The Bishop Strickland Show

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Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas and Terry Barber from Virgin Most Powerful Radio discuss current events, politics, and Catholic doctrine each week.


Every Catholic who is able to should attend Mass in person ⋅ 02/23/2021

In this episode of the Bishop Strickland Show, His Excellency talks about why attending Mass in person is important, and can never be substituted with a virtual livestream on the computer screen.

Bishop Joseph Strickland calls the Eucharistic liturgy "essential" for Catholic life, and he looks forward to the day when churches will reach maximum capacity for masses.

Bishop Strickland: The Church must do better at preparing couples for marriage ⋅ 01/27/2021

In this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland discusses the Catholic notion of conscience, and how a morally informed conscience leads one to respect and cherish family, marriage, and human life.  

Taking inspiration from Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Strickland firmly states that “we are morally obligated to follow an informed conscience.” Moreover, he describes it as a “great responsibility” to “use the moral compass that God has revealed to us to form our conscience.”

Bishop Strickland: McCarrick report reveals ‘web of corruption’ ⋅ 12/10/2020

Bishop Joseph Strickland weighs into several important current and relevant topics, including last month’s McCarrick Report released by the Vatican.