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SEATTLE, Washington, August 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — When Claire Ryann’s mommy shows her a fetal heart monitor and suggests they try it out on Daddy, Claire Ryann is all for the idea — until she has a moment to reflect.

“No babies go in boys,” she says sternly.

“I think you’re probably right,” says her mother.  

But good-humored Claire Ryann goes along with the game while her mother checks her father, her brother and Claire Ryann herself. Then, when Claire Ryann helps check Mommy, her face clouds with concentration, curiosity and finally astonishment.

“Is that a heartbeat?” she asks. “Is that a baby?”

“Yes,” her mother whispers.

“There’s a baby in there?” asks Claire Ryann with growing excitement.


Claire Ryann laughs with joy.  

“There’s a baby in there!” she shouts, and runs to tell her brother.

Claire Ryann Crosby is a four-year-old singing sensation whose YouTube videos have gone viral. She has appeared on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” and the “Ellen Degeneres Show.” Claire Ryann’s new little brother or sister is due to arrive in January.

Although a baby’s heart begins to beat around 21 days after conception, it is too small then to create audible sound waves. After eight weeks, however, it can be detected in an ultrasound, and after 12 weeks it can be picked up by a home fetal heart monitor.