Boycott ‘Me Before You’ movie: 'Disability death porn' (PETITION)

5,353 one year ago
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“Disability death porn.” That’s what disability rights advocates and anti-euthansia activists are labeling the new Hollywood “romance” film Me Before You, which they are condemning for sending the insidious message that people with disabilities are better off dead.

The film, which is being released on June 3, sympathetically tells the story of a rich, handscome and intelligent young man named Will who, after becoming a quadriplegic through an accident, decides to kill himself in a Swiss suicide clinic. Despite the efforts of his beautiful new girlfriend to renew in him a zest for life, he goes through with the suicide, and receives the help of family and friends to do so.

His suicide is portrayed as an act of love and selflessness.  

Me Before You sends the message that life with a disability is not worth living and perpetuates the stereotype that people with disabilities are angry and bitter at the world. Despite the main character’s loving family, loving girlfriend, and abundant wealth, he still wants to die and ultimately kills himself for one reason - because he is disabled.  

This is disrespectful to the many disabled people whose lives are much more difficult than Will’s, yet who still fight everyday to live.

Me Before You is a propaganda piece that uses the glamour of Hollywood and a romantic storyline to sugarcoat an appallingly destructive message - that suicide is the rational response to disability. As such it must be opposed.

The most effective way to make our concerns known is by hitting Hollywood where it hurts - at the box office. Sign the movie boycott, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.