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Every week, The Van Maren Show will try to get a handle on what is really going on in our culture today. It can be difficult to find news sources and storytellers that accurately reflect a Christian, socially conservative, pro-life, pro-family worldview. Join me on Wednesdays as we head to the front lines of the culture war.

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Ex-Abortionist: I killed more people than Ted Bundy ⋅ 11/06/2019

In today’s episode of The Van Maren show, Jonathon Van Maren speaks with Dr. Kathy Aultman, a former abortion provider. Dr. Aultman has testified on behalf of a wide range of pro-life laws across the United States. She has also testified before Congress about the horrors of the abortion industry that she has seen with her own eyes.

You won't want to miss hearing about Aultman's conversion from abortionist to pro-life activist.

The shocking truth: Aborted babies are born alive, and left to die ⋅ 10/31/2019

Jonathon Van Maren kicks off this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show by reminding his listeners that hundreds of babies born alive during abortion procedures are simply left on their own to die.

Jill Stanek joins Van Maren to discuss these horrors as well as those mentioned at the Planned Parenthood baby body parts trial against David Daleiden. Stanek was a nurse in Illinois in 1999 when she discovered that babies born alive after failed abortions were purposefully neglected and left to die. 

While some of what they say is shocking and has lurid details, it is vital that every pro-lifer hears the truth, as the details she shares line up with what Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden, and Sandra Merritt are trying to expose in the Planned Parenthood lawsuit they are currently facing. Watch or listen today, and share with your pro-life friends and family.

SIGN PETITION: Tell House to vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Sign the petition here.

Why real men fight abortion: Jason Jones’s story of stolen fatherhood ⋅ 10/23/2019

Jason Jones, president and founder of Human Rights Education Organization and Movie to Movement and producer of the pro-life movie Bella, experienced the heartbreaking tragedy of losing his first daughter to abortion. His high school girlfriend’s father took her to get an abortion while Jones was away at basic training. “I exploded!” Jones shares. He goes on to say that he didn’t even know that abortion was legal until he found out he had lost his child to abortion.

Van Maren and Jones dive into men in the pro-life movement, including the fact that porn addiction and the sexual revolution have contributed to the lack of men defending the unborn and feeling uncomfortable at pro-life events. 

You won’t want to miss Jones’s story and his call to men to get involved in the pro-life movement.