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Every week, The Van Maren Show will try to get a handle on what is really going on in our culture today. It can be difficult to find news sources and storytellers that accurately reflect a Christian, socially conservative, pro-life, pro-family worldview. Join me on Wednesdays as we head to the front lines of the culture war.

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‘We’re outlawing the murder of innocent children’: founder of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn ⋅ 05/12/2021

Mark Lee Dickson’s organization has been gaining momentum ever since 2019, when Waskom, Texas, became the first sanctuary city for the unborn in America. 

Abortion survivor shares story of forgiveness and hope toward her birth mom ⋅ 05/05/2021

Pro-life public speaker Claire Culwell describes how she survived being aborted, and calls on all pro-lifers to stand for truth and be a strong voice for the unborn and their mothers.

Pro-life street activism in the UK is saving babies from abortion ⋅ 04/21/2021

Aisling Goodison, a pro-life activist from the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, joins The Van Maren Show to discuss pro-life street activism. Goodison describes how methods of engaging in conversations on abortion have led to many changes of hearts and minds on the issue.