Hold The Line” is the title of a book that every Canadian who cares about freedom, democracy, and country should read. It’s the story of Canada’s trucker Freedom Convoy. The author is Tamara Lich, the woman who played a central role in the national and international event. It’s the story that Canada’s Trudeau Liberal government, and those critical of the freedom protest, don’t want Canadians and the rest of the world to read. That’s one good reason to read it, and spread the word about it.

The truckers travelled to Ottawa to protest the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions. They arrived on January 22, 2022, and by February 23 most of the vehicles had left the capital. The truckers had made it clear that they would not leave until restrictions and mandates were repealed.

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However, on February 11, the province of Ontario declared a state of emergency because of border blockades between Canada and the United States, which by then were already over. But Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s action showed he didn’t back the truckers.

Just three days later, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act (martial law) for the first time since the Act was passed in 1988. Within days, the organizers were arrested, including the author of Hold The Line. The trucks were removed and all blockades dismantled. The peaceful demonstration was over. Canada’s government resorted to using force to end the Freedom Convoy.

The foreword to the book by independent reporter Rupa Subramanya states the aim of the protest:

They (truckers) weren’t in Ottawa just to fight for themselves, but to reveal a fundamental injustice of the government’s approach to the pandemic, especially the harsh vaccine mandates. They wanted to work toward a fairer and more just Canada, that would take different and sincerely held opinions into account, and not run roughshod over the individual liberties of Canadians.

Nevertheless, Trudeau refused to even talk to the truckers. His answer was to vilify them and use martial law to crush the peaceful demonstration that made international news.

Hold The Line isn’t primarily about partisan politics, protesting, and taking sides. It’s about what the human spirit can do when fundamental freedoms are unjustly stripped away from the citizenry. Tamara Lich never wanted to be the leader of the Freedom Convoy; however, she knew that when wrongs are being committed against the people, it’s important to do what is right and just.

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And that’s what she did. The book records that courageous witness, even as she spent 49 days in jail, some in solitary confinement. For the record, she has never been convicted of a crime.

The Trudeau government accused the protesters of stealing food, of displaying racist flags, of committing acts of vandalism, of disrespecting veterans and haters, that Russians were behind the protests,  and the government itself could be toppled. The legacy media, including the CBC, were cheer-leading for the government. Trudeau described the Convoy as an “armed insurrection” that was “terrorizing” Canada. But, according to Lich, it was all lies to put the Freedom Convoy in a negative light and give a fake reason to invoke the Emergencies Act.

Hold The Line reveals a number of important things that Canadians ought to know. The book exposes Trudeau as a narcissistic liar bent on dividing Canadians. He declared war on peaceful protesters who were speaking a grassroots truth to corrupt power.

Another revelation is that Canadians can and did come together when there is a just and right cause. Forget the politics of division and post-nation state talk. The massive crowds who cheered the Freedom Convoy were made up of ordinary Canadians from all parts of the country and with different backgrounds.

Lich writes, “I saw that we were all the same nation, with the same pride for this wonderful country, and the same love of freedom.” And she ends the book with that spirit and love of unity with this sentence, “I’ve already started taking French lessons.”

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Hold The Line recounts what civil courage can accomplish. It’s not the politics of the right or the left that will shape a better future for Canada. Instead, it’s a citizenry working for virtue, truth, and love of God. It is people who reject the politics of division, power and blame. Tamara has proven that it’s worth the effort; the rest we must leave in God’s hands.

Every Canadian should read this book. Every person who cares about freedom, truth, democracy and civil rights should read the book. We hope it makes its way to courses of study in high schools, colleges, and universities. Vive le Canada libre!

Reprinted with permission from Everyday For Life Canada.