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21 Portland eateries are baking cookies for Planned Parenthood and selling them for $50 a box

Steve Weatherbe

PORTLAND, Oregon, January 11, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – With America’s largest abortion provider facing the strong possibility that Congress will take away its federal funding, 21 women-owned restaurants will bake and sell cookies to raise replacement funds for Planned Parenthood.

An Oregon Live story described the eateries as having “all-star chefs” and identified Planned Parenthood as “the reproductive health nonprofit” while failing to mention the organization received $530 million in government funds in 2014 while aborting 324,000 unborn children.

Spokeswoman Kristen Murray, owner of Maurice, said it was important to “put forward a compassionate protest” and not a “nihilistic approach.” She did not say directly for whom the compassion was being generated. But the group does hope to raise $25,000 “in support of women, children and reproductive rights” by way of Planned Parenthood, whose total budget was $1.3 billion in 2014.

The cookies will be sold “in a pink box, no less” for $50. Presumably, more than one box will be put on sale at this price, considering the group hopes to raise $25,000. The article lists all 21 restaurants and provides a map with their locations.

Murray promised many more fundraising “collaborations” in the coming years until, presumably, the Republicans are sent packing.

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