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John-Henry interviews some of the most well-known clergy and laity in the Church while offering commentary on the most important news developments in Rome and around the world.

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Top American doctor: COVID shots are ‘obsolete,’ dangerous, must be shut down ⋅ 07/23/2021

John Henry speaks with Dr. Peter A. McCullough, one of the most qualified physicians on COVID-19 in the United States. They talk about the coronavirus vaccines and the censorship and bans of effective early treatments.

33-day Fatima consecration by visionary Lucia introduced ⋅ 07/21/2021

In this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, John-Henry speaks with Theresa Gray, founder and organizer of Clay Ministries, a group dedicated to promoting devotion to the rosary and the Consecration to Our Lady of Fatima.

What makes their consecration special from others is that they have directly incorporated the message of Fatima given by Mary to Sister Lucia. Click here for more information and to sign-up:

What is the difference between the Novus Ordo and Latin Mass? Watch this ⋅ 07/20/2021

John-Henry points out that the changes that the Novus Ordo brought to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass shortly after Vatican II, have led to the "greatest abandonment of the faith in human history."