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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — After over two years, some Canadian healthcare workers are still forced to comply with COVID vaccine mandates, despite an overwhelming worker shortage and evidence that the vaccine does not prevent transmission.

While most provinces have dropped their mandates, British Columbia continues to require at least two doses of the experimental COVID vaccine for their healthcare employees. As a result, unvaccinated nurses and doctors cannot return to work while hospitals remain understaffed.

British Columbia’s vaccine mandate remains as a result of the order of provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. While the province of Ontario has officially dropped their mandate, most hospitals still independently require the vaccine.

“It’s very strange,” an Ontario nurse speaking LifeSiteNews under the condition of anonymity said of the ongoing mandates. “I thought they would have gotten rid of the mandates by now. I don’t understand the reason for keeping them, especially when we’re in a healthcare worker shortage.”

Vaccine mandates for healthcare workers began in September 2021, resulting in unvaccinated doctors and nurses losing their jobs, while many medical students were kicked out of their programs.

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Officials tried to justify the mandates by claiming the unvaccinated were “unprotected” from COVID while the vaccinated were believed to have immunity from the virus. However, there is overwhelming evidence that the COVID vaccine does not prevent transmission and instead causes a plethora of negative side effects.

Indeed, the research revealing the dangers and ineffectiveness of the vaccine would seem to prove that they are hardly necessary for healthcare staff. However, some officials remain intent on enforcing the mandate.

It seems odd that hospitals would hold on to their vaccine mandate during a staffing crisis. Why have they barred unvaccinated workers from returning to work? Are they driven by an ideology? Or perhaps a desire to force everyone to comply with the mandates despite the science?

Indeed, doctors and nurses who question the COVID narrative are treated even worse than those who refused the vaccine quietly.

Ontario pro-freedom Dr. Mark Trozzi recently announced he plans to appeal the stripping of his medical license for criticizing the mainstream narrative around the COVID-19 “pandemic” and the associated vaccines.

In any case, British Columbia and Ontario’s decisions have not only kept hundreds of unvaccinated nurses and doctors from returning to work, but they have also left many Canadians without access to healthcare.

As a result of the healthcare worker shortage, wait times to receive care in Canada have increased to an average of 27.7 weeks.

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Unfortunately, the increased wait times have led some Canadians to despair of receiving treatment and instead choose to end their lives through Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), the euphemistic name for Canada’s euthanasia regime.

This is the case of 52-year-old Dan Quayle, a grandfather from British Columbia. On November 24, he chose to be medically killed by a lethal injection after being unable to receive cancer treatment due to the increased wait times. 

Throughout the agonizing wait, his family “prayed he would change his mind or get an 11th-hour call that chemo had been scheduled,” but were instead told consistently by the hospital that they were “backlogged.”

A recent Health Canada memo revealed that a shortage of 90,000 doctors, nurses and other frontline healthcare workers has caused a “health worker crisis” in Canada.

While healthcare officials continue to mandate the vaccine in the name of “safety,” Canadians are denied proper healthcare due to ongoing understaffing in hospitals across the country.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates