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(LifeSiteNews) — The recent collapse of SVB Bank was followed by suggestions that the diversity and inclusion policies it has proudly promoted played a part in its collapse. 

A story for Newsweek claims to have “debunked” this question, steering readers’ attention to a claim that a putative “investment team” was all female. Newsweek was quick to point out that an image used in support of this rumor showed three women who did not work for the company, beside one who did. There is no such “investment team,” and so the rumor is flagged as false.  

Is the idea that diversity and inclusion policies take precedence over competence – and over Christ – a baseless one?  

A closer look at SVB Bank reveals that the carefully parsed argument framed above does not show the whole picture. In fact, it deserves the kind of context warning usually attached to facts which appear on social media and whose contradiction of the sacred delusions of the Godless must be chattered away with this sort of casuistry. 

BlackRock announced in their 2023 outlook that polices such as Net Zero and the promotion of “equity-based discrimination” are creating and accelerating instability in our institutions and economies. 

The Head of Risk Assessment Europe at SVB Bank, Jay Ersapah was “a self-described queer person of color” who was engaged in organizing a monthlong celebration of identitarian sexual disorder as the bank began to dissolve.  

Ersapah has a biography on a website of campaigning group Outstanding, which exists to showcase and celebrate the advancement of people who base their identity on sexual fetishes. How this improves business is never explained. It is an article of faith in the international religion, which exists to replace that founded by God. 

Ersapah’s entry claims she has authored numerous articles promoting this agenda, and appears to deserve her place among the top 100 LGBTQ+ Future Leaders:

Jay created the first month-long SVB EMEA Pride campaign, involving an awareness video with representatives of the firm’s LGTBQ+ communities and allies across the Executive, Board, Stonewall, and SVB UK’s LGBTQ+ charity partner.

She is a trustee for Diversity Role Models, who promote LGBTQ+ education and inclusion in schools.

The appointment of a professional lesbian of color to the only risk management position at the time is not a bug, but a feature of the “equity-based discrimination” culture which ignores talent and competence in favor of ideologically attractive characteristics.  

It is noteworthy that she proudly announces allegiance with the U.K. pressure group Stonewall, whose name is taken from a riot over the forced closure by police of a bar notorious for the sexual exploitation of “underage street kids.” To those whose national flag is a corruption of the rainbow, this riot was a brave defense of “gay rights,” and marked the beginning of the “gay liberation” movement, whose fruits we see in superabundance today. 

Is it fair to claim a wider culture of indifference to competence in this bank? According to The Daily Mail“…the bank implemented ‘a diverse candidate slate for US leadership roles’ and introduced its first six Employee Resource Groups for Asian, black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, veteran, military and female employees.”

The bank, which at the time of collapse had only one board member with any investment experience, had developed its own program to “advance inclusion and opportunity in the innovation economy, particularly for women, black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx individuals.”

“In 2021, SVB continued to expand the program, harnessing its resources, experience and connections to address key barriers that prevent underrepresented groups from succeeding in the innovation sector.”

A second, much larger bank has now been bailed out. Credit Suisse has been offered a $44 billion lifeline by the Swiss government to avoid collapse, having seen its shares plummet so quickly that trading in them was suspended. We are living in a time where the accurate description of reality is taboo, so this is not a bailout, and nor is the U.S. government’s guarantee to repay the SVB depositors. 

Let’s have a look at the investment team at Credit Suisse. 

“Mx. Pips Bunce” is a name which must have been crafted as a “you laugh, you lose” challenge. I lost. Pips has his own Oustanding profile, of course.

With one line about banking, the rest of the biography details how Bunce is sometimes Phil and sometimes Pips. Bunce is “co-lead of the Credit Suisse LGBT and Ally network” and has published work with the BBC and elsewhere, working “closely with Stonewall and OUTstanding, specifically on education around trans* and non-binary identities…to highlight the importance of authenticity…and working to eradicate marginalization.”

The question of marginalization is one which also requires some “unpacking,” as our differently-saned friends like to say.

Apart from the preferment of people on the basis of their personal fantasies, this culture of anti-competence claims to be inclusive and combating marginalization.  

The priorities seen here are those of the Diversity and Inclusion agenda, which is one means by which the international religion secures advantage. This religion is mimetic, being both an imitation and an inversion of that given to the world by Christ.  

In His place, it offers a program of civilizational collapse accelerated by the deliberate preferment of disordered, resentful and unstable people whose sole qualifications are their marginal practices and whose best career opportunity is the leveraging of imagined grievance. 

This ideology is helpful to a managerial technocracy as it rapidly dissolves the competence of any profession or institution which might otherwise be capable of gainsaying it. There will be little resistance among the diversity cohort to any bureaucratic power flying a rainbow flag. Ultimately it is an appeal to narcissism, the belief that “my private fantasies are more important than you” expands the horizon of desire to a power which insists that reality itself is mistaken. 

What it does, in effect, is normalize the marginal – and marginalize the normal. What is normal? It is the reflection in culture and custom of two thousand years of Christianity. How does the foundation of our norms fare in this progressive and bureaucratic culture? 

A Catholic Priest in the U.K. has discovered the limits to inclusion, having been dismissed over his incorrect attitude to the Rainbow Cult. Father Patrick Pullicino alleges his employment as a mental hospital chaplain was terminated following his mention of God. 

A patient mentioned their intention to enter a same-sex “marriage,” and asked Fr. Patrick’s opinion. 

“What do you think God would say to you about this?” replied the priest, whose position was abolished shortly afterwards. 

Speaking about the case, an official from the U.K.’s state-run  National Health Service said “equality and diversity takes precedence over religious beliefs.”

Equality and diversity also takes precedence over any other beliefs, such as that in competence, logical conclusion or consistency, moral equivalence and the existence of reality versus fantasy. 

These are the tenets of the international religion. It is a cult whose elements include a form of nature paganism combined with an intense hatred for both God and Man. This is the reason its effect is to disfigure the world, in its mangling of meaning and the deliberate inversion of morality. 

The banking system is not the only victim of normophobia. This sustained attempt to supplant the normal with the marginal is accelerating the moral, material and institutional decline of our entire civilization, advancing an instability so severe as to make a dystopian fantasy future the only safe bet.