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October 26, 2020 (LifeSifeNews) — I want to explain to you as simply as I can why Donald Trump is the only logical vote for me, a Hispanic American.

My family came to America when I was eleven years old. Like every immigrant family before us, we came seeking the opportunity that only America can offer to those who are willing to work hard in the pursuit of their dreams.

My mom and stepdad came to the United States to become microbiologists. To make ends meet we grew vegetables and sold them on the weekends at the famers' market. We also delivered phone books in the Wisconsin winter. My sister and I even tried to help assembling pens and recycling bottles and cans. We shopped at Goodwill and spent a lot of time hanging around our parents' labs as they worked late into the night to finish their experiments.

The first thing we learned as immigrants is that getting ahead takes a lot of hard work. We were blessed to experience firsthand that in America, if you work hard and don't make excuses, you will get ahead. It is not in our DNA to expect that the government should provide us jobs, health care, housing, or anything else that we can provide for ourselves. Put simply, we have found out from the experience of our hardworking parents and families that individual hard work and personal responsibility are the key to success, not the leftist politics of class envy and redistribution of wealth.

This is the first reason why I am voting for Trump: Trump represents the idea that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America. That opportunity is why most Hispanic Americans came to the United States, and that is what we want to see passed down to our children.

Although we certainly worked very hard, we also had a lot of help and encouragement. Our schools would always waive our activity fees for extracurricular activities. My soccer club allowed my stepdad to be an assistant coach in order to waive my fees. The old farmer who allowed us to cultivate his unused fields decided not to charge us anything in order to help us out. Kind neighbors invited us to eat fancy ice cream that we could never afford. 

This is the second reason I am voting for Donald Trump: Hispanic Americans love America and we are not attracted to those who want to see us as victims of a supposedly unjust system. Americans are good and generous people who love to voluntarily help people in their community. My family had no right to so much kindness, and for that, my family and I will always be grateful and reject the anti-American rhetoric of the left. Hispanic immigrants are proud to be fully American, just as we are proud of our Hispanic heritage. We are proud of America's success because it is our own success, too! The sense of belonging to a country that rewards honest hard work is what makes us patriotic. As American patriots, we reject the leftist narrative of self-loathing. The notion that America is institutionally racist, sexist, xenophobic, and exploitative is just plain ridiculous to Hispanic Americans who know that nobody loves an underdog and is willing to lend a helping hand more than an American.

The third reason I am voting for Donald Trump is that I don't believe that America is a racist country, and I don't believe that Donald Trump is a racist. Colorblindness is built into Hispanic American culture, and trying to appeal to us based on our race not only doesn't work, but is seen as racist in and of itself.

Hispanic Americans are not a racial group. This is deeply misunderstood by most American political campaigns on the left and also on the right. Identity politics based on race are not successful with Hispanic Americans because we just don't identify ourselves by our race. I credit this to the wonderful Catholic missionary spirit of my Spanish forebears who evangelized all races of people as brothers and sisters in Christ. This resulted not only in a lot of racial mixing, but also in the forming of our collective identity around values other than our race. A Peruvian who might be racially indigenous (like my wife) will usually have much more in common with a white Spaniard like me than I do with a white Italian or Frenchman. So when the left tries to portray itself as the only party for black and brown people, most Hispanic Americans don't care and don't buy it because we don't identify ourselves by our race. All Lives Matter, period.

While Hispanic Americans don't share a race, we do share many values. At the top of our list are family values. We abhor the killing of children through abortion; we believe that marriage is the foundation of a family and is possible only between one man and one woman; and we are horrified by the normalization of transgenderism, especially when it comes to exposing our children to it in schools. 

The fourth reason I am voting for Donald Trump is that the Democratic Party has adopted abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and transgenderism as its religion. If you profess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and not the federal government, you have no place in the modern Democratic Party. As the chairman of the Democratic National Committee said in 2017, if you’re pro-life, you're not welcome in the party. 

While Republicans, including Donald Trump, are not unified in rejecting same-sex “marriage” and gender ideology, it is clear that the alternative is a Democratic Party that wants to impose these radical ideologies on everyone, especially children in public schools. Worst of all, Joe Biden has stated repeatedly that he supports taxpayer-funded abortion.

Hispanic Americans are willing to forgive Donald Trump’s sometimes insensitive words because we understand that he is a proud New York businessman who doesn’t apologize for his success. He is also proud to be an American, and he refuses to give in to racist identity politics. And while it would be a lie to say he is the perfect model of a Christian family man, the fact is that during his first term as president, he has had the courage to fight the destruction of our family values by defending the right to life, the traditional family, and our religious freedom against the constant attacks of the left. 

The choice could not be clearer. Trump will be better for business and the economy. Trump is a proud American and will not apologize for putting American interests first against the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic. Trump will not bend the knee to the racist bullies of BLM and the anarchists of Antifa. And most importantly of all, Trump will continue to stand with Christians on life and religious freedom. Can you say the same for Joe Biden?