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June 10, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — The headlines read, “Abortion Drops 12% in U.S. Over Five Years.” Without skipping a heartbeat, Planned Parenthood took full credit for this drop in numbers.  They claimed “successful contraceptive” campaigning as the reason for this decline.  Once again, the champions of unfettered sex, birth-control and abortion are the reason, according to them, abortions continue to decline in the U.S.

But the facts belay Planned Parenthood’s fallacious claim.  Let’s start with the most obvious; Planned Parenthood is the number one abortion organization in the U.S., committing more abortions than any other abortion chain in the world.  In many states across the nation, a Planned Parenthood affiliated abortuary is the single highest volume abortion mill that state.  As with Minnesota, Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill has been steadily increasing its abortion volume each year for more than a dozen years, approaching half of all abortions in the state.  This comes despite the annual decline in actual abortion numbers and in the abortion rate during the same years.  Planned Parenthood boldly claims success in the decline of abortions while it increases the number of abortions and its share of all abortions.  How is it possible to be responsible for a decline in something you are actively working to increase with your organization?

The second fact is actually more telling than the first; the rising percentage of women who are aborting while actively taking birth-control.  Again, the case in Minnesota is a perfect study of this because of extensive reporting laws. Though not broken down by abortion mill, 36% of women aborting in 2013 were actively using so-called contraceptives at the time of conception.  Additionally, fully 54% of the women who aborted in 2013 had used so-call contraceptives, but were not at the time of the conception of the baby they were aborting.  90% of women aborting in 2013 had been taught and used birth-control, with a growing number who were actively using Planned Parenthood’s “successful” means of reducing abortions at the time of their abortion.   

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What the birth-control/abortion numbers reveal is that abortion is the backup for failed birth-control and Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of both.

The real reasons for the decline in abortion numbers and rates include; a general population of young people who are far better educated in fetal development and are thus more pro-life, the lifting of the stigma of being pregnant and unmarried in our society, the wealth of help available from pro-life agencies (pregnancy help centers have proliferated in recent years, coinciding with the decline of abortions), laws that have been passed that protect the unborn child or the mother, and the growing number of quality sidewalk counseling and prayer efforts at abortion mills all across the nation.