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June 23, 2021 (The Dossier) – The vast timeline of human history shows us that here is no avoiding the annual respiratory season, commonly referred to as “Flu Season,” and unfortunately, all of the indicators seem to point to the strong possibility that lockdown states will once again lock down in a matter of months. During COVID Mania, many became convinced that this annual reality can be stopped by the “new science” human interventions (lockdowns, masks, curfews, and the like), and these same citizens, politicians, and “public health experts” may demand more of the same in the coming months, when either COVID or Flu comes back into play.

Here in much of Florida, COVID-19 isn’t really a conversation topic anymore. Although a disturbing chunk of the world is still bogged down by COVID Mania, at least in Florida, only the most loyal of corporate press sycophants and hyper political activists remain tuned into the latest pandemic fear mongering and public manipulation. Sure, people without real hobbies or interests still enjoy having a conversation about what vaccine they had, but the rest of the pandemic topics seem a bit stale and unproductive to most residents here. Talk about variants is largely disregarded as paranoid, unhealthy behavior. A person who wears a mask outdoors is generally identified as someone visiting from out of town or an individual that has become permanently scarred by the past 18 months of insanity. Under Ron DeSantis, Florida is never locking down again. You can take that to the bank. 

The same can’t be said about large swaths of the U.S., unfortunately. After spending some time in the northeast in recent weeks, I found that the topic is still very much consuming the public. While the masks are finally coming off, and people are re-entering society in a somewhat normal fashion, their minds have been programmed to accept a potential reset back to square one.

The powers that be are using same old tactics to plant the seeds for future submission.

First and foremost, I can personally attest to the reality that the “Delta variant” scaremongering has been registering with the general public in places like Washington, D.C. and New York City. Americans are being fed with ultra high doses of fear programming so that if something goes wrong, they will accommodate further draconian insanity during the next respiratory season. They know that the claimed Mother Of All Variants is out there, and as Fauci is known to say, it’s best to “keep your guard up.”

Why are there still mask mandates and other general restrictions, you ask? Why are there still plexiglass barriers all over the place? Why are retail stores still maniacally wiping down counters after every purchase? The answer you’ll probably receive goes along the lines of, “well, there’s variants we don’t know about out there!” You can expect the same answer from the hordes of individuals who continue to wear masks post vaccination, as they are under the belief that the variants may overcome both their vaccines and whatever else they are doing to put themselves under the impression that they are putting up a noble defense against a submicroscopic infectious particle.  

As two COVID-19 seasons have shown us, upticks in positive cases follow a seasonal pattern. Just like last summer, the COVID numbers are currently incredibly low throughout the country. This information, however, never seems to infiltrate the corporate press and the political landscape in lockdown states, so individuals living there are hopelessly unaware of this dynamic. They are under the impression that it is not the end of respiratory season, but it is the mRNA vaccine (and their magical cloth masks) that are entirely responsible for curbing.

Given that we will almost certainly get a bump in cases during the upcoming respiratory season (the alternative is the first ever non-respiratory season in… human history?), politicians and “public health experts” will undoubtedly answer this predictable situation by demanding that the public accommodate another mask and lockdown regime.

Moreover, the coming uptick in cases will serve as a major booster (pardon the pun) for Big Pharma, which will be more than happy to embrace and pour gasoline on the situation. This time around, their solution will come in the form of an already planned booster vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna have invested heavily in their “third dose,” and they need millions of willing arms and accommodating governments to cash out. With billions of dollars at stake, the marketing campaign for the third dose will be just as, if not even more relentless, than the push for the first two doses. Pfizer and Moderna are currently laying the groundwork for the Fall booster shots, claiming that they are absolutely necessary for the next season, and that recurring COVID vaccine boosters may become indefinitely necessary for future seasons. 

This is where the Delta variant comes into play. Since these politicians and public health bureaucrats have convinced the public that they alone can control the spread of a virus, they will have to find an excuse for why they once again failed to control a virus. The Delta variant, or whatever variant is the flavor of the month during our next respiratory season, will be the excuse for what overcame our “public health” defenses. Of course, the evidence behind the supposedly unprecedented dangers of this Delta variant is entirely baseless, as with almost everything else related to the scaremongering surrounding COVID Mania. 

And if, say, there is a harsh Influenza season in the Fall, remember that most people in these states are under the impression that CCP lockdowns and masks can stop a virus. With the same principles in play, they will demand restrictions on themselves to stop the Flu, too.

Reprinted with permission by The Dossier