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Pro-life leader and Pastor Walter Hoye

You know those sermons delivered as a building crescendo of emphatic one-liners we’ve all heard from popular African-American preachers?  Here is one from a pastor and pro-life activist I’m proud to call a friend.  Pastor Walter Hoye’s commitment to the cause of life and to Christ is an inspiration to me.

On his website these emphatic statements are backed up with references and numerous articles verifying this avalanche of seemingly unbelievable facts about BIG ABORTION.

BIG ABORTION is a business. A BILLION DOLLAR business.  A business that views women and babies as commodities. A business where highly trained and licensed physicians and nurses, clean and well equipped medical facilities represent a drain on profits. A business where complying with the same public health and safety requirements as other surgical facilities negatively impacts the bottom line.

A business where the “SUPER COIL”, a device inserted into a woman's uterus, comprised of plastic razors spring loaded into a ball, coated into a gel, so that they would remain closed until the woman's body temperature melts the gel, releasing the razors to cut up the mother's fetus into pieces small enough to be expelled violently from her body is a good idea.  A business where regular, legally mandated unannounced inspections by the Department of Health Services only serve as barriers to women seeking abortions and is viewed as bad policy.  

A business where a FATAL HEART ATTACK immediately following an abortion procedure is a therapeutic complication.  A business where a woman can bleed for over five hours after a botched abortion procedure before emergency services are called, is still in business.  A business where an abortion procedure can be botched and blown so badly that not even an award winning trauma center can stop the hemorrhaging and remove the remaining body parts of the woman's baby from her uterus in time to save her life.

A business where parents do not even possess a right to be notified that their minor daughter is undergoing such procedures.  A business backed by the government of the United States of America to the tune of over half a billion tax dollars.  A business that enjoys being publicly praised and blessed by the President of the United States of America while he criticizes state legislatures that have enacted strict health codes on abortion providers to ensure the health and safety of women.

A business that has aborted 30% of the entire generation under 47 making up the biggest single reason for our sluggish economy.  A business that has already cost us over $50 TRILLION DOLLARS in lost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and this cost to future generations of the American public just keeps growing every year. 

A business founded by a well documented Klu Klux Klan speaker and one of the architects of the now infamous 1939 Negro Project that hired Black preachers to introduce birth control as a health option for Black women.  A business where its LARGEST ABORTION PROVIDER targets both the Black and Latino populations by locating 79% of its surgical abortion facilities within walking distance of Black and Latino communities.  A business that routinely performs 55% to 56% of its surgical abortions on Black and Latino women.

A business where Black American women with prior induced abortion (IA) experiences have triple the risk of an early preterm birth (EPB) and four times the risk of an extremely early preterm birth (XPB) as non-Black American women and are viewed as collateral damage.  A business that has watched the TOTAL FERTILITY RATE of Black Americans drop from 3.0 in 1970 to below the POPULATION REPLACEMENT LEVEL of 2.1 to 1.8 by 2012. A business that we need to end before it ends us, all of us.