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John-Henry interviews some of the most well-known clergy and laity in the Church while offering commentary on the most important news developments in Rome and around the world.

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VIDEO: How we will win the final battle between our Lord and the Reign of Satan ⋅ 09/17/2019

There is a revolution going on in society and in the Catholic Church. On Episode 27 of The John-Henry Westen Show, I talk about how Catholics can not only survive but thrive amid the chaos that surrounds them. More precisely, I talk about how true devotion to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin, is essential in these times.

Pope Francis is harming same-sex attracted Catholics ⋅ 09/10/2019

Pope Francis is causing confusion on what the Church teaches on homosexuality. LifeSite's Washington D.C. correspondent Doug Mainwaring discusses this and other topics, including his past life as an active homosexual who came back to the faith. Doug says the Church's teachings on homosexuality are "a great beacon of light" for those struggling with same-sex attraction.

Clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church: It’s about homosexuality ⋅ 09/03/2019

In this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, German sociologist, prolific author, and an acquaintance of Pope Benedict XVI, Gabriele Kuby speaks about the sexual abuse crisis in the Church and how the Church can heal. “We have to come back to the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Bible The beautiful teaching of the Christian teaching on sexuality, marriage and family. Make that shine. Inspire people with it,” she tells John-Henry Westen.