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John-Henry interviews some of the most well-known clergy and laity in the Church while offering commentary on the most important news developments in Rome and around the world.

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Plenty of evidence suggests Trump is fulfilling prophecy, leading America back to God ⋅ 10/21/2020

John-Henry shares the many examples of how President Trump is fulfilling the prophecy made about him in the 1980s leading America back to God. Listen in for the full details!

Catholic wife of Judge Robert Bork breaks silence: Joe Biden ‘is not somebody that would make a good president’ ⋅ 10/13/2020

Mrs. Mary Ellen Bork discusses her late husband's Senate hearings and shares her thoughts on Joe Biden, Amy Coney Barrett, and more.

Abortion-tainted mandatory COVID vaccine would be the beginning “of the Apocalypse” : Bishop Schneider ⋅ 10/06/2020

Last week Bishop Athanasius Schneider laid out an ‘apocalypse’ scenario regarding forced global vaccines derived from aborted babies. Bishop Schneider told LifeSite should there be a mandatory global vaccine for coronavirus derived from cell lines from aborted babies, “then we will enter into the time of the Apocalypse.”


Join me as I unpack Bishop Schneider’s statement and how we could be called to martyrdom if a COVID vaccine is made mandatory.