PETITION: Urge the Diocese of Nashville to stop forcing Catholic kids to take ‘salacious’ sex-ed

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The Catholic Diocese of Nashville, TN, is backing the administration at a private Catholic school in refusing to allow parents to opt their children out of an explicit sexual education program that parents say will corrupt their children by providing them with erotic and even salacious detail.

The “Human Sexuality” course taught as part of the Father Ryan High School’s Theology I and II course offers graphic images and erotic sexual details concerning male and female body parts. 

Some of the problems in the course include [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]: 

  • Students are taught that the male and female “mature genitalia will react to sexual stimulus in a similar way.”
  • They are shown a picture of a spread-eagle vagina with names for every part. The picture is shown again in a test question where children have to label all the parts. 
  • At one point the sex-ed states: “Like the scrotum, the outer lips swell slightly with stimulation; in their stimulated state they pull back and expose the Inner Lips.”
  • Students are taught about “erotic nerve endings” on both the male and female reproductive organs that react with “sexual stimulus.” They learn about an “aroused” clitoris and average penis lengths during erection.
  • Students learn 10 different forms of contraception, including withdrawal, the condom, the diaphragm, spermicides, the birth control pill, the intrauterine device, birth control implant, depo-provera, tubal ligation, and vasectomy. A test question asks children to name and compare all the different methods as to how they function. 
  • At no point in the entire sex-ed supplement does the word “sin” appear nor are there condemnations of the grave sexual sins of masturbation, fornication, and other sins against the virtues of chastity and modesty. Abstinence is given a passing glance and children are directed to external resources for more information on the practice. 
  • Students are not taught how willed sexual sins cut off the life of God’s grace in the soul and jeopardizes one’s eternal salvation. 

Well-known Catholic apologist, author, and commentator Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D., has called the above parts of the program “salacious.”

Concerned parents say that the program will corrupt their kids. 

“We feel like the sex-ed curriculum basically amounts to a ‘wink and a nod’ to student sexual activity, especially when the curriculum gives them an exhaustive contraception list and tests the students to make sure they know how all of them function,” one parent said. 

Parents at first wanted to opt their kids out. When the school refused, parents than asked that the problematic portions be deleted. When the school refused again, parents demanded that the entire program be scrapped. So far, the school is not listening.  

“There are so many aspects of the school that we love, but they shouldn’t teach this to our kids. It’s the parents’ right to teach their kids about such sensitive matters. We don’t want our kids seeing images of penises and vaginas. This will only corrupt them. We want the program gone,” states the group of parents. 

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