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HARTFORD, Connecticut (LifeSiteNews) — I was privileged to attend the second annual Connecticut March for Life, which this year occurred between the two great feasts of St. Joseph and the Annunciation, on Wednesday, March 22.

I was excited to attend the March for Life because I believe in the dignity and sanctity of human life, and I wanted to demonstrate that high school students like me are willing to fight for life and stand up to abortion laws. I went to the event by bus with a group of teachers and fellow students from Cardinal Kung Academy, a classical Catholic school in Stamford, CT.

The March took place in Hartford, CT and was attended by pro-lifers from all over the state who rallied outside the state capitol building. The event lasted for about two hours, with one hour of speeches and another of marching.

Approximately two thousand pro-life advocates attended the March and walked around Bushnell Park after speakers ranging from a state representative to pregnancy center directors rallied the crowd. The early spring weather was warm and provided beautiful walking conditions. Spirits were high, and the enthusiastic crowd prayed and chanted peaceful protests against the abortion laws of the state. A small group of counter-protesters was gathered at the end of the route near the capitol building. This did not surprise me, but I did feel encouraged by the large number of pro-lifers marching alongside me, in comparison to the small number of abortion supporters.

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Christina Bennett, a Live Action News correspondent and member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, opened the rally with welcoming remarks. “Nothing is possible without prayer,” she stated and asked Bishop Juan Miguel Betancourt of the Archdiocese of Hartford to lead the crowd in a commencement invocation.

“Restore to our state, our nation, and our world, we pray, O Lord, the birthright of every human being to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the bishop entreated, as a legislative session simultaneously occurred within the capitol building. After the bishop’s prayer, several students from my school led the pledge of allegiance, which was followed by the national anthem, sung beautifully by Jordan Watson of Redeemer’s Church.

Another striking speaker was Connecticut State Representative Treneé McGee, a pro-life Democrat. She had previously spoken at the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. “In creating a culture of life, we have to care about one another,” Rep. McGee stated. She wants to help black communities in creating a culture of life which starts with creating safe environments for everyone, and to provide more resources for women in crisis pregnancies.

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“Someday the 1990 law keeping abortion legal in Connecticut will be over,” said of Peter Wolfgang, President of the Family Institute of Connecticut. “We have to bring the effort that overturned Roe v. Wade to our state.” Wolfgang rallied the crowd, pointing out that if it had not been for millions of pro-lifers’ sacrifices and prayers, Roe v. Wade would not have been overturned.

Marcelina Halas, a student at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), called for the end to censorship and indoctrination within college campuses. “The biggest [lie] preached to college students, especially young women today, is that abortion is liberating,” Halas stated. She encouraged college students to shamelessly stand up for life on their campuses and to proclaim the truth proudly. Halas is an example to students like me, and I found her speech wonderfully courageous.

Melissa Manion shared her inspirational story of healing after abortion. “The afternoon I spent in that grim, distressing abortion clinic would change my life forever,” Manion recalled. “Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping women and men who have suffered through the pain and loss of abortion.” Manion’s speech truly struck me as a beautiful story of conversion and the endless mercy of God.

I was highly impressed by the array of speakers at my state’s March for Life event. Their energy and love of the pro-life movement was inspiring, and I felt proud to live in a state that has such a variety of citizens who respect life and share my values. Additionally, I was so proud of my school and my classmates who marched for life that day. I am confident in the people of Connecticut, and it is my prayer that abortion will one day be both illegal and unthinkable – not just in my state, but in my country and the whole world.

As a Catholic, I find deep significance in the fact that this March for Life happened between the feasts of St. Joseph and the Annunciation. St. Joseph, Protector of Families, and Mary, Mother of our Creator, were certainly interceding for those who marched for life in Connecticut on Wednesday.

Madeline Bishop, 15, is a high school student. This is her first published article.