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John-Henry interviews some of the most well-known clergy and laity in the Church while offering commentary on the most important news developments in Rome and around the world.

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2020 voter fraud cases are still making their way through the courts ⋅ 01/27/2021

Given the constant mantra of the mainstream media, you’d be forgiven if you believed that all the court challenges to the November election are done and gone. In fact, there are 30 of them still outstanding.

The Catholic Left wants in on the cancel culture ⋅ 01/25/2021

The form of Catholicism being promoted by the Left has taken the spotlight. They support abortion, LGBT rights, and now wants to cancel true Catholicism.


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Westen: Tier ranking the most pro-life US bishops ⋅ 01/22/2021

There are Catholics, even among the hierarchy, who seem not at all bothered by Joe Biden's pro-abortion views. In fact, they seem downright pleased about the current scenario. Others have stood up and defended Church teaching.